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Fall 2021 Undergraduate Elections Information

The following items are on the Fall 2021 ballot:

Freshmen Representatives (Legislative Branch)

Voting closes on September 23rd at 5:00 PM EST.

Meet the Freshmen Representative Candidates

Kyle Webb

About Kyle: I always love be active in my school. That’s why I was constantly an officer in high school student council. I hope to pass helpful policies and make good changes to our school.

Why you should vote for Kyle: I want to represent others and be as transparent to others as possible. I’d just like to be a conduit for students, gathering all their ideas and applying them

Harrison Barro

About Harrison: Hi! My name is Harrison Baro and I am a 1st year Environmental Engineering major here at Georgia Tech with the hope of minoring in Public Policy. I love visiting National parks and hiking, as well as reading most YA novels and some political and environmental books. I enjoy playing Lacrosse and Spikeball, and my favorite place to study is Crosland Tower or my dorm at Smith residence Hall (it’s not that bad!). I’m a certified coffee addict and Blue Donkey is currently taking the bulk of my dining dollars. Also, I’m a total Swiftie (Folklore supremacy). I’m super sociable so if you ever see me on campus just say “hey!”.

Why you should vote for Harrison: Above all, I stand for political efficacy. It’s important that each and every student on campus knows that their voice is valid and essential to the conversation, and that they should be able to speak their mind on issues they are passionate about. Voting, and the knowledge that your vote matters, is a cornerstone of American democracy that I believe many have lost sight of. It’s my goal to restore this value. I hope to work closely with the GT Pride Alliance and other social organizations on campus in order to promote inclusivity and efficacy for all, not just for people who look and think like me. Secondary to political efficacy, I am very committed to environmental sustainability, and I want all members of campus to have quick and simple access to the sustainable choice when disposing of waste and making other decisions that can have an impact on the environment. Like politics, environmental recovery requires a collective effort, and only by understanding the power of our choices are we truly able to make a difference in this world.

Elected Branches of SGA

Executive Branch Elections

The Student Body President and Executive Vice President jointly lead the Executive Cabinet, or the Executive Branch of the Student Government Association, in creating policy and initiating projects to promote campus initiatives and improve the student experience. For more information about the Executive Branch, click here.

Undergraduate House of Representatives (UHR) Elections

UHR Representatives are directly elected to represent every significantly-populous portion of the student body. Representatives enrich the student experience for every Georgia Tech student by passing resolutions and voicing students’ issues and desires through the Legislative Branch of the Student Government Association. For more information about the Legislative Branch, click here.

Elections Violations

The following record is a list of all successfully prosecuted and officially recorded violations that were determined by the Elections Committee, in accordance with Sections IX (E, L) of the Undergraduate Elections Code during the Fall 2021 SGA elections.