Grad SGA Advocacy and Academic Support Message

Good Morning Graduate Yellow Jackets, 

I want to take a moment and thank you all for your continued efforts in keeping this campus safe while you do research, take classes, and teach classes. You all continue to set an amazing example as a collective in how to keep our community safe!  

Graduate SGA Report and Upcoming Campus-Wide Events:

Although this year has been quite different, the Graduate Student Government Association has continued to advocate on behalf of graduate students and has prepared an Executive Review for the Summer and Fall 2020 Semesters. I encourage you to take a moment to review the breadth of advocacy being done on campus in the document attached or accessed online here. Please continue to reach out using the Grad SGA Contact Us page here or email to ensure we include your concerns in our advocacy or answer your questions. 

If you are looking for professional development or opportunities to show off your research, please consider joining the Career, Research, and Innovation Development Conference, CRIDC 2021. All the events are just around the corner (February 8-12, All-Virtual), and you can learn more about it at

Academic Course Mode and Expectation Message:

There are a few important points I want to mention regarding the concerns we’ve been hearing about the academic modes and expectations.  

  1. Last week, Provost Steve McLaughlin conveyed to faculty that they should continue to communicate their expectations to students regarding changes to syllabi or course modes expectations. He also asked that they continue to adhere to the course modes as set in Canvas. 
  2. If you have questions about the course mode, it is recommended that you first discuss it with your instructor. For academic concerns that cannot be resolved directly with the instructor, your school associate chair or director of studies should be contacted. If unresolved, you may also contact Kyla Ross, assistant vice provost for Advocacy and Conflict Resolution through the link here.  
  3. Questions and concerns related to Covid-19 health and safety guidelines may also be submitted to

As always, at any time you can go to to view all of GSGA’s resources and communications and feel free to follow us on social media to stay up to date with campus news. 

As a reminder, please continue to be safe on and off-campus, test frequently, and take advantage of the resources and events happening across campus for everyone. Take care of yourselves and have a wonderful week.

In Progress and Service, 

Lea Harris 

Graduate Student Body President