Get Involved with Undergraduate SGA

Get Involved with Undergraduate SGA

Executive Branch

Executive Committee Members

The Executive Branch of the Georgia Tech Student Government Association is currently seeking members for its Executive Committees. Committees work in different campus areas on issues affecting students across campus. This is the ultimate opportunity to affect change on a campus-wide level.

To learn more about the committees, click here.

Legislative Branch

Applications are now open to become an Undergraduate Representative in the House of Representatives!

The Undergraduate House of Representatives (UHR) is a directly elected representative body made up of Georgia Tech students from every significantly populous portion of the student body including majors/colleges, classifications, international students, athletes, transfer students, & co-op students. The body meets weekly to discuss financial bills brought by campus organizations, student issues, and overarching campus projects. Representatives work with their constituents and student organizations ultimately to enrich the student experience for every Georgia Tech students by passing resolutions and voicing students’ issues and desires to the administration.

It is a great opportunity to not only give back to the student body by allowing their voices to be heard, but also to grow as a leader and a professional as well. With the initiatives it implements and the campus issues it addresses, the UHR strives to make the student experience as comfortable and enriching as possible, and you can be a part of that!

For questions, contact the Speaker of the House here.

Judicial Branch

The Undergraduate Judiciary Cabinet, the judicial branch of the Undergraduate SGA, is recruiting new justices for the 2021-2022 academic year. The UJC serves two main purposes: (1) upholding non-academic integrity and (2) interpreting any actions or legislation of SGA to uphold the system of checks and balances provided for by the Undergraduate curriculum. A justice on the cabinet is an individual who demonstrates strong leadership capabilities, a passion to better the Georgia Tech community, and strong moral character. We hear a variety of cases, ranging from academic issues to social misconduct, and we serve alongside the Office of Student Integrity to achieve our mission. Many of the justices have found this to be one of the most challenging yet rewarding ways to serve the Georgia Tech community, and we continue to find each case more interesting than the last.

Applicants should have completed two semesters as a full-time student at an accredited university, be in good-standing with Georgia Tech, and be able to serve on the board for a minimum of two consecutive semesters (excluding internship/co-op semesters). If you have any questions or want to apply, please feel free to contact! We look forward to reviewing your application!

The Elections Committee is also currently accepting applications.

Other Openings

If none of these positions suit you, and you are interested in getting involved with SGA, please email with some information on how you would like to contribute, and we will attempt to identify a right fit for you.

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