The Mental Health Joint Allocation Committee

The Mental Health Joint Allocation Committee

The Mental Health Joint Allocation Committee (JAC) manages the dispersal of the $1M fund allocated from the Student Government Association (SGA) and Georgia Tech administration in October of 2017. Any individual student, the office of Georgia Tech, or student clubs can apply for JAC funds! The purpose of JAC is to fund initiatives that improve the mental health and well-being of Georgia Tech students. If you have a proposal or just an idea for the use of this fund (or if you’re just curious), JAC has public meetings every other week through Summer 2020 on Mondays from 1-2PM EST. A new time for meetings will be scheduled for the Fall 2020 semester. JAC can certainly help you through the steps of submitting a bill and would love more student input and more proposals! If you have other questions or would like to join our email list please reach out to us at!

Mental Health JAC Grants

The Mental Health Joint Allocations Committee Grant Frameworks: JAC has developed three grant frameworks that we feel will specifically and significantly address the gaps in initiatives and programs that we have identified at Georgia Tech thus far. Although proposals to JAC are not limited to the following grants, proposals specific to these grants will be given priority for funding. 

Information Sessions

Stay posted for information sessions for the Fall 2020 semester! The workshops will include general information about how to submit a bill to JAC and answered questions regarding bill submission and ideas.



Bill Submission ProcessThis document provides detailed steps on how to submit a bill through JacketPages.
Bill Recipient ReportThis report is to be filled out annually by bill recipients of JAC.
Information Session Slide DeckThis PowerPoint details the information provided during our information sessions of Fall 2019.
2019 Intercollegiate Mental Health Conference ProceedingsThe 2019 Intercollegiate Mental Health Conference was hosted this past February at the Georgia Institute of Technology. This document summarizes the best practices on mental health held by institutes from across the country. This document is a great reference for brainstorming new and innovative programs to the Georgia Tech community.

Committee Membership

Committee Chair: Aroua Gharbi

Undergraduate RepresentativesGraduate Representatives
Brielle LonsberryLea Harris
Charlie WoodAroua Gharbi
Rebecca HammondJay McKinney
Mason FavroNikhil Pailoor
Noah ShirkJenny Walker

What Bills We Want to Fund

Foster Wellbeing

Manage Stress

Help Students Live a Balanced Life

Educational Programs


Student Organization


Creative and Innovative

What to do if you have an idea for a bill and want to get feedback!

1. Come to a JAC meeting

Open to the public

Ask questions on your ideas or a drafted bill

2. Email a prioritized list of bill ideas to JAC

We will discuss and send back our feedback

Contact information:

3. Set up a meeting with a JAC member

Committee Meetings

All JAC meetings will be held virtually during Fall 2020. Our meetings are scheduled on Fridays at 4pm and they are open to public. You can attend using the information below:

Join Meeting
(Join from computer or phone)

Phone Dial-in
+1.408.419.1715 (United States(San Jose))
+1.408.915.6290 (United States(San Jose))
(Global Numbers

Meeting ID: 314 211 400
Moderator Passcode: 5325

Previous Bills

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