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Executive Branch

Joint Finance Committee

The Joint Finance Committee is often the main point of contact between SGA and student organizations. It is also responsible for ~$2 million of fellow students’ money. Duties of the committee include meeting with representatives from student organizations to help them with receiving financial allocations, hosting budget sessions, drafting policy proposals, contributing to joint efforts between Communications, Information Technology, and any other branch in SGA, as well as running budget analytics to determine necessary updates in JFC policy. For questions, contact the SGA Joint Vice President of Finance here.

Information Technology Board

The IT Board consists of developers, product managers, and UI designers that build and improve technology resources for SGA and the student body. Applications will be rolling from now until August 31st. For questions, contact the SGA Joint Vice President of IT here.

Executive Committee Chairs

The Executive Branch of SGA is seeking applications for the following Undergraduate SGA Committee Chairs:

  • Infrastructure and Transportation Committee Chair
  • Dining Committee Chair
  • Campus Enterprises Committee Chair
  • Arts Committee Chair

For more information and committee descriptions, click here. For questions, please contact us here.

Joint Campus Organizations Committee

The Joint Campus Organizations Committee (JCOC) maintains and updates the JCOC Policy which broadly outlines how organizations can charter and what standards they are held to. In terms of initiatives, JCOC works closely with the President’s Council Governing Board and Student Engagement to coordinate a unified approach in supporting organizations across campus, working to facilitate pertinent resources and advocate for SGA and institutional policy that is beneficial to all campus organizations.

Legislative Branch

There are no current legislative openings.

Judicial Branch

There are no current judicial openings.

Other Openings

If none of these positions suit you, and you are interested in getting involved with SGA, please email with some information on how you would like to contribute, and we will attempt to identify a right fit for you.

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