Academic Affairs

Vice President of Academic Affairs - Haigh Angell

Welcome to Academic Affairs! The Academic Affairs Board is comprised of Curriculum & Institute Policies, Educational Enhancement, and Faculty-Staff Development committees. The Academic Affairs Board aims to promote the academic growth and well-being of students at Georgia Tech by developing programming that addresses the specific needs of the student body, as well as by advocating for students with Georgia Tech Administration. We recognize that the professional and academic challenges faced by the students we represent are many and varied, and so strive to provide a forum for students to voice their concerns, that we might better identify and address unmet needs. We also works to partner with the departments and schools across the Institute to implement lasting improvements to the academic environment.


Curriculum & Institute Policies

Committee Chair - Zoe Sieling

Vision: To guarantee the promise of a great education at Georgia Tech.

Mission: To advocate for the students' interest on matters of curriculum and policy.

Educational Enhancement

Committee Chair - Brielle Lonsberry

Vision: To promote a more holistic educational program at Tech.

Mission: To provide academic opportunities for students beyond the typical classroom curriculum such as undergraduate research, international education, and co-op/internships.


Faculty-Student Devlopment

Committee Chair - 

Vision: Symbiotic relationships between students and faculty at the Institute.

Mission: To facilitate and improve communication between faculty and students.