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Fall 2023 Undergraduate Elections Information

Voting opens on September 25th at 9:00 AM EST.

Undergraduate House of Representatives (UHR) Elections

UHR Representatives are directly elected to represent every significantly-populous portion of the student body. Representatives enrich the student experience for every Georgia Tech student by passing resolutions and voicing students’ issues and desires through the Legislative Branch of the Student Government Association. For more information about the Legislative Branch, click here.

Meet the Freshman Representative Candidates

Freshman Representative

Brennan Haynes

Hello, I’m thrilled to introduce myself as a candidate for student government. My ethnically and socially diverse background has shaped me into a dynamic thinker with a unique perspective. I believe that the key to addressing the complex challenges of our time lies in approaching them from multiple angles, which my multicultural upbringing has ingrained in me. Having a representative who can navigate campus challenges with creativity and adaptability is essential. By casting your vote for me, you’ll be entrusting someone committed to inclusive decision-making, environmental stewardship, and a diverse perspective to tackle the issues that matter most to our student body. Together, we can make positive changes and shape a brighter future for our campus community.

Sophie Singleton

Hi, I’m Sophie Singleton, a first-year Public Policy major and southwest Georgia native. I aim to give and provide a platform for students to express any and all concerns, as well as work to make Tech a place in which all students’ voices are heard. I believe in open discussion and want to be that person to relay students’ voices to the faculty and staff at Tech. I am always open to new ideas, as I believe progress is made through collaborative efforts, not just a singular person. Rest assured that I will fight for you and your academic, social, and personal needs.

Stephen Harvey

Greetings! My name is Stephen Harvey and I’m thrilled to introduce myself as a candidate for the Student Government Association. With a strong track record of leadership throughout my High School years, I am well-prepared to represent your interests and contribute to our university community. My experience as the SGA President, Vice President, Historian, and Representative in High School, along with various leadership roles in other organizations like Treasurer for the National Arts Honors Society and Executive Board Member for the history club, has equipped me with a deep understanding of effective governance and advocacy. I stand for proactive and student-centered leadership, where every voice matters. If you choose to vote for me, you’ll be supporting someone who is dedicated to fostering a collaborative and inclusive campus environment. I believe in transparency, accountability, and ensuring that your concerns and ideas are not only heard but also acted upon. By voting for me, you are voting for a candidate committed to making your university experience the best it can be. Together, we can create positive change and a vibrant campus community. Thank you for considering me for this important role!

Jacob Samuel

I’m a passionate and dedicated freshman running for the position of freshman representative. I believe in fostering an inclusive and supportive community where every student’s voice is heard. As your freshmen representative, I’m committed to creating a campus environment where diversity is celebrated and everyone feels valued. My impactful leadership as the Event Director for an annual charity concert in my high school led to a remarkable 140% increase in funds raised, totaling $20,000, and the highest attendance ever recorded. As the former Vice President of the Student Council, I successfully navigated the challenges of the pandemic by pivoting our fundraising tactics to online merchandising and launching creative initiatives like bake sales and food truck fundraisers. My involvement in theater as an award-winning actor and secretary with the East Theater Company has taught me the importance of community engagement and collaboration. I’m committed to using these experiences to ensure your voices are heard and to create a memorable freshman year. As your freshman representative, I will advocate for increased study spaces, enhanced mental health support, and a higher quality of on-campus housing. I’m excited to represent you and make a positive impact on our journey through Georgia Tech. I ask for your trust and your vote. Let’s work together to shape a brighter future for our class and our university.

Jaila Kimbro

Hello, my name is Jaila Kimbro and I am an interested in being a voice for my freshman class! I am very passionate about service to others and my community. I enjoy volunteering, working with others, and meeting new people. I believe an important part of my college experience will be advocating for students at my school. I am very dependable, a good listener, and have strong problem-solving skills. I have had experience communicating with both my peers and administrators. I believe I will be a great representative for the CO27!

Nikhil Majmudar

Hi! My name is Nikki Majmudar from Johns Creek, GA. I’m very passionate about pursuing our collective interests and ensuring those needs are met! I will utilize my professional communication and leadership abilities to achieve our goals. As the freshman representative, I will specially highlight issues that affect freshman directly such as housing and dining. Thus, I intend to work on the housing and dining committees to turn our needs into improvements. I will accomplish our goals using leadership strategies developed from a 2-year student leadership program and applied in several different facets including club establishment and development. Thank you for reading—I’m excited to work for you and your needs.

Bhoomi Kotharkar

Hey everyone! My name is Bhoomi Kotharkar, and I’m excited to be running for your freshman representative. I stand for inclusivity, innovation, and ensuring that every freshman’s voice is heard. I believe in fostering a supportive campus community where all students can thrive. By voting for me, you’re choosing someone who is passionate about making our freshman year unforgettable and impactful. Let’s work together to create positive change and unforgettable memories during our time at the Institute!

Kiana Mohammadian

Hello! I am a first-year Neuroscience major on the pre-dental track from Washington, DC. As a member of SGA at Georgia Tech, I will put efforts into increasing the work/life balance as a college student at Tech. I stand for an environment in which students feel supported and comfortable challenging themselves both academically and socially beyond their expected limits. SGA was a key factor of my senior year in high school and I hope to continue advocating for the student body and creating change for an overall enhanced college experience. I will strive to involve myself in various clubs, teams, and groups at Tech to gain widespread knowledge on topics of improvement and focus on common goals. I hope to gain your vote and advocate for your voice as a member of SGA at Georgia Tech. Thank you!

Ethan Pestana

Hey! I’m Ethan from the Tampa Bay area. I’m into entrepreneurship and enriching myself and those around me. I also believe in the values of efficiency and responsibility and am interested in leveraging those values in order to help improve the lives of Georgia Tech students. Our decision to attend Tech was at the insurance of prestigious education and infrastructure. Our infrastructure should be on par with, not sacrificed for, the quality of our education. The GT website’s inefficiency, outdated dorms, and unsavory dining halls are significant parts of our student lives and should live up to the value of this institution. Regardless of how much we individually pay, Georgia Tech is responsible for efficiently providing us with education and infrastructure. Half of that deal does not meet the mark; therefore, I seek the opportunity to lobby for the quality of life we are owed.

Pranav Batchu

Hey, I’m Pranav Batchu, and I’m excited to be running to be your freshman representative! My vision for Georgia Tech is simple: let’s create a campus community where everyone’s voice is heard and celebrated. As freshmen, we bring unique perspectives that have the potential to transform our college experience, and I want to capture our unwavering spirit to make that transformation a reality. If elected, I’m committed to improving communication channels between students and faculty, making sure our campus is alive with engaging events that cater to diverse interests, and ensuring that your concerns and suggestions are actively addressed. Furthermore, I plan to expand uses for dining dollars through community outreach. Drawing from my experience and my dedication for innovation, I’m eager to step into this position and do everything in my power to make our first year here exceptional. So make sure to Vote Batchu, He’s Gotchu.

Blake Preston

Running on the promise to be an honest, compassionate leader and accurate representative of the freshman class. Blake’s goal is to ensure that the concerns of every student are heard and responded to. With previous leadership experience in multiple high school clubs and community organizations, Blake stands as an excellent choice for your freshman class representative. By voting for Blake Preston you are voting for the promise of a future where every student at Georgia Tech excels and thrives.

Ananya Shetty

Hey y’all! My name is Ananya Shetty and I am currently majoring in Computer Science. I am so excited to be running for your freshman SGA representative this year! From the moment I stepped onto campus, I knew that I wanted to be involved. Tech is such an incredible mix of driven and diverse people, and it truly would be an honor to serve such an amazing class. Some of my values include mental health awareness, campus safety, and our success as students. We all came to Tech to live the “college experience”, and I want to ensure that it happens. I hope to expand the accessibility of the mental health resources we have on campus. I hope to provide students with the resources to truly understand how to successfully navigate the rat race we find ourselves in. Most importantly, I hope to find a solution to whatever issues YOU believe we face on campus. I guarantee that as your freshman representative, your voice will be heard, no matter who you are. No matter the topic and no matter the time, I will listen. As a freshman, I want this year to be the best year for me, my friends, and the entire freshman class. Give me the chance to be your freshman representative, and I promise you that I will work to make it a year that we’ll all cherish. Please feel free to reach out to me through my email (ananyapsh@gmail.com) or Instagram (@ananya__2019) if you have any questions!

Nicholas Stone

What’s the good word, Jackets? My name is Nicholas Stone (he/him), and I would love to represent you as this year’s SGA Freshman Representative. I’m a Computer Science major, and in my free time, I am obsessed with solving Rubik’s Cubes and practicing the marimba. I also work at the campus bookstore, so it’s probable that I’ve checked out your GT merch. Back in high school, I was given the opportunity to lead in such programs as Student Leadership Johns Creek (SLJC), National Honor Society (NHS), and National Beta, all of which have served to instill values of development through leadership, communication, and organization. That being said, I feel that the most valuable principle that I’ve taken from these experiences is the merit of listening to and learning from the others around me: Rather than making decisions and creating ideas on my own, it’s the sum of my team and the peers around me that creates the most impactful result. And that’s what I’m here to do as your Representative–I want to lead as the sum of my parts alongside each of you so that we as the Student Government Association can create the most practical and fulfilling freshman year that we could hope for. Thank you so much for considering me!

Tanay Shrivastava

Hi everyone, I’m Tanay Shrivastava, and I’m absolutely thrilled to be here today. Running for the position of freshmen representative, I’m looking forward to being a voice for our class. A bit about me: I come from Suwanee, Georgia, and choosing Georgia Tech was a no-brainer. Besides the amazing learning opportunities, the vibrant campus community was a big draw. Apart from my studies, I love diving into activities that get me thinking. Whether it’s immersing myself in a research project or just having a blast with things like chess or escape rooms, it’s all about keeping the brain gears turning. Firstly, I’m dedicated to ensuring fair access to fitness facilities by working towards a more organized scheduling system and expanding/improving gym equipment to make it more accessible to students. Moreover, I’ll strive to boost our school spirit by organizing more spirited events that bring us together as a community. Lastly, I’m eager to work on improving the dining hall experience, ensuring the food aligns with a healthy diet that supports our academic and physical well-being. I’m here to make a real impact on our time at Georgia Tech, creating an inclusive and vibrant community where every voice is heard and valued.

Anna Rosner

Hi Jackets! I’m Anna Rosner, and if you’ve seen a stressed-looking brunette speedwalking across campus, it was probably me. While I may walk quickly, I’m excited to slow my steps and get to know the diverse freshman class as your representative. Some fun facts about me are that I collect tape measures, my favorite dining hall is Nave, I have an adorable dog, and I currently have 1,054 tabs open (it’s a problem). Half of my tabs are dedicated to my major, computer engineering, though I’ll probably switch to environmental engineering. I’m currently a member of the Honor Advisory Committee, Students Organizing for Sustainability, Society of Women Engineers, a Lead Consultant with Epic Intentions, and a Campus Rep for Georgia Tech with the National Center for Women and Information Technology. Feel free to say hi to me anytime, I’d love to chat and I can’t wait to serve as your freshman representative! I stand for others, and my focus as a representative is getting feedback from the freshman class, and acting on it by making promises that I can keep. I’m only one person out of over 4,800, and I will strive to amplify the voices of the talented class of 2027 to vocally make real changes driven to serve my fellow freshmen. Being new at a college means I’m constantly meeting new people, and I love learning from the people around me and their passions, and I know there’s so much for me to discover about my fellow jackets. I want to host town halls for the class of 2027 that will give freshmen a chance to bond over shared struggles, express the changes that they want to see, and feel heard. My high school principal tried to do something similar, but every issue was met with an excuse, and it ended up only happening twice, leaving students feeling ignored. I am committed to this role, and I want to show my passion by following through on my plans and leading by listening. Additionally, I hope to work with RAs to post a QR code to a feedback form within First Year Experience dorms, to provide a convenient way for the class of 2027 to express their thoughts, frustrations, and desires. Beyond a form, I have two big ideas that I’d like to explore with the help of your feedback. First, I’d like to do a used clothes drive as a Giving Tuesday project, and donate the clothes to establish or supplement free closets at local domestic violence shelters. When I went to Green Good Buys, I was shocked at how many clothes were in great condition, and I know that many victims enter shelters with only the clothes on their back, meaning that having clothing options are incredibly helpful and give them a way to rediscover their sense of self. If the GT community gets together, we can reduce waste and help others. Secondarily, I’d like to explore the possibility of converting the empty grass behind Cloudman into a community garden. It could be small to start with to conserve costs, but it would provide a way for the dorms to come together, and serve as a source of fresh vegetables which could be used by students on the weekday dining plans. However my efforts go, and wherever I may speedwalk, I am committed to making this an amazing freshman year for the class of 2027!

Dorian Ramjhattan

Hello! You might be asking: who IS Dorian? While I might not have one definitive answer, I can say that I’m a first-generation student and an aspiring chemist. I love my dog, meeting new people, and learning new things. But I am also passionate about what I believe in, and I will always advocate for what I view as right! As your freshman representative, I will advocate for equitable access to resources for all, growth of our school’s sustainable practices, the development of our campus’s community, and creating a safe environment!