Undergraduate Elections

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Spring 2021 Graduate Elections Information:

Spring 2021 Undergraduate Elections Information

The following items were on the Spring 2021 ballot:

President and Executive Vice President (Executive Branch)

Representatives and Senators (Legislative Branch)

Joint Referendum on the Fight Song

Constitutional Amendment (Undergraduate Only)

Voting closed on March 26th at 5:00 PM EST.

Elected Branches of SGA

Executive Branch Elections

The Student Body President and Executive Vice President jointly lead the Executive Cabinet, or the Executive Branch of the Student Government Association, in creating policy and initiating projects to promote campus initiatives and improve the student experience. For more information about the Executive Branch, click here.

Undergraduate House of Representatives (UHR) Elections

UHR Representatives are directly elected to represent every significantly-populous portion of the student body. Representatives enrich the student experience for every Georgia Tech student by passing resolutions and voicing students’ issues and desires through the Legislative Branch of the Student Government Association. For more information about the Legislative Branch, click here.


Results of this year’s election, including the proposed constitutional amendment, can be found here.

Elections Violations

The following record is a list of all successfully prosecuted and officially recorded violations that were determined by the Elections Committee, in accordance with Sections IX (E, L) of the Undergraduate Elections Code during the Spring 2021 SGA elections.