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Fall 2022 Freshmen Representative Elections

Voting opens on September 26th at 9:00 AM EST and closes on September 29th at 5:00 PM EST.

Meet the Candidates

Lukas Kassatly

Hi! My name is Lukas Kassatly, and I am a Mechanical Engineering Major from Augusta, GA. I am super excited to be at tech! A few things about me: I am a duel citizen in American and Germany, and can speak fluent German, so Hallo to all my German friends. My main interests include participating in theatre, watching NASCAR, playing video games, and actively participating in Politics. I am currently an active member at DramaTech here on campus, so hello to all of my thespian friends! I love meeting new people, so if you see me in the halls, don’t hesitate to say hi!

I’m Lukas Kassatly, and leadership has always been a part of my life. I served as my high school’s Student Government President, and lead a team of cyber crime fighters to state victories. I knew that I wanted to be on student government since the moment I stepped foot on this campus. What do I stand for? I stand for YOU. My hope is to represent you in everything you could possibly need. I promise to do everything I can so that the class of 2026 has everything it needs to succeed! I am reliable, Efficient, and I promise to bring any issue you have to the spotlight. My social media will be publicly available, so that you can always reach me. If you have any questions for me, don’t hesitate to reach out to my Instagram @lukaskassatly. We all suffer through this together, but I am here to ensure that your ride is as smooth as possible. So Vote for Me, Lukas Kassatly, to be your student government representative!

Finn O’Sullivan

My name is Finn O’Sullivan, and I’m a business major from New York. As a junior, I decided to run for class president because there were no dividers between the urinals in the bathrooms and I wanted to do something about it. I had no idea how much fun I would have as president talking to students and teachers and having the power to change things for the better. After I was re-elected for my senior year, my experience grew and I continued to serve my classmates. I’m running because I’ve been through this process before and I want to bring my skills to the next level.

Like many others, my favorite thing to do is complain, and my favorite thing to listen to is people complaining. Although I like to laugh at those arguments about the dining halls or moldy dorms, I decided a better use of my time here would be actually doing something about our problems. Students should vote for me because I’m not joining the student government so I could seem more professional or responsible, but so that you can justify the thousands of dollars of tuition you’re spending on being a Freshman at Georgia Tech.

Michael Assad

I am a first-year student at Georgia Tech and very excited to run for SGA this fall. In high school, being involved was critical for me as I always felt that sitting at home doing nothing was extremely unproductive. As a result, I was the president of USO, treasurer of the class of 2022, captain of the swim team, in the theatre productions, and on the volleyball team. I am an outgoing, charismatic individual who looks to make everyone in the room smile. As the youngest of four boys, most of the time my voice was not always heard in the house, which ignited my desire to be a part of student government so my voice and the voice of anybodies could also be heard.

I stand for the public appeal. My time as a representative would consist of listening each and every opinion of the first-year student body, finding the middle-ground of all voices to create the policy most beneficial for the freshman class, and taking initiative with this idea. Most candidates apply for the role and the publicity; however, I would like to be elected not for myself, but for everybody. As the president of the student government in my high school, I found the balance between my position and the student body, and we executed dozens of ideas offered to us by students. The key to being a good leader is not having a strong voice, but having strong ears. There will be no success if I do not understand the needs and wants of my class. Being a good leader also requires taking initiative. While in office, I plan to make this position a top priority as it is a great responsibility. I do not plan on being a lazy representative, but an active member of SGA.

Nahom Fikreselassie

I was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the capital of an amazing country in East Africa. Since I was three, I’ve experienced living in the States and I was raised in Iowa, where I’ve spent most of my life. My immediate family, who I grew up with, includes my mom Sara, my dad Felege, and my little sister Eden who is now in fourth grade (big age gap, I know). I love sports and music (rap, pop, and Christian are my most loved genres) and I want to get more into computer science and coding, entrepreneurship/finances, exercise, and reading. I love leadership roles and being able to use my abilities in beneficial and productive ways, so I’d love to be a First-Year representative for SGA.

I stand for my values strongly. It’s one thing to have values, it’s another to stand for them, and yet another to stand for them strongly. I have an unwavering dedication to things I consider most important, and when I fall short of upholding certain things I esteem with respect, I think about how much better it would’ve been to do otherwise. I stand for honesty and integrity, whether the situation seems big or small. I stand for cooperation and healthy competition, so that all parties may be able to grow, benefit, and/or contribute. I stand for hard work and dedication, and that the important objective at hand is fought for. I stand for respect and justice, to give a fair chance to all, without bias or partiality. I want to help the Yellow Jacket community that I’ve so recently joined, and I can be expected to be a strong, trustworthy, and prepared representative for that job.

Carson Veal

Hi my name is Carson Veal, I’m 18 years old and a first year Industrial and Systems Engineering major from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. In my free time I enjoy playing and watching basketball, 3d printing and talking about anything Star Wars or Marvel related. In high school I served as a state officer for the Oklahoma Technology Student Association, was a 4 year member of the National Technical Honors Society and was a co-recipient of the Lee Allan Smith Oklahoma Legacy Award. I currently serve as the Vice President of Finance for the Society of Health Systems in addition to being a part of the Dean’s Scholars and FreShGA.

My main focus for this term will be getting feedback from the Freshman body and acting on it. Something that is very important to me is making sure every voice is heard. Too often I’ve seen injustices go unchecked and simple problems go unsolved because people won’t listen to each other. Us freshmen have to deal with not only learning how to navigate Tech but not having anyone listen to our struggles or know where to direct them. As Freshman Representative, I plan on having a form specifically for us Freshmen to submit our challenges and frustrations or even things that can be put in place that would benefit everyone. All of this is so we can make this an amazing freshman year (because we only get one) and so the Freshmen of the classes of 2027 and beyond are in the best possible position to succeed. I feel that I am the right person for this job because I enjoy taking the time out of my day to not just listen to people’s problems but to help them find solutions. I’m not afraid to speak up and take action for others because I refuse to let anything get in the way of our individual and collective success. There is a saying that goes if you want to go fast then go alone, but if you want to go far go together. I don’t know about you but I know I want to see everyone grow into their fullest version of themself.

Iris Smith

Hey Jackets! My name is Iris Smith, and I am a freshman Math major looking to double major in Industrial Engineering! Here with Tech I am involved in GT Boxing, SGA, ORGT Backpacking, YJFC, DramaTech, and a campus ministry. My interests stretch far and wide, and I love to try anything that’s put in front of me. I’m currently reading The Bostonians by Henry James (I really love classical literature), and I’m working on my piano and electric bass abilities. In high school I was mainly involved with my school’s Student Government, Science Olympiad, and Musical theater, and I hope to be able to continue to develop the skills I learned there here in college. Central to my life’s purpose are the justice and legal systems, and I hope to continue my education after Tech pursuing a JD with goals to be a judge. In everything I do, I try to embody principles of fairness and service, finding fulfillment in amplifying the voices of my peers and colleagues. Advocacy and wisdom are pillars for my leadership, and given the opportunity to serve as your representative, I will continue to grow in these principles, implementing them to better equip myself and others to improve life on campus.

As a new student to Tech, I cannot claim to know every issue that faces the freshman class. However, in my time here, I have heard the concerns of many of the freshmen and hope to be an advocate in the Undergraduate House of Representatives to bring these issues forward. Specifically, given the honor of serving as your representative, I would like to address the lack of accessibility surrounding information about registration for the Fall semester for freshmen, the inequity of treatment for in-state and out-of-state students regarding housing tickets (given Phase I and Phase II of early action applications), and the lack of information surrounding the transfer credit evaluation process for former dual enrollment students. If your FASET was anything like mine, the chaos of scrambling to sign up for classes in Phase 1, without even understanding how Phase 2 worked, left many of us with only 2-10 credit hours and confused about the next steps. If you’re an out-of-state student who got in early and wasn’t able to get a housing ticket until February, you might have found out that the most recently renovated hall, Glenn, would be practically off limits to you, given the prioritization of in-state applicants. If you happened to take dual enrollment courses in high school, you may have found yourself confused about some of your credits not transferring, and advisors were difficult to get a hold of that could give accurate information about appealing. If you, or anyone you know, found themselves in these situations, know that I’m listening to your stories. I would be honored to serve as your representative to address issues like these. To hear more about the things that I am passionate about and my experience, check out my campaign instagram @irisforrep!

Yassin Reda

Who’s Yassin Reda? To keep this short, I’m Canadian Egyptian which means I’m nice, I say “eh” a lot, and I put maple syrup on everything. What is else is there to know? For the first 8 years of my life, I was raised in Egypt and have since lived in several countries including Pakistan, United Arab Emirates and Canada. I am 18 years old, trilingual (fluent in French, Arabic, and English) and love meeting new people and learning about their cultures and experiences. In terms of leadership, I bring many different skills and experiences with me ranging from student ambassador to a member of the student debate team, and a volunteer at several places. I believe in working hard and fighting for my goals and values.

My goal as freshman rep. is to work hand in hand with the community and listen to their comments and suggestions in order to achieve a comfortable and friendly college campus where everyone regardless of gender, ethnicity and religion can fit in. Since I have a lot of international exposure, I bring a unique perspective to the table, and I strongly believe in diversity and inclusion on campus. I also plan on pushing an agenda of school/life balance by promoting freshman events where people can socialize and get to know each other. Who doesn’t need more fun? Personally, I believe an effective leader is someone that knows when to act, when to follow, and when to get out of the way. Ultimately, I hope to use the skills I’ve acquired as leader from my previous experiences to push for a community that represents the freshman voice and our values. VOTE FOR ME AND YOU GET A LIFETIME SUPPLY OF MAPLE SYRUP! JK

Teresa Anderson

Hi! I’m Teresa Anderson, and I’m a first-year biomedical engineering student from NYC. You may have seen me around campus or in the dining hall (the neon green hair is not exactly subtle, to say the least). A few things about me: – I like to be active- whether it’s running, soccer, or just walking around. At GT, I’ve joined the ultimate frisbee team and GT CHAARG. In high school, I was captain of our varsity soccer team, named to the NYC-all league team, and on varsity cross country and track. – I have a cat named Panda, and love animals in general. – I have a pretty good sense of humor (or so I’ve been told), and I enjoy talking to new people and making new friends. At GT, I’ve been selected to join the Women’s Recruitment team. – I’m a night owl and love coffee. In HS, I was known for being available to email or text at all hours of the night for tutoring help or if someone just needed a friend to lend an ear. – I’m really interested in science and the brain and hope to go to med school to become a neurosurgeon after GT! – I’m adventuresome. I like ziplining, SCUBA diving (I just got certified this summer), and new experiences. – I have an artistic side. In H.S. I was selected for an audition-based visual arts camp held at LaGuardia/Lincoln Center, was president of our art club, and assistant art editor for our yearbook. If you want a sketch of someone or someplace, I can help you out! – And, lastly, I have two brothers. I helped with my disabled older brother and shared a room with my younger brother my entire life (so as you can imagine, I have a pretty high patience level)! I’m sure there’s a lot more I could list here, but I’ll spare the details for now- though if anyone ever wants to ask me anything else, I’m always open to talk! 🙂

First and foremost, I am a representative to everybody. I am always ready to listen to a diverse set of thoughts and opinions to find the best solution to a problem or to help form my own opinions. I am open about my own thoughts and ready to have a multiple conversations with people whether they are about problems at Georgia Tech or a philosophy debate. Additionally, I am diligent student who knows how to get things done and is stubborn enough to never give up on anything or anyone. I am not afraid to push the limits because I know my duty to the people and to the institution. These are the proper values that your freshman representative should have. Please vote for me and we can all work to better Georgia Tech and ourselves.

I believe the purpose of being on SGA is to represent students, manage funding, and organize/serve on committees to improve the experience for ALL students. In high school, I experienced first-hand how being involved helped form strong friendships and make a difference. As a GT freshman, I’m obviously not fully familiar with GT. However, three SGA committees stood out to me, including dorm life, tech dining, infrastructure: – For dorm life, I remember that the GT dorm websites didn’t have any information on dorm-specific bike storage, which affected deciding whether to bring a bike to GT. Getting students together to get information, take pictures of each storage area, describe the # of slots and security, and providing the info online would help future incoming students. I believe the housing department could also coordinate better on construction; our dorm roof is being recoated and the fumes are noticeable (as well as the loud noises). Common area maintenance could be improved as well (and hopefully decrease the number of fire alarms that go off!). – For Tech Dining, improvements could include: addressing the short staffing in the dining halls, making more vegan/vegetarian options available, making food quality consistent across the dining halls, and starting cooking club competitions or rotating food/movie night rounds for people to share home-cooked cultural food and meet across dorms. – For infrastructure, GT needs to improve ADA accessibility. While visiting with my brother (in a wheelchair) and grandmother, we found the elevator by the rainbow stairway was inoperable after hours. Then, a visit to the BME building’s first floor had glass doors with no ADA switch, which blocked elevator access. Getting students together to provide a campus-wide review of paths and access could help GT’s facilities office address improvements that would benefit anyone on crutches, in a wheelchair, or even just dragging something to their dorm! In addition to these ideas, I’m open to any suggestions people may have. I know everyone has different personal experiences that may make them able to see improvements I wouldn’t have even considered, and will work on your behalf!

Phoenix Zhang

The easiest way for me to describe myself is to orient my current role in my community. First and foremost, I am a student, and, with that, I am a learner. An active one. More importantly, I like to think of myself as a people person. I love meeting new people wherever I am, and am always invested in learning about the different experiences that make each individual unique. This interest is incredibly helpful in trying to garner different perspectives when attempting to problem-solve, and I, with the help of the students and resources at Georgia Tech, plan to continue to utilize these critical skills in order to elevate this community.

My current major is industrial engineering, a field of study that can be pretty difficult to explain. However, the reasons why I am interested in industrial engineering are the same reasons why I am interested in becoming a freshman representative for Georgia Tech’s SGA: interdisciplinary connections. I have to learn how to connect data analytics to supply chain operations to economic systems to probability and statistics. As a freshman representative, I will connect Georgia Tech’s diversity in thoughts and experiences and passions together to properly embody the student population. Through this support network, hidden voices can be amplified, and, with you and me together, valuable ideas can create a better Georgia Tech.

Okiki Sokoya

Fun fact, I moved to America alone when I was seventeen and have been navigating the new environment ever since. Prior to this transition, I was born and raised in the suburbs of Lagos, Nigeria, learning to speak two languages simultaneously. Over the years, I have been blessed enough to experience multiple different cultures around the world learning not just about culture, but how said culture affects the quality of life in different parts of the world. Switching gears, a typical day in my life looks something like this: I start off jamming 90’s songs in my room, setting a good mood for the rest of the day. I then proceed get ready for the gym if I have no classes or classes if I do. I try on different outfits before I decide which one fits my daily aesthetic. After my classes, I usually grab a bite with my friends and head back to my dorm, scroll on Pinterest for a bit then get the rest of my work done. Then, I sometimes jot down random ideas I have for gadgets I hope to build someday. If you didn’t guess just yet, I am passionate about technology, fitness, fashion and design. Although these may seem like completely unrelated topics, they form a unique combination that makes me, me.

Nigerians, including myself, often express our dissatisfaction with the poor system of government in our country, where our interests come secondary to the personal agenda of government officials. The experience I have growing up in a third world country without a structural system of operations has equipped me with a unique perspective when it comes to government and politics. I believe students should give me their vote because I want to create an environment where members of the community are heard and incorporated in decision making processes. I will use the skills I garnered from being Social prefect and Labor prefect in middle and high school respectively, to foster better communication, innovation and teamwork amongst student at Tech. I hope to do this in conjunction with establishing progress and action-based objectives on campus, while working alongside other member of SGA. Ultimately, I, with the cooperation of the student body, hope to maintain and develop the environment at Tech to be more conducive for people with diverse interests, intellect and goals.

Sadie Zeigler

Hi!! My name is Sadie Zeigler and I am a first-year Aerospace Engineering student from Roswell, Georgia. I was super involved in my high school through Student Council and other clubs, and served as my Class President my Freshman-Junior years and as one of the student body Co-Executive Presidents my Senior year. I loved every second of these roles and everything I got to learn through the process. I ran cross country and track all 4 years of high school, and have continued running and enjoying being outside at Tech! My favorite things include long walks, coffee dates, reading, concerts, and and laughing with friends. I absolutely love school spirit and cannot wait to continue to explore all this school has offer! GO JACKETS!!!

I stand for others. I strive to make sure every single individual’s voice is heard and that their best interest is at the forefront of every decision I make. I strive to provide my fellow students with opportunities for involvement and community, to ensure everyone feels like they belong and feel as though their presence on this campus is truly valued. I absolutely love to organize and lead activities where my friends and fellow students can come together, for both community building as well as personal growth. I believe this opportunity of serving as a Freshman SGA Representative this school year would allow me to amplify the voices of the incredibly talented First-Year Class and believe I can vocally make a difference in the overall goals and intentions of the Student Government. I would begin to do this through piloting new school wide communication tactics and implementing more individualized support for every student, whether that be through social gatherings, increased mental health awareness, or countless other forms. There is truly no other responsibility I would love more than to serve as a Freshman Representative this school year and be able to represent all my incredible peers.

Navan Kothari

I don’t know who I am. I am a confused college student who is trying to find his way. I have a million thoughts and a million dreams. I’m a student-athlete who writes poetry and wakes up every morning at 5:30. I work out and love photography, and create dance videos in my free time. I’ve led a thousand and two clubs searching for a passion, but I only feel content when I’m giving back to my community. I am an ambitious yet confused and confident but anxious kid who despite my own challenges, wants to remind others that they can do it. I truly believe in you. I am someone not only believes in others, but also in the impossible. Even if you haven’t done it before or on those days when you don’t feel great, I will always have faith in you to reach the best version of yourself. Maybe that is who I am? A believer.

Throughout my time as a leader, I have always been someone who strives to implement a strong bridge of communication. In my sports involvements, I often focused on having player meetings, a safe space where players could communicate with each and reflect on what we are doing well and what we can improve upon. Additionally, I believe in maintaining open and honest communication and want to ensure that students are given a platform to voice their concerns and opinions. Furthermore, I think of myself as someone who admires positive change. I am always trying to seek solutions and see change as a strong way for growth. Especially at an innovative school like GT, there are numerous ideas being created and I hope to take my time and try to acknowledge as many opinions as I can. I also understand that there will be times where I might not be able to be a voice for someone based on certain situations. I can assure that I will then seek the resources to make sure one’s voices are heard, even if isn’t directly me. As a freshman representative, I hope to not only be a voice, but also look to amplify others voices and help them find themselves. Thank you!

Aditya Krovi

Hello my name is Adi Krovi and I am a first-year computer science major from Greenville, SC. I was born in Buffalo, NY (go Bills) and in my free time I love playing soccer, chess, and doing robotics. I like listening to R&B and rap music and I will quote Kanye West in conversation with you. I also love politics and government and I will discuss (almost) any topic with anyone at (almost) any time, so feel free to come up to me and let me know how you feel if you see me.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kanye West once said, I feel like I’m too busy writing history to read it, and I am sure that is how many of you feel. Life at Tech is demanding and all of you are doing exciting things in your time here. However, that cannot be done properly if the environment you live and work in isn’t maintained and constantly improved. I propose that you allow me to be the person who does the menial tasks of reading history while y’all go write it. My passion for politics has led me down a long path of debate and research that makes me suit this role well. My experiences in congressional debate, youth in government, and student council all amalgamate to create the (in my eyes) perfect candidate for you to rest your laurels on, as you bask in the glory of your achievements.

Thanmayee Kavuri

Hi Jackets! I’m Thanmayee (pronounced “thon-may”) and if I had to describe myself in three words, I’d tell you that I’m short, not short-sighted. I like to say that although I’m only 5’2”, I have big dreams that’ll make up for it! As your freshman representative, I’m ready to advocate for your needs and stand by your side throughout your time at Tech. Some fun facts about me are that I love watching The Office, playing tennis, and eating blueberry waffles. Side note: I’m a huge advocate for waffles because they’re basically pancakes with abs. Anyways, if you’ve ever seen a girl walking around campus with a bucket hat on, it’s probably me! This summer I shaved off all my hair and donated it so now I wear bucket hats everywhere. Feel free to say hi because I’d love to chat and I can’t wait to serve as your Freshman Representative!

My campaign “Seize the Day with Thanmayee” is designed to address issues that Tech students face daily while creating a sustainable campus. My three pillars are based on “DAY”—dining halls, accessibility, and you! Within dining halls, I’ll advocate for a more efficient composting process and more vegan and vegetarian options. Making resources accessible can mean something as complex as streamlining the bus system and creating scooter lanes for pedestrian safety or something as simple as getting paper towels in residence hall bathrooms. And of course, at the core of my campaign is you! I’d like to introduce Meal-Time Mixers at the dining halls which are designated tables where you can sit down with a stranger for some company while eating and make new friends. My goal will always be to put your interests first, so I’d also like to increase direct communication through social media, email blasts, and feedback forms. I could go on about what I want to do but what’s important is what makes me qualified. In high school, I served as a state officer and national council director for Future Business Leaders of America. This gave me the opportunity to serve over 10,000 members statewide, lobby with government officials, host conferences for 20,000 attendees, and work with corporate sponsors like Intuit. As captain of my high school’s tennis team, I’ve gained interpersonal skills and learned the value of collaboration. I’ve learned that good leaders must be good listeners, and so I promise to advocate for your needs with empathy. Thank you for your time and remember to Seize the Day with Thanmayee!

Adrianne (Ace) Caracioni

I was born and raised in Topeka, KS, but both my parents are from Romania, and my stepmom is from Brazil. In high school, I participated in debate, soccer, scholars bowl, spirit club, and many other organizations. I also represented my class in Student Government, and I was treasurer of the Topeka Youth Commission (an organization that tries to bring young voices to political and social change in Topeka). My high school’s population was mostly minorities, and there I was exposed to many different cultures, lifestyles, and family dynamics. Having international family, traveling to several countries, and attending a public high school; I have gotten good at understanding many different types of people. I would consider myself as an outgoing extrovert, someone who loves to travel, and a huge foodie. In my free time, I like to hang out with my friends, meet new people, fly planes, and spend time outside.

Georgia Tech is no doubt a great school, but there are many things students complain about that go unaddressed. This is partially because students don’t know where to direct their concerns, or because nothing gets done about it when they do. I am a strong advocate for people taking action against things they want to change. I want to ensure all freshman have access to the same resources when doing so, and that they know where to find them. Everyone should feel empowered to start creating change, whether that be in GT’s transportation, dining halls, curriculum, or policies. I am an easygoing person who wants to amplify the voice of students on campus, and as a representative, I would bring their concerns to the rest of SGA. I’m here to hear what you want.

Javin Page

I’m a young tech nerd from a very small town. I am passionate about computer science and music. I have served in leadership positions before in high school and outside of high school. I am excited about my college career and afterwards.

I will work to make Georgia Tech an even more accepting and fun campus than it already is. I will work to make Georgia Tech more open campus so everyone is able to know what is going on and is able to participate. I am willing to learn the inner workings of SGA, and I am ready for any task that may come from Student Government.

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