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Spring 2024 Undergraduate Elections Information

Voting opens on March 11th at 12:00 AM EST.

Undergraduate Executive Branch Elections

AP Prabhakar and Cole Scott

Student Body President Candidate

AP Prabhakar

Hi everyone! My name is AP, and I am currently running to be your student body president. As the Sophomore Representative and Parliamentarian in the House of Representatives, I have been at the front line of student-led initiatives and inquiries, maintaining communication throughout all the branches of SGA. Being a part of five committees and house leadership, I understand the complexities of SGA and how to make the organization run like a well-oiled machine in conjunction with the Student Body. With my experience and broad outreach to the greater Georgia Tech community, I possess an understanding of the needs of our students and aim to spearhead requests, concerns, and issues utilizing the three following pillars: Equity, Sustainability, and Transparency. Alongside Cole, we aim to foster equity by ensuring all student organizations, no matter size or purpose, have access to all the necessary resources the Student Government can provide for them. We have plans to foster a sustainable environment not only through a greener campus but also sustainability within the financial department as well as congressional representation. Cole and I want to ensure that you, as esteemed students of Georgia Tech, understand exactly what is going on within SGA. We want to be completely transparent and let you all know the issues being faced and the many triumphs we have. With this being said, I gratefully ask for your support in the upcoming election to be your Student Body President of Georgia Tech’s Student Government Association.

Executive Vice President Candidate

Cole Scott

Hi Jackets! My name is Cole, and I am running to be your Executive Vice President. Throughout my time in SGA, I have served as the Scheller College of Business Representative, and I am active in the Undergraduate House of Representatives taking on roles as the Treasurer and the Co-Chairman of the Joint Student Activity Fee Reform Committee. While serving, I have been helping to alleviate the immense financial pressures facing registered student organizations and working to create lasting solutions for the student body. Outside of the Georgia Tech Campus, I have been able to intern with the City of Atlanta and the Governor’s Office to advocate for sustainable infrastructure and walkability within our communities, policies I will continue to promote on Georgia Tech’s campus. Additionally, as a transfer student, I have previous experience serving on the University [sic] of Georgia’s SGA as a Senator which provides me a broader perspective of how collegiate student governments function. Working with AP, using our three pillars of Equity, Sustainability, and Transparency, we will create a campus that supports the needs and challenges of all students by updating financial policy, improving mobility on campus, and creating a welcoming environment for all incoming students. Alongside AP, I hope to make Georgia Tech even better in the upcoming year, and I humbly ask for your support in the election to be your Executive Vice President of Georgia Tech’s Student Government Association.

Shivani Virani and Julia Haley

Student Body President Candidate

Shivani Virani

In reflecting upon my time so far at Georgia Tech, maximizing my impact in creating a better campus for students has always been my greatest mission. I believe the role of Student Body President is the greatest avenue of accomplishing just this and positively leaving a legacy on Tech for years to come. My background of leadership in high school roles motivated my strong drive to continue making changes as I transitioned to my next level of education and started at Tech. Being involved in SGA since my freshman year has allowed me to gain numerous experiences in facilitating change on campus that I hope to continue. As an advisor for FreShGA, SGA’s First-Year Leadership Organization (FLO), I have been able to introduce first-year students to SGA and help them find roles that fit with their passions and interests on campus. As Chair of the Athletics Committee, I got to learn more about Georgia Tech Athletics and its impact on the student body while working for a section of campus I am very passionate about. In this role, I was able to create a better process for block seating assignments for student organizations at football games and help J Batt, Georgia Tech’s new athletic director, better understand the student experience in terms of sports engagement on campus. In my current role as Vice President of Operations of SGA, I have been able to cultivate a better environment within SGA and implement changes to the organization as a whole. For example, this year I was able to bring back our SGA Retreat, which aims to increase collaboration between SGA branches and gain more insight into the broad goals of SGA, which was important to me because I wanted to create meaningful connections within student government. As a result of the experiences I have gained at the Institute and the love I have for Georgia Tech, I am running to be the 2024-2025 Student Body President in hopes of cultivating change for a better campus!

Executive Vice President Candidate

Julia Haley

I got involved with Student Government because I saw a problem on campus and wanted to fix it. During early September of my freshman year, I realized that even though I was living in the big and diverse city of Atlanta, I felt very secluded from the larger community when on campus. Additionally, I found it interesting that there were many problems affecting the neighborhoods right outside of Georgia Tech, and many smart students with the ability to address these problems, but Georgia Tech was not well integrated into the city of Atlanta. This realization led me to join the Community Relations Committee, where I focused on projects like the Midtown Free Fridge, which aimed to address food insecurity in Midtown Atlanta. After being an active participant in the committee, I became Chair of the Community Relations committee during my 2nd year at Tech. While I faced some challenges in continuing projects like the Midtown Free Fridge, I was able to revitalize initiatives like the Community Arts Fair and GT Hawks Night, which incorporated a volunteering incentive for the first time. After enjoying my time as a committee chair, I applied to become VP of External Affairs. In this role, I have successfully continued these projects and initiatives, and have also gotten involved with the Government Relations side of the External Affairs board. This year, we hosted an event with Georgia’s Secretary of State and various other political figures and I have advocated for policies that benefit GT students at the state and federal level. My past three years in SGA have shown me how SGA can facilitate conversation and change, whether that means talking to administration or government representatives about what should be improved for students or hosting events that make students feel more welcomed in the community of Georgia Tech and Atlanta. As Student Body Vice President, I hope to continue these goals and do my part to improve the student experience.

Undergraduate House of Representatives (UHR) Elections

UHR Representatives are directly elected to represent every significantly-populous portion of the student body. Representatives enrich the student experience for every Georgia Tech student by passing resolutions and voicing students’ issues and desires through the Legislative Branch of the Student Government Association. For more information about the Legislative Branch, click here.

Meet the UHR Candidates

Aerospace Engineering Representative

Trey Page

As your current SGA Aerospace Engineering Representative for the Undergraduate House of Representatives at Georgia Tech, I am honored to seek re-election and continue serving our vibrant student body. Throughout my tenure, I have consistently advocated for the needs and aspirations of our aerospace engineering community, striving to foster an environment of innovation, inclusivity, and academic excellence. My platform remains centered on amplifying student voices, enhancing academic support systems, and promoting interdisciplinary collaboration within the field. I stand for transparent communication, accountability, and proactive problem-solving, ensuring that every student’s concerns are heard and addressed effectively. With a proven track record of dedication and tangible results, I am committed to furthering our collective goals and making meaningful contributions to the advancement of aerospace engineering education and research at Georgia Tech. I humbly ask for your vote to continue this important work and represent you with integrity and passion.

Applied Languages & Intercultural Studies Representative

Noelle Watkins

 As the president of the Korean Conversation Club and a dedicated student double majoring in ALIS and minoring in Chinese, my commitment to language learning and cultural exchange is more than just academic–it is a passion that defines me. My experiences with leading the Korean Conversation Club and my experiences in the School of Modern Languages at Georgia Tech have equipped me with a unique perspective on the importance of fostering an inclusive environment where languages are not just learned, but are understood and lived in. I stand for a campus community that values diversity in language, encourages curiosity about the world, and supports intercultural dialogue. By casting your vote for me, you endorse a vision for the office of Applied Languages & Intercultural Studies that champions comprehensive language education and prioritizes creating connections across different backgrounds. Together, we can build a more connected, understanding, and culturally rich student body!

Architecture Representative

Michael Chick

As student representative for the School of Architecture, the crux of my mission is to serve as the bridge between the student body and faculty, advocating for the collective interests, aspirations, and needs of my peers. In order to enhance our student experience, I plan to address student concerns and propose innovative and beneficial ideas for the School of Architecture. I will strive to facilitate open communication channels between peers and encourage a culture of collaboration, dialogue, and knowledge. Going forward, I envision an uplifting environment where all students of the School of Architecture are emboldened and empowered to thrive academically, creatively, personally, and professionally as they move forward to become meaningful contributors to the global field of architecture.

Athletes Representative

Amanda Ehrenhalt

I firmly believe in the power of community and the value of every individual’s unique perspective. As a well-rounded student-athlete with involvement in various extracurricular activities, I have built strong connections across different spheres of campus life. I’ve witnessed firsthand the wealth of knowledge and experiences that exist within our diverse student body, as well as the importance to connect these often divided perspectives. With this said, I am deeply passionate about fostering connections and creating opportunities for growth and collaboration. The Student Government Association plays a crucial role in shaping our campus community, and I am committed to using my pursuit of understanding and listening to represent the voice of the student body and athletic community. With my personal experiences growing from peers involved in all parts of campus, I have found the profound value of the relationships we hold with others, our involvements, and our community as we work to become individuals who lead progress. This value of others fuels my goals to bridge divides across campus communities and promote inclusivity through connecting voices and advocating for initiatives that benefit the entire student body. With your support, I will work tirelessly to enhance the Georgia Tech experience for all students and foster a supportive and vibrant community that we can all be proud of.Regarding our college experiences, we must recognize this key part of our life shapes the professionals we will soon embody: now is the time to choose who we become, to seek the progress we hope to see in the world. Now is the time to learn from others, to listen, to love our community, and with the opportunity to do so, I will do my best to facilitate pathways to connect students, creating an interconnected campus with greater potential.

Biochemistry Representative

Dhwani Patel

Hi! I’m Dhwani Patel, and I’m a 2nd-year Biochemistry major on the Pre-med track. I’m from Columbus, GA (~2 hours south of Atlanta). I am currently serving as the Biochemistry major representative for UHR and would love the opportunity to continue representing my constituents! I have really enjoyed my time so far on SGA. I’ve learned so much, and this experience has really given me the chance to engage with the GT community. It’s been such an honor to be able to serve on SGA and to represent the GT Biochemistry majors. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and I hope you’ll consider voting for me to remain your Biochemistry major Representative! 🙂

Erin Leal

Hello! My name is Erin Leal, and I’m running to be an academic representative in the house of representatives as a biochemistry major. I have learned leadership skills by being part of the Undergraduate Research Ambassadors (URA). I have been involved with both the events committee and outreach committee of URA. I am also part of the writing staff of The Tower Undergraduate Research Journal. I am also a pre-health student and offer a unique perspective to benefit not only biochemistry majors but all pre-health majors too!

Biology Representative

Ari Emoghene

As a third-year biology student, I have experienced the highs and lows of the program. The challenges of securing research positions, seeking supplemental instruction for upper-level classes from GTAs overwhelmed with their graduate work, and obtaining recommendations and volunteer hours, particularly for the majority of us who are pre-health students, are all too familiar. I understand the gradual and almost overwhelming increase in workload as the break ends and a new semester begins. As a candidate for the biology representative position, I will amplify the voice of the biology student. I will ensure that all pre-health students have access to events, workshops, or whatever is necessary to better equip them for the world after graduation at the house level. I will make it my mission to serve in committees as the voice identifying the need for the plethora of requirements needed to graduate for biology majors. I am not the candidate that will simply agree because an idea works. I will fight to have greater representation of biology students across campus.

Chase Pettiford

Hi! My name is Chase Pettiford, a 3rd year Biology major on the pre-health track. I would love to have the privilege of serving you as your next Biology Representative. As a Biology major, I serve my Biology community as a 4-semester Teaching Assistant in the School of Biological Sciences, a member of the Biology Student Advisory Committee (BSAC), and as a BioAmbassador, where I help new and prospective students learn about our major, explore campus, and grow their love for Georgia Tech. My love for the Biology community is extensive! This experience gives me insight into the specific needs of my constituency and increases my accessibility as a representative. Furthermore, I have committed myself to serving my Tech community as the External Vice President of the NAACP, a social action organization, and Membership Chair of LOV, a community service organization. As the incumbent for this seat, I have worked diligently to stand on my platform: Accurate Representation, Accessibility, and Equity. Through my work with the Joint SAF Reform Committee, I have advocated for smaller RSOs, many of which are College of Sciences and cultural organizations. I also serve on the Culture and Diversity Affairs Committee, the newly formed Black Caucus, and the Under-Represented Groups in Education (U.R.G.E.) Forums that SGA now holds monthly. These bodies emphasize the importance of maintaining and uplifting diversity on campus as our Institution continues to thrive, giving students a unique voice that was previously muffled.As your Biology Representative, I promise to uplift you, your opinions, and your needs in every situation. I promise to keep you informed and to bring positivity and community to our major. Biology is full of great ideas, personalities, and specific needs. I believe I am equipped with the tools to continue to accurately advocate for you. Thank you for your time and consideration! Vote Chase Pettiford!

Deepika Chinthala

Hello! I’m excited to introduce myself as a candidate running for a position in SGA. I’m Deepika Chinthala and I’m a first year Biology major here at Georgia Tech. I am firmly certain I can represent your ideas as I am a great listener and advocate. I am determined to foster an environment where everyone’s voice can be heard and all students feel comfortable in. If you vote for me, you can be confident that you’ve voted for someone who is genuinely passionate towards making campus and student life better. Thank you for your consideration.

Biomedical Representative

Wyatt DeBord

Hey y’all, my name is Wyatt DeBord and I am running for my third term as a Biomedical Engineering Representative in the Undergraduate House of Representatives (UHR). Over the course of the past two years I’ve had the honor of serving as one of two representatives for the Coulter BME Department, laying the groundwork for a more reliable, responsible, and robust house. As a rep I have passed several bills including: Bill 23U031 (UHR Mini-Bar Exam)- Amended the SGA Bylaws to stipulate that all new members must pass a bar exam- designed to test competence in governance -before they can officially be counted as a voting member. This bill ensures that all new reps will properly understand precisely how to author and pass legislation to aid their constituents.Bill 23U032 (Outside Aid Bylaws Amendment)- Amended the SGA Bylaws to allow non-UHR members to serve on UHR committees in order to maximize UHR committee potential. (passed in house, pending on presidential agenda)Bill 23U033 (Onboarding Process)- Amended the SGA Bylaws to stipulate that all new reps must attend an orientation in which they will be taught all essential skills required to be an excellent member of the house. Additionally this orientation serves to prep reps for the bar exam.Bill 24U006 (House Committee Reorganization Act)- Consolidated two committees into a single committee which thus far has performed excellently.I also co-authored Bill 24U009 (House Apportionment Resolution), which more than doubled the size of the house from last year. Thus accomplishing one of my main campaign promises from last year.In addition I have served on House Leadership in the roles of Membership Chair and Speaker Pro Tempore. During my tenure I have also served on the Appointments, Rules, Government Relations, & Engagement and Outreach Committees.Moving forward I intend to utilize my experience to advocate for a better RSO funding method. I will also advocate for an easier RSO chartering process, and I will continue to fight for the creation of a yearly BME event.

Business Administration Representative

Christian Escarment

With a commitment to fostering a collaborative and dynamic environment, I aim to advocate for policies that enhance academic experiences, promote professional development opportunities, and ensure transparency within our student body. I will actively seek and consider the diverse perspectives of our student community, working towards initiatives that benefit everyone. By entrusting me with your vote, you support a vision of progress, unity, and a student-focused approach to shaping our business education journey. I’m committed to amplifying your voices, addressing concerns, and driving initiatives that directly impact our academic and professional experiences. Let’s make our time in Scheller as impactful and enjoyable as possible!

Joane Hong

As a first year business student, I care for more diversity and events that help students explore what Scheller has to offer as well as diversify events for business students. Through the semesters, I’ve learned to love and learn what Tech has to offer and I want to promote the events it has to offer to maximize the opportunities we get.

Nikki Majmudar

Hi! My name is Nikki Majmudar from Johns Creek, GA. I’m very passionate about pursuing our collective interests and ensuring those needs are met! I will utilize my professional communication and leadership abilities to achieve our goals. As the business representative, I will specifically gather issues and concerns such as registration or curriculums through tabling events in the atrium and ensure those are represented in the House and/or the Academic Affairs Committee. As a freshman representative this year, I’ve had the honor of advocating for freshman needs on the dining and housing committees and within the larger House of Representatives. This experience will enable me to accomplish our goals and ensure a better experience for all Scheller students. Thank you for reading—I’m excited to work for you and your needs.

Tom Kunampuram

As a Georgia Tech student running for the Scheller School of Business representative in the Student Government Association, I pledge to promote hands-on learning experiences outside of the classroom, expanded networking opportunities with alumni and industry leaders, and improved communication between students and administration. I recognize that, while Scheller succeeds in providing a high-quality education, there is always potential for improvement in connecting our academic endeavors to real-world applications. My goal is to form additional relationships with prominent firms and startups to provide workshops, internships, and hands-on project experiences to supplement our education. Furthermore, I intend to expand our exceptional alumni network by offering more mentorship, guest lectures, and direct recruitment possibilities. Recognizing the need of clear and open communication, I will work tirelessly to ensure that your thoughts and concerns are heard and addressed, resulting in a more responsive and transparent conversation between students and school leadership. A vote for me represents a proactive, engaged, and enriching Scheller experience in which every student is enabled to bridge the gap between their academic achievements and career goals

Turner Davis

As business students at Georgia Tech, we may sometimes feel forgotten or not as important. I want to make sure each business student understands how valuable they are to our school. As an SGA representative for the Scheller College of Business, I want to advocate for the interests and needs of business students, while also prioritizing open communication and accountability.

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Representative

Justin Le

As a candidate representing the ChBE department, I stand for inclusivity, advocacy, and proactive leadership. Through my involvement in the ChBE DEI Committee, I have demonstrated a strong commitment to amplifying diverse voices and driving positive change within our department. From organizing successful events like the Lunar New Year celebration to implementing an anonymous DEI form, I have taken initiative to address important issues and promote inclusivity. Additionally, my participation in the ChBE Success Program underscores my dedication to supporting underserved students in our community. I am committed to representing the diverse perspectives and needs of all ChBE students and will work tirelessly to ensure that every voice is heard. With a proactive approach to leadership and a genuine passion for making a difference, I am dedicated to advocating for the interests of our department and fostering a more inclusive and equitable environment for all. Your vote will enable me to continue this important work and be a strong voice for our community. Thank you for your consideration.

Lewis Denson

I am running for the position of Student Representative because I believe in fostering a culture of engagement and creativity within our community. As students, we face the challenges of balancing our rigorous academic pursuits with our personal growth and development. I understand these challenges firsthand, and I am committed to ensuring that you have the opportunity to thrive both academically and personally. I believe that an engaged and active student body leads to a more fulfilling academic experience for everyone. I would be honored to serve as your representative and will take your vote as a sign of support and appreciation for my stance. Thank you for your consideration.

Civil Engineering Representative

Sultan Ziyad

Hello Civil students! I am Sultan Ziyad, a second-year Civil Engineering student from Atlanta, GA. On campus, you may know me as a current Sophomore Rep in SGA, the Vice President of the Black Civil & Environmental Engineering Organization (BCEE), or the Academic Excellence Chair for the Georgia Tech Society of Black Engineers (GTSBE). As a dedicated Civil Engineering student, I want to represent you and spearhead new ideas to make your college major experience better. Here is my plan: – Advocacy: Civil Engineering students face unique challenges and opportunities. From rigorous courses to major-related projects, I am committed to advocating for initiatives that improve our academic experience and prepare us for success in future careers.- Collaboration: Building a strong sense of community between Civil students is essential. I began this work as the Vice President of BCEE this year, and I will continue to promote connections among Civil students and faculty while ensuring that all voices are valued.- Problem Solving: I believe in taking a proactive approach to issues. Whether it’s addressing concerns about course registration, improving access to research opportunities, or working with other SGA leaders to improve campus infrastructure, I will work diligently to find solutions that benefit all Civil students.Most importantly, I will represent you with integrity, transparency, and passion. I will do all that I can to improve your campus life and I would be honored to have your vote.

Computer Science Representative

Akshar Ravichandran

Hello, my name is Akshar Ravichandran and I am a first-year computer science student actively engaged in various aspects of Georgia Tech. As a computer science representative, I am dedicated to advancing three key principles: equity, fostering a positive society, and promoting versatility within computer science. My goal is to cultivate an inclusive and accessible program that embraces diversity across genders, races, and identities, ensuring everyone has equal opportunities to thrive. I am committed to harnessing the potential of today’s society while upholding ethical standards and striving for societal betterment. Moreover, I advocate for collaboration with other majors, envisioning computer science as a tool for success across diverse fields at Georgia Tech. By voting for me, you’re supporting a vision where computer science serves as a bridge to other disciplines, enhancing the university’s collective potential and impact.

Akshat Bagade

Hi Yellow Jackets! My name is Akshat Bagade, and I’m running to be this year’s Computer Science Major representative. My goal as a representative is to ensure that we have various opportunities for computer science students to truly explore their passions. I aim to serve as a strong advocate for every student by voicing their concerns on how we can best improve programs and implement new solutions for change. If you have any questions about my campaign or would like to just talk, feel free to reach out to me!

Dell Sherman IV

As a candidate, I stand for transparency, innovation and genuine representation. I am committed to ensuring that all students’ are heard and valued. If elected, I will focus on proactive problem-solving and collaborative leadership. My most desirable qualities are my passion for greatness, eagerness to work, and my ability to keep an open mind while remaining impartial. No matter what the issue at hand is, I will always put my fullest effort into finding the most optimal solution for all parties involved. Your vote for me signifies your support for a leader dedicated to amplifying student voices and championing the collective interests of our diverse community.

Jeffrey Fang

Hey yall, I’ve been your CS rep for the past year and I’ve become fairly acquainted with how the system works. This year we had to deal with extreme budget cuts, and personally being in one of the engineering clubs myself, I understand how difficult it has been. If re-elected, I will continue to advocate the needs and struggles of these clubs under these financial hardships. I also have plans to improve the experience of the COC career fair considering the long entrance and recruiter lines. I hope you vote for me and thank you for your time!

Kevin Calahan Jr

Greetings! My name is Kevin Calahan Jr., and I am a passionate and dedicated computer science major hoping to represent the computer science constituency. As a member of the most populated major on campus, I will address the infrastructural and support-related problems that our students face. If elected, I am committed to improving communication channels between students and faculty and ensuring that computer science majors are able to have their concerns and suggestions heard. Through community outreach and the promotion of students’ organizations as well as their individual ideas and products, I will help showcase the vast talents and unique traits that computer science majors possess. With a litany of experience operating in different computer science-related organizations and departments such as being a student assistant with the College of Computing, or being part of the Engineering Operations committee with GT Bits of Good, I have a diverse and multifaceted perspective on the value that computer science brings to this campus. By voting for me, you are voting for a candidate that cares about you and your value to society and hopes to relieve some of the pressure of studying a difficult major at an amazing, rigorous school like Georgia Tech. I am excited to shape the future of our campus community and display just how fun our major can be, so let’s work together to make computer science something that any group of people can enjoy and access!

Michael Manchiraju

Hello, my name is Michael Manchiraju and I am overjoyed to introduce myself as a candidate to be your Computer Science Major Representative! As your CS Representative, I stand for developing an innovative and inclusive environment within the College of Computing and beyond to all facets of our campus. I will strive to achieve this goal through three crucial components: advocacy, accessibility, and advancement. I am committed to continually advocating the needs and concerns of all CS majors. Such issues include advocating for smaller class sizes, more academic support outside of class, and higher pay and compensation for Teaching Assistants at the College of Computing. Furthermore, I aim to enhance accessibility to resources, opportunities, and support networks already in place to ensure all my fellow students can have the most optimal learning experience. Finally, I am adept at advancing and resolving issues and will ensure all opinions and concerns are heard, even when deliberating controversial issues. I will always be available to you as your CS representative, and I will work tirelessly to elevate the needs of the CS community and enhance the experience of all CS majors here at Georgia Tech and I humbly ask for your vote.

Nicholas Stone

What’s the good word, Jackets? My name is Nicholas Stone (he/him), and I would love to represent you as your SGA Computer Science Representative. My threads are Intel and People, and in my free time, I am obsessed with solving Rubik’s Cubes and practicing the marimba. Currently, I serve as the Sergeant-at-Arms and Freshman Representative in SGA, so I’ve already dipped my toes into the SGA waters and am excited to pursue more changes on the CS front, be it in academics, registration, or wider extracurricular opportunities.I feel that the most valuable principle that l’ve taken from the leadership experiences that l’ve been afforded in my time at Georgia Tech is the merit of listening to and learning from the others around me: Rather than making decisions and creating ideas on my own, it’s the sum of my team and the peers around me that creates the most impactful result. And that’s what l’m here to do as your Representative-I want to lead as the sum of my parts alongside each of you so that we as the Student Government Association can create the most practical and fulfilling academic year that we could hope for. I wish you all the best, and thank you so much for this opportunity to have a part in representing our major through SGA.

Nolan Bridges

Hey everyone, I’m Nolan Bridges and I am a third-year computer science student from Los Altos, California who is excited to once again represent CS majors in the House of Representatives! From helping run and participating in hackathons, to backend development as part of the data science club, to taking part in undergrad research, I can speak to a broad range of our experiences as CS students. Whether it’s for receiving club funding, relaying registration concerns, or whatever else is important to you, I’m here to be your voice in student government to improve all of our experiences as CS students. Go Jackets

Obinna Nwachukwu

As your representative, I will be committed to enhancing the holistic experience for all Computer Science majors at our school. A primary focus of mine will be on improving the registration process. I plan to collaborate with the administration to identify and implement practical solutions that ensure better access to courses. In terms of events, I aim to assist the College of Computing in reaching out to and inviting more guest speakers and industry professionals, thereby increasing networking opportunities for our students. Furthermore, I will actively seek your feedback to help organize more engaging social events that promote community bonding and improve mental health and wellbeing. A vote for me is a step towards a more supportive and inclusive Computer Science program. Together, we can make a significant difference.

Priyanshu Mehta

As the current International Student Representative, I’ve enjoyed serving our diverse community. Now, I seek to represent the College of Computing, aiming to aid fellow students in navigating challenges like registration. I pledge to engage with faculty and administration to address student concerns effectively. Organizing forums for students to voice their issues and find solutions is a priority. By fostering a supportive environment, I aspire to enhance the academic journey of College of Computing students. With your support, I am committed to advocating for our collective needs and fostering a cohesive community within the College.

Co-op Representative

Jada Davis

Hi! My name is Jada Davis. I am (technically) a third-year Aerospace Engineering major here at Tech!  I say technically because I am also a Co-Op at Delta Airlines and am technically still a Sophomore in credit hours. This summer I will be entering into my second rotation at the company. As a Co-Op, I understand the unique challenges we face. Taking multiple semester off, away from campus can feel isolating. It can feel like you a losing part of your college experience while all your peers continue on. Even though our journey through Tech may take a little bit longer, our presence is still just as important. I want to make sure my fellow Co-Op’s voices are seen and heard. If you vote for me, I promise to be your constant connection to campus and speak for us even in our absence.

Economics and International Affairs Representative

Andrew Berry

As a candidate for the House of Representative position in GT’s Student Government, I stand as a proud voice and ally for diversity and inclusivity; the rich tapestry of our student body deserves to be protected and celebrated. As an out-of-state student from the Ivan Allen Liberal Arts College, I bring a unique perspective that bridges the gap between different academic disciplines and backgrounds. My campaign is rooted in the belief that while Georgia Tech excels in STEM, the liberal arts are valuable to GT in their own way, offering insights and skills that enrich our community. I am dedicated to advocating for the interests and values of liberal arts students, ensuring their voices are heard and their contributions valued. By voting for me, you are not just supporting a representative; you are endorsing a vision where every student, irrespective of their major, is recognized for their distinct talents and perspectives. This is about more than representation; it’s about fostering a holistic, well-rounded academic environment where every discipline, including the liberal arts, is celebrated for its unique contributions to our collective success at Georgia Tech.

Industrial Engineering Representative

Druvitha Lokasani

Hi Yellow Jackets! I’m Druvitha Lokasani, and I’m excited to be running for this year’s ISYE representative. As your major representative, I hope to serve as an advocate for your needs, concerns, and ideas in order to make each and every one of you feel seen and heard. I will strive to take action and implement measures to improve your experience at GT and promise to benefit all ISYE majors through this position. Feel free to reach out to me for any questions or to know more about my campaign and involvements on campus!

Jacob Beamer

As the candidate for Industrial Engineering representative, I stand for fostering a supportive and innovative environment within our department. I believe in advocating for the needs and concerns of our fellow students, promoting collaboration between faculty and students, and striving for continuous improvement in our academic and extracurricular experiences. By voting for me, students can trust that I will work tirelessly to ensure their voices are heard, their interests are represented, and their academic journey is enriched. Together, we can shape a brighter future for Industrial Engineering at our institution.

Kanav Kakkar

As a candidate for representative of the Industrial Engineering program at Georgia Tech, I stand for effective communication, proactive problem-solving, and inclusive representation. I believe in fostering a supportive environment where every student’s voice is heard and valued. With a commitment to transparency and accountability, I aim to bridge the gap between students and faculty, advocating for their needs and concerns. My experience and dedication equip me to address challenges head-on and work collaboratively towards innovative solutions that benefit our entire community. By entrusting me with their vote, students can be assured of a dedicated advocate who will strive to enhance their academic experience and ensure that their voices are amplified within the Industrial Engineering program and beyond.

International Affairs

Abraham Werner

Hello! My name is Abraham Werner, and I am thrilled to be a potential representative for the constituents of Ivan Allen College and Sam Nunn School of International Affairs. I am well aware of the challenges we face, whether it’s our infamous mile-long trek to Habersham or having back-to-back classes in Skiles; I understand where our major could improve. On the flip side, I have personally experienced the incredible sense of community that is fostered through close relationships with professors and classmates. I have also witnessed the countless opportunities we are provided with, such as extensive study abroad programs and regular visits from diplomats and VIPs. Currently, I am employed in Institute Communications, where I have direct contacts with Tech administration. I plan to leverage these connections to build bridges between STEM, Ivan Allen, Sam Nunn, and the administration. This will enable students to effectively advocate for the resolution of common issues and the continuation of the advantages we already enjoy. The foundation of these changes will be more frequent communication with the student body, increased inclusivity in students’ access to advocacy resources, and an emphasis on GT’s sustainable development. Thank you for considering my candidacy. I am eager to continue my involvement in this wonderful community.

International Students Representative

Adaora Njoku

While at Tech, I have had the pleasure of experiencing the challenges and joys of being an international student. I am committed to fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment for all. As I have experienced at NSBE, Caribsa, ASA, the contributions that international students and our culture make to this campus are immeasurable . I also recognize the unique struggles faced by those living outside their home countries, creating a potential disconnect from culture, people, and shared challenges. My platform revolves around three key pillars: advocacy, community building, and communication. I aim to be a vocal advocate for the needs and concerns of all international students, ensuring that our voices are heard and respected. Through organized events and initiatives, I will strive to create a stronger sense of community, fostering connections among students from diverse backgrounds. I am excited to enhance the overall international student experience with your vote, we can make our university an even more welcoming and enriching place for every student.

Adi Krish

As a student from India transitioning from an H-4 to an F-1 visa, I understand the unique challenges and experiences faced by international students firsthand. I stand for fostering a supportive and inclusive campus environment where every student, regardless of their visa status or background, feels valued and empowered to succeed. By voting for me, you’re supporting a candidate who is dedicated to representing the needs and concerns of international students, particularly those navigating visa transitions like myself. I am committed to advocating for resources, support services, and policies that facilitate a smooth transition and enhance the overall experience of international students at our university. Your vote for me is a vote for diversity, inclusion, and student empowerment. Together, let’s build a campus community where every voice is heard and every student thrives.

Amanda Mordi

As an international student who intimately understands the challenges and obstacles faced by those navigating life in a foreign educational environment, I am dedicated to advocating for the rights and well-being of my fellow international students. I firmly believe in the power of community and unity, and I am committed to uplifting the voices of international students, ensuring that they have a platform to express their concerns and needs. By voting for me, you are not only voting for someone who understands your struggles firsthand, but also for a leader who will actively work to address them. Together, we can create a more inclusive and supportive campus environment where every international student feels valued, heard, and supported.

Tanju Ozdemir

My main goals within the SGA UHR as an International Students Representative are to:1) Develop new lines of communication between the OIE ISSS and the international student body.2) Help foster collaboration between cultural organizations with an international focus to facilitate new and exciting events.I am working to address these two goals through the Culture & Diversity Affairs Committee. For the first goal, my peers and I are in the early stages of developing an advisory committee that will meet on a regular basis with the OIE ISSS to communicate any pressing issues international students are currently facing. This will ideally have the effect of expediting communication, and help highlight areas where resources are needed.For the second goal, my peers and I are working towards creating a large forum of cultural organizations with an international focus. Through this forum, we hope to create an environment conducive to sharing cultural events to a wider audience, and that facilitates the leadership of different organizations meeting and collaborating with each other. This would help highlight less well-known organizations and develop the international cultural experience on-campus. My other goals as a representative within the SGA UHR are to:1)Increase knowledge among the general student body regarding the SGA funding process and other on-campus funding sources for RSOs and student-led initiatives. 2) Improving prior information available for students interested in working in the SGA, whether that be in committees or through becoming a representative. I aim to address the first goal by helping to organize unified Q&A and tabling events with SGA and the other main funding sources in attendance. Application information can be dispersed during these events, which will have the effect of reducing the information barrier of entry to submitting applications, while simultaneously improving the quality of funding applications submitted. And of course, it would help raise awareness regarding the myriad different funding sources available to RSOs. I aim to address the second goal by helping to schedule information sessions where students can ask questions regarding the goals, responsibilities and activities of SGA representatives as well as those of committee members. An FAQ section would also be useful in this regard. This will ideally increase student engagement within SGA as well as dispel any misconceptions to joining, encouraging the entry of new talent that will create new initiatives and improve existing ones. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, criticisms, suggestions or ideas regarding what I’ve outlined, the SGA UHR, international students, or anything else, feel free to reach out. My inbox is always open: tanjuozdemir@gatech.edu

Junior Representative

Beyonca Mitchell

Hello, Georgia Tech! My name is Beyonca Mitchell, and I am so excited to run for SGA Junior Representative! I am a second-year Industrial and Systems Engineering student with an Engineering & Business Minor through the Denning T&M Program. I’m involved on campus as a member of the Georgia Tech’s Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and Society of Black Engineers (GTSBE), Black Student Recruitment Team (BSRT), Women of Color Initiative (WOCI) Ambassadors, First-Generation Jackets Mentors, and I am an Undergraduate Research Assistant in an BME and Neuroscience lab! As a candidate, my platform will aim to focus on critical points that students face during their junior year at Georgia Tech, including promoting professional development, fostering a network and community within our class, and allocating resources for academic and mental challenges. I believe the levels of these points will range from student to student and I can be an advocate for what the class needs. Junior year will be one of the most demanding and testing periods of college. Having someone represent a class of students will require dedication, compassion, integrity, energy, and purpose. I would ensure I show up and present my best self at every occasion possible. I anticipate to make a valuable contribution not just for our class, but for the better of other students on campus as well. I hope you will consider me for your vote for SGA Junior Representative! Thank you!

Jeremy Leurart

Hi! My name is Jeremy Leurart and I am a rising 3rd year Industrial Engineering student. I am also entering my 3rd year of involvement in GT SGA- as a member of FreShGA, your current Sophomore Representative, and a 2-year member of the Community Relations committee- I know I am the right pick to represent you throughout the 2024-2025 school year & beyond! Some initiatives achieved this year would include a Meet the Reps event, monthly “Sophomore News” posts, and an emphasis on community outreach through numerous events! With such large increases in student enrollment on campus I would like to implement better communication with more enriching resources to YOU! Whether this manifests itself through earlier access to graduation planning/resources, bridging the gap (and more transparency) regarding on-campus housing, and making our class more informed about off-campus housing options; I am beyond ecstatic to have the opportunity to represent the Class of 2026 again & would love to meet during my office hours or via email @jeremyleurart@gatech.edu if you have any questions. Let’s make our Junior year the best yet!

Jordan Karim

My name is Jordan Karim and I am a second year computer science major from Detroit, Michigan. I am dedicated to improving the mental and physical well-being of all students on campus, and I will ensure that the experiences and feelings of the students I represent are heard.

Noah Pastula

Georgia Tech! My name is Noah Pastula, and I am running to be your Junior Representative. I currently serve a double role as Sophomore Representative and Secretary of the Undergraduate House of Representatives, actively promoting equity, sustainability, and transparency throughout. Alongside other Junior Representatives, I hope to take the next step with these three pillars to create a better Georgia Tech for every student. My time in the Student Government has been focused on operational efficiency, and the student organization funding issue. As a member of the house leadership and operations committee, I’ve improved the house’s operational efficiency, reapportioned the house to be more equitable for all students, and developed a mentorship program. As a member of the Student Activity Fee Policy Reform Committee, I am at the forefront, and possess a deep understanding of the student organization funding issue. Transparency will be at the center of the policy reform as it is the key to developing a plan that benefits all student organizations. My time within SGA has made me realize that the issues the student body faces require solutions involving equity, sustainability, and transparency, which I know I can provide. With my clear qualifications, dedication, integrity, and leadership skills, I sincerely hope you consider Noah when voting for Junior Representative!

Mechnical Engineering Representative

Caleb Kopitsky 

I am a second year student running as an incumbent to continue serving as a Mechanical Engineering Representative. During my time on SGA, I have greatly enjoyed working on the Student Activity Fee Reform Committee to change long standing policy which affects every student on this campus and carries out a vital role of SGA: distributing the mandatory Student Activity Fee we all pay. I am proud of the policy we have drafted to ensure all clubs have access to fair and sufficient funding in a sustainable manner. My role as a leader on GT Motorsports gives me insight into how and why larger organizations spend their budgets and where necessary cuts may be made to ensure equitable funding which all students may access. Moreover, I have worked to bring back funds for various campus projects, such as improving infrastructure, which in years past SGA could pay for.  I have also served on SGA’s infrastructure committee to voice students’ concerns over safety around campus and promote various forms of transportation.

Emiliano Larach

Hello! My name is Emiliano Larach, and I’m from San Pedro Sula, Honduras. I am running for the position of Mechanical Engineering Representative. Over the past two years, I have been witness to the amazing growth the house has had. We went from a small organization that struggled to meet quorum, to now having booming meetings every Tuesday where we discuss impactful things happening in campus. I have worked closely with several engineering organizations to find ways out of the financial struggle SGA has been into for the past year, and to make sure impact to their great operations is minimized so that they can continue to provide ME students like me with real-life experience that is one of the main reasons why Tech students are so sought after by engineering companies in the US and abroad. I feel honored for having served in this position in the past, and I want to continue being part of the House to be able to keep helping my fellow MEs in every way I am able to.

Larissa Adjei

Hey everyone!I’m Larissa a third year ME major at Tech! In my time here, my involvement has provided me with a unique perspective on the diverse needs and concerns of the student body and this firsthand understanding has prepared me to be YOUR SGA Mechanical Engineering Representative. If elected, I’m dedicated to fostering a strong sense of community within Woodruff. My vision includes creating an open dialogue platform to address all of your needs, advocating for more resources for ME clubs, networking events and internships, and prioritising transparency, accountability, and accessibility. I’m committed to being a strong voice for all ME students, ensuring your concerns are heard and addressed. Your vote is a vote for a more connected ME community, and I’m here to be your compassionate advocate, supporting your well-being academically and personally. Let’s build a community that thrives on empathy, support, and collective growth. Vote for a stronger ME community – vote for Larissa!

Neuroscience Representative

Chelsea Thompson

Hi! My name is Chelsea Thompson and I am a second year neuroscience major here at Tech aspiring to serve as one of your neuroscience representatives.As a student on the pre-med track and undergraduate researcher, I am passionate about addressing health inequity and advancing biomedical technology within the field of neuro-oncology. If elected to serve as one of your representatives, I fully intend to bring that same passion and dedication to the execution of my role. One of my primary goals as your representative would be to build a stronger sense of community within our major and to cultivate more opportunities for students to connect with each other and with faculty members outside of the classroom. There is so much value to be derived from each and every diverse perspective that l lies within each neuroscience student here at Tech, and I would love to use that strength to help build an even more vibrant learning community within our major.Above all, I would love to use my platform as a means to create a space where every individual studying neuroscience at Tech feels like they belong, and has access to the resources needed to reach their full potential during their time here. I want to make sure that our department is making a positive impact both on campus and in the broader community. I want every neuroscience student here at Tech to understand that your voice can play an integral role in driving the positive change you wish to see within our major and beyond. Together, we can make the neuroscience community here at Tech stronger and more vibrant than ever before. I hope to earn your vote and the opportunity to serve as your neuroscience representative. Thank you!

Miles Joseph

Hello! My name is Miles Joseph and I am a third year neuroscience major at Georgia Tech, and I am hoping to be one of your 2024 Neuroscience major representatives. I love thrifting, music including playing saxophone, and being outside. I’m running to be a major representative because Georgia Tech has a long, rich and diverse history that made it easy for me to choose this program. The Neuroscience program however, is just beginning its history. Just three short years ago now, the person who sold me on coming to Georgia Tech was the first black male student to graduate from this Neuroscience program! One of my dreams is to address health inequality and access to education and seeing up close Georgia Tech continuing to be at the forefront of this level of inclusion and service is how I knew this was a community I wanted to be a part of and why I am eager to become a Neuroscience Representative to contribute to the making of this history. Currently, I conduct research Sickle Cell and Rare Disease Research at the Botchwey Lab and Emory, give tours to students through the Pre-collegiate Initiative of the National Society of Black Engineers, and am the Chief Finance Officer and Events Committee Chair of Down to Dance, and organization raising awareness, opportunity and funding for performing arts opportunities for children with disabilities. I attribute my passion for education and representation to my father who has worked in title 1 schools in the Atlanta Public School System for over 30 years. My goal in life is to take my experiences to inform a life as a compassionate research scientist. I hope to continue that journey by carving out a space for each and every Neuroscience student to feel better represented. I only hope to accomplish such a feat by leaning on the inspired stories and students here, to understand the initiatives that make the major and community a space that is a continual example of progress and service. I know I will be a great representative for our major because I wholeheartedly hope to use this as an excuse to get to know more students in the major and their needs and I will make sure to make the programs and initiatives that future neuroscience students inherit is something you are even more proud of!

Nuclear and Radiological Engineering Representative

Colin Gold

As incumbent NRE representative, I’ve been working hard to increase the representation of our major and improve access to resources for our registered student organizations, namely American Nuclear Society and Women in Nuclear. I successfully voted in favor of a bill that established major-specific representatives, allowing NRE students to have a representative at the student government level. I’ve also used my position to advocate for NRE students and the difficulties we have experienced collectively while going through the required curriculum. If elected, I would work to continue this practice and advocate for positive change from the class to the department level by engaging with students and faculty and writing bills that would promote our major to the wider Tech community at large using ULR funding. I would also work directly with the NRE department to update our website and provide additional resources to NRE students for curriculum, professional development, and career path exploration.

Senior Representative

Harrison Baro

Hey everyone! My name is Harrison Baro, and I am running to be your Senior Class Representative. Previously, I have served as the Freshmen and Sophomore class representative, and I am looking to continue my work in SGA. I want to advocate for things that will benefit our class, such as improving on-campus mental health resources, improving sustainability practices, and keeping y’all updated on what is going on around campus. The more we all interact with each other, the better community we create for everyone on campus! I would love your vote and look forward to (hopefully) being able to represent you for our senior year!

Hugh Bargeron

Hey y’all! My name is Hugh Bargeron, and I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for reelection as Senior Class Representative. One thing about me is that I love Georgia Tech. To be clear, it’s not because I love pulling all-nighters in the CULC or the stress we are all so familiar with: I love Georgia Tech because I know the person reading this is intelligent, capable, and dedicated to making their mark on the world. We, the students, make this school great, and advocating for you has always been my mission. As a member of two student-faculty committees, I successfully used my vote to advance the interests and priorities of students. From approving increased funding for student organizations to advocating for need-based travel stipends during study abroad, I have done everything possible to make our collective experience equitable and positive.This year, I successfully promoted and secured funding for mental health initiatives on campus. I was elected the Associate Chair of the Mental Health Joint Allocation Committee, directing outreach to mental health organizations and departments. So far, we have reached out to 50+ organizations and funded tens of thousands of dollars to mental health priorities. Right now, I am proposing guidelines that will bring students directly into this funding process, ensuring that all voices are heard and respected on this issue that affects all of us. For our senior year, my primary goal will be to ensure that SGA can fully fund student organizations. As an extremely well-financed and connected university, it is not acceptable to me that we do not have adequate funding for all student organizations. To this end, I will build on the progress I have made by directly advocating to the University System of Georgia (which governs Georgia Tech). I promise y’all that I will speak to everyone with the power to create a lasting solution, and I will not rest until we have a solution that makes funding available and accessible for all.Now that you know more about me and my vision for our class, I ask that you choose me as one of your Representatives. I have loved getting to know so many of you, and I know we can continue to do great work. If we still need to meet, I would love to get to know you, and I am always available to talk about ideas I can help you implement on campus. Please feel free to contact me at Lbargeron6@gatech.edu. Go Jackets!

Iliyah Dean

Hey Jackets!!As a candidate for senior representative, I stand for effective communication, strong advocacy, and genuine connection within our senior class and the broader school community. I believe in the importance of representing the voices and concerns of my fellow seniors with integrity and dedication. If elected, I promise to listen attentively to your ideas and concerns, working tirelessly to address them and to ensure that our senior year is memorable and meaningful for everyone. I also plan to make more programs for post-graduates tailored around potential career avenues and obtaining a job. As an RA, I have interacted with a broad range of people and I have first-hand knowledge of what the student body wants. With a passion for serving others and a proven track record of leadership and collaboration, I am committed to being a voice for positive change and a catalyst for unity and progress. Your vote for me is a vote for a senior representative who will always prioritize your needs and aspirations, striving to make our final year together as impactful and enjoyable as possible.

Justin Ayiih

As a candidate for the Student Government Association, I stand for inclusive representation, proactive advocacy, and transparent communication, particularly concerning issues facing the Black community on campus. I am committed to amplifying Black voices, addressing systemic inequities, and promoting initiatives that foster a more inclusive and supportive environment for Black students. By prioritizing the concerns and needs of the Black community, I aim to work towards creating a campus where all students feel empowered, valued, and respected. Your vote for me is a vote for meaningful progress and positive change on issues that matter.

Kelley Collier

As a dedicated advocate for equity and inclusion, I stand firmly for representing the diverse voices within the Georgia Tech community. Through my tenure as a Junior Representative and Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus in SGA, I’ve been steadfast in amplifying the concerns and needs of all students, particularly those from marginalized backgrounds. With a track record of two years in the Undergraduate House of Representatives, I’ve demonstrated my commitment to fostering an environment where every student feels valued and supported. If elected as a Senior Class Representative, I will continue to prioritize transparency, accessibility, and accountability within SGA. I believe in empowering my constituents by ensuring they are well-informed about SGA’s initiatives and available resources. Your vote for me is a vote for equitable representation and meaningful change at Georgia Tech.

Quincy Howard

Hello Fellow Jackets!     My name is Quincy Howard, and I am an Industrial Engineering student at the Institute. I am a rising fourth-year and would love to be your next Senior Representative for SGA! There are many initiatives that I stand for and changes I would love to embrace. Some of those things include transparency, campus leadership being approachable and accessible, and lastly promoting unity in campus diversity. For the idea of transparency, I believe all students deserve a clear understanding of campus issues and funding as well as how decisions are made and how they may affect you. For example, SGA takes on a role in distributing the Student Activity Fee, and introducing a more transparent process for this may help with student feedback. As far as accessibility, I believe it is important for campus leaders to be open to new ideas and become a balanced voice for the public. Lastly, through the Impact LLC, GT Challenge, and other programs I’ve been a part of on campus, I have learned that diversity opens doors to new experiences. Therefore, I would love to see more collaborations between different organizations on campus to spark growth and learn more about different backgrounds outside my own. Although I am headed toward the back end of my Georgia Tech career, it would be an honor to be a servant and voice for the student body, and I would really appreciate your support!

Sophomore Representative

Ananya Shetty

Hey y’all! My name is Ananya Shetty, and I’m thrilled to announce my candidacy for your Sophomore SGA Representative. As a representative, one of my top priorities is student mental health. In the demanding environment at Georgia Tech, this is easy to overlook, and I’m dedicated to ensuring that every student has access to the resources they need to thrive mentally. I am also genuinely passionate about fostering diversity, equality, and inclusion on campus. Every voice matters, and every community deserves representation. I’m truly determined to be a strong advocate for those who feel unheard. In my current role as a freshman representative, I chair the Outreach and Engagement Committee, where we’re actively reaching out to students and RSOs to amplify student influence on SGA initiatives. I’m proud of the progress we’ve made so far and committed to building on it next year to create a lasting impact. Allow me to be your voice in the SGA, and I promise to work tirelessly to make sure your concerns are heard and addressed. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on Instagram (@ananya__2019). Together, I hope to create a campus where every student feels valued and supported.

Anaya Rege

Hi! My name is Anaya Rege, and I am currently a first-year Industrial Engineering major with a Health and Medical Sciences minor. I  would appreciate your vote for sophomore representative because I strive to represent every single student in the sophomore class. I stand for amplifying your voices and ensuring your needs are addressed, through frequent feedback forms regarding what is going well and what can be improved upon on campus. I aim to create a more connected community by focusing on inclusivity, promoting academic support, and enhancing campus life through a variety of diverse events and initiatives such as “Sophomore socials”. As a pre-med student, I am a passionate advocate for mental health and student well-being. So, I pledge to prioritize transparent communication and push for a wider scope of anonymous help lines,  especially on topics that are underrepresented throughout the organizations on campus. So, let me lead the way, and vote for Anaya Rege!

Anish Punati

Hi! My name is Anish Punati and I’m excited to announce myself as a candidate for SGA. I aim to bring the opportunities and lifestyle changes our student body seeks to Tech. My goal is to push students along their career paths by connecting them to internships and co-ops that reflect the diverse perspectives and skillsets our colleges specialize in. I want every student to feel confident in their ability to not just handle the academic rigor of Georgia Tech, but also to actively build their portfolio of experiences for what will come beyond these few years. I will bring my best to the student government as your representative in order to make sure that we have access to all the resources we could ever need for cultivating the strongest minds in our fields. Our time here shouldn’t just be another hurdle to overcome, but a stepping stone that propels us towards making a change in the world. Work with me to create a university experience that you will be proud of decades down the line. Work with me to create the best of Tech.

Velmuel Smith

Hello! My name is Velmuel Smith and I am a rising second-year Computer Engineering student from a little town outside of Augusta, Georgia. I love reading, hanging out with friends, and exploring Atlanta. Over the last few months as a student at Georgia Tech, I have learned so much and come to LOVE our campus community. However, I also realize that there are several issues that need to be addressed, and I am willing to work with students to hear their concerns and find solutions. I am passionate about making Georgia Tech an enjoyable experience for everyone and I believe that starts by hearing students’ concerns and making effective changes. Having a role within the House of Representatives will give me the reach to better aid and support second-year students at Georgia Tech. My experiences in Model United Nations and as a leader in various academic clubs in high school give me the skillset to excel at parliamentary procedure and policy discussion. With these tools, I hope to advocate for sophomore students at Georgia Tech, prioritizing inclusivity, academic success, and a positive campus experience. My past months at Georgia Tech have been amazing, partly due to the contributions of SGA. I hope to make my own contributions to your positive moments in your time at Georgia Tech. I am optimistic about my ability to enact positive policies in the House and my ability to advocate for all of my constituents. Voting for me means voting for someone who will offer support and take action to ensure that your time at Georgia Tech is everything you deserve.

Transfer Students Representative

Elaine Yang

Hi everyone! My name’s Elaine and I’m a second year transfer student from Massachusetts. I love to do art, go on walks, and the most important fact about me is that I’m a cat person (not to say that dogs aren’t amazing as well but cats just speak to me). My goal, if I get elected as a representative for transfer students, is to ensure that everyone can have a seamless transition into Georgia Tech, to feel welcome in a new environment where they may not know anyone but can find a community for themselves regardless. Coming to GT as an out of state transfer student, I understand the struggles that students may face when being having to integrate into what feels like an environment where everyone already knows each other, which is why I want to help be a voice for students in similar situations; whether by passing bills to increase the amount of social events or just providing an opinion from the perspective of transfer student, I want to ensure that we’re represented in this school. We may not be a large population of students in GT, but our voices matter just as much and deserve to be heard. And to all my fellow transfer students that may be reading this, congratulations on transferring into GT!

Joshua Weems

I am committed to making sure there is accessible transfer engagement that promotes self-expression and inclusion within Georgia Tech’s student body. As a transfer student myself I understand the difficulty of inclusiveness on campus, but through active communication, inclusive events, and advocating for resources tailored to the unique needs of transfer students, I aim to create a supportive environment where every transfer student feels valued and empowered to contribute to our campus community. Your vote for me signifies your support for a more inclusive and vibrant Georgia Tech, where every student’s voice matters and every perspective is celebrated.

Shreya Kilambi

Hi! I am Shreya Kilambi, and I am a sophomore here at GT.  I am excited to be running as a Transfer Student representative. Having been a transfer student myself, I understand the unique challenges and experiences that transfer students face when transitioning to a new university environment. I am passionate about advocating for the needs and concerns of this often overlooked demographic. I want to ensure that transfer students feel welcomed, supported, and included within our university community. By serving as your representative, I aim to facilitate smoother transitions, improve access to resources, and foster a sense of belonging for all transfer students. Your vote for me is a vote for representation, understanding, and positive change for our transfer student community! Go Jackets!