President’s Mandatory Fee Recommendation

Lea Harris, Graduate SGA President and Brielle Lonsberry, Undergraduate SGA President met with administrators to discuss the mandatory student fee proposal for the 2021-2022 academic year. They worked with the Mandatory Student Fee Advisory Committee (MSFAC), to prepare a thoughtful and balanced recommendation.

The Committee’s recommendation was carefully considered alongside other available and relevant information including the joint SGA statement on the fee recommendation. In addition to University System of Georgia guidance, reduced spending due to remote activities during the current year and the potential for additional federal funding to support Higher Education during the Covid-19 pandemic provided a path for bridging the Student Center and Student Activity proposed fee increases through Fiscal Year 2022. Based on this information, the President submitted a recommendation for no fee increases or adjustments in Fiscal Year 2022, consistent with the Chancellor’s memo dated December 2, 2020. Kelly Fox, Executive Vice President for Administration & Finance, agreed with Brielle and Lea’s approach to maintain the current overall fee level while shifting fee levels and revenue to fees that provide the greatest benefit to the students. Kelly anticipates a need for increases in Fiscal Year 2023 for both fees. Administrators will work to balance fee increases with other fee decreases while meeting the needs and expectations of the student community.