Academic Affairs

Vice President of Academic Affairs - Hayley Tsuchiyama

Welcome to Academic Affairs! The Academic Affairs Board is comprised of Curriculum & Institute Policies, Educational Enhancement, and Faculty-Staff Development committees. This past year we have hard at work developing a plan of action that both encompasses Nagela and Shane’s platform as well as other areas for improvement on campus. One of the main driving forces behind the Academic Affairs Board’s work this semester is the idea of accessibility/transparency between resources, faculty, staff, and students.  We have been listening to the students to see where they need support in the area of academics. Because we know that at Georgia Tech, academics is so closely tied to mental health, we have been striving to create programs that boost mental health by fostering a sense of community among faculty/staff and students. We want to alleviate the “us vs them” mentality that is exists in academics and let our students know that they are valued and respected in the realm of academics.

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Curriculum & Institute Policies

Committee Chair - Hannah Murray

Vision: To guarantee the promise of a great education at Georgia Tech.

Mission: To advocate for the students' interest on matters of curriculum and policy.

What Have We Been Working On:

     Passed Resolution - Free Form CIOS Comments to Deans/School Chairs

     Passed Resolution - Release CIOS Metrics to the Student Body

     See below for Final Instructional Class Days, Reading Period & Finals Regulations

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Coming Soon:

  • Career Fair Testing Policy Updates

    • We will design a policy that keeps professors from planning tests during All-Major Career Fair days, to allow students to focus on both their studies as well as finding a job.

  • Mental Health Syllabus Policy

    • SGA will suggest that CETL include a mandatory section of Institute-wide syllabi that reminds students of the importance of mental health and the resources we offer here on campus.

  • Academic Resources Syllabus Policy

    • SGA will suggest that CETL include a mandatory section of Institute-wide syllabi that reminds of the academic resources provided throughout the year.


Educational Enhancement

Committee Chairs - Rachel Chau

Vision: To promote a more holistic educational program at Tech.

Mission: To provide academic opportunities for students beyond the typical classroom curriculum such as undergraduate research, international education, and co-op/internships

What Have We Been Working On:

    Research Career Fair Implementation

  • The Research Career Fair is designed as a standardized way for students to get involved and find research both in their discipline and outside of their discipline. It will have the same structure as the career fair, allowing students to network with different research labs on campus and learn soft skills along the way. This falls in line with Georgia Tech’s strategic plan.


Faculty-Student Development

Committee Chair - Kenneth Sidoryk

Vision: Symbiotic relationships between students and faculty at the Institute.

Mission: To facilitate and improve communication between faculty and students.

What Have We Been Working On:

Thank a Teacher FINAL-01.jpg

SGA Faculty Spotlight Nomination Form

Do you have an awesome professor? Tell us a little about a teacher you think should be featured in a SGA Faculty Spotlight!

SGA Faculty Spotlights will be shared on OrgSync and on our Facebook page. Use this link to nominate a faculty member.


Coming Soon:

  • Dean Griffin Day

    • This will be a day during I <3 SGA week where students can recognize outstanding faculty.