Tips from Upperclassmen to New Students

Tips from Upperclassmen to New Students

Welcome to Georgia Tech! We are so excited for you to join our Yellow Jacket family. First of all, congratulations – whether you are a first-year or a transfer student, getting into GT requires a lot of hard work, so you should definitely feel proud of everything that you have accomplished already. There are a lot of great things about Georgia Tech, but one of the best parts undoubtedly is the community: no matter what your interests or passions are, there are student groups and people here who are ready to help positively define your college experience.

If you ever need any help, advice, or just need someone to talk to, we’re always just a message away. We have both benefitted from the advice of other students, especially when we were new to GT, and now that we are fourth-years, we figure we have at least a little wisdom and guidance that we can share.

So again, welcome to Georgia Tech – we are so excited for your Yellow Jacket experience to begin! <3

Yours Sincerely,

Sam Ellis & Ajanta Choudhury

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Academic Resources

Campus Resources
COVID-19 Guidelines
  • Find a vaccination site near you:
  • CDC’s COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs
  • COVID-19 Testing at GT
    • Asymptomatic Testing can be found at various locations across campus. Information about the testing sites is located on this testing page. Asymptomatic testing consists of a saliva-based test, with results coming in 48-72 hours
    • Symptomatic testing occurs in the Stamps Health Services building. To sign up for symptomatic testing, visit this testing page for more information
  • Latest COVID-19 Health Guidelines at GT
    • Information about COVID-19 and the latest health guidelines at GT are updated on this page. This includes information about information about campus operations regarding COVID-19, coronavirus testing on campus, and about the vaccines & distribution on campus.
Mental Health Resources
Sexual and Domestic Violence Resources
  • Information about VOICE can be found here
    1. You can schedule a meeting with VOICE Advocates, 24/7, to receive support
    2. Sexual Violence Prevention and Victim Support
    3. 8:00am-5:00pm Mondays – Fridays
    4. Call (404) 385-4464 or (404) 385-4451 during these hours for support
    5. After hours: Call GTPD at (404)-894-2500 and ask for VOICE Advocate
  • Title IX Office
Well-being Resources on Campus
  • Center for Assessment, Referral, and Education (CARE)
    • Director: Dr. Tiffany Hughes-Troutman
    • First point of contact to receive well-being services at GTCARE conducts an evaluation, and based on your needs, will refer you to the appropriate resource center. This includes the Counseling Center, Psychiatry, an off-campus center, etc. 
    • Walk-in services are offered from 8am – 4pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, and from 9am – 4pm on Tuesdays. CARE is located on the first floor of the Smithgall Student Services Building (Flag Building)
    • Call GT CARE at (404) 894-3498
  • Georgia Tech Counseling Center
    • Director: Dr. Carla Bradley
    • The Counseling Center is open from 8am – 5pm on Monday – Friday
    • For after-hour care (outside of regular business hours), dial the number below or CARE’s number and ask for the after-hours counselor
    • You may also call GTPD if necessary at (404) 894-2500
    • The Counseling Center offers a variety of free, short-term resources and services including individual and group counseling, couples’ counseling, etc. You can read about the services here
    • Call the Counseling Center at (404) 894-2575
  • Health Initiatives
    • Director: Joi Alexander
    • Health Initiatives provides a variety of free services to students
    • Health Educators
    • Nutritionists
  • Stamps Health Services
    • Director: Dr. Benjamin Holton
    • Stamps offers a variety of services including Primary Care, Allergies/Immunizations, Psychiatry, Women’s Health, and Pharmacy. You can read about the services on the Stamps website under the Health Services dropdown menu. Most of these services are covered by the Student Health Fee. 
  • Stamps Psychiatry
    • Lead Psychiatrist: Dr. Shannon Croft
    • Before seeking Psychiatry services, you must visit GT CARE. Scheduling is done via phone.
    • Call (404) 894-2585 to schedule an appointment or visit Stamps Health Services. 
  • Women’s Health
    • Women’s Health Manager: Shan Baker, WHNP-BC (WHNP-BC stands for Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner – Board Certified)
    • Provides a variety of services, including sexual health services. Information on services can be found on the Women’s Health website. 
  • Women’s Resource Center (WRC)
  • Veteran’s Resource Center
  • LGBTQIA Resource Center

Find more resources at the official New Student Resource Guide

Advice from Upperclassmen

When studying for exams, attempt to simulate your test environment (quiet room, no phone, possibly formula sheet/calculator) and treat the practice questions/test as if it were the real exam! This will provide the best appraisal of your mastery of the material. – Derek Huell

Take a deep breath and hold your head high! With adversity comes strength; you got this.

While change can sometimes be scary and intimidating, make the most out of your college experience! Use any nervousness you have and channel it into getting involved and making new friends.

For transfer students: We welcome you with open arms to our community! Don’t only connect with other transfers but connect with as many student as you can, and get involved!

Know your capacity to excel resides within you.

Get involved in student orgs! It’s a great way to meet new people and also grow as a person!

Classes may seem tough, but it is possible to achieve success. Remember that success is what you define it to be and you do not have to beat out everyone in all of your classes. Schedule your time well including when you will finish homework and study for test so you can have time to have fun. Good luck!

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