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Freshman Representatives represent the Freshman class in the Undergraduate House of Representatives (UHR), the Legislative Branch of the Student Government Association. For more information about UHR, click here. More information about the candidates are available below.

Voting is open from September 30th at 9:00 AM until October 2nd at 6:00 PM. Results will be announced virtually on October 4th at 5:00 PM.

Freshman Representative Candidates

Ashley Cain

Although Georgia Tech has a very diverse student population composed of individuals hailing from a number of countries, backgrounds, interests, and beliefs, there is an obvious lack of integration on campus. West Campus is often described as “desolate,” and even walking through, there is a sense of isolation in the air. This is in stark contrast to East Campus, which houses all Greek Life and is home to much of the social life on campus. Much of the isolation felt by students in West Campus comes from the geographical isolation from the rest of the campus. When there is a one or two mile walk from most events, it is difficult to make time during a busy schedule to become involved. One thing that can be done to counter this issue is to increase knowledge and exposure to the bus system on campus. As a first year, there has been little emphasis on learning to use the buses. This would allow for students to become involved by simplifying and improving the efficiency of getting from one side of campus to another. Additionally, in an institution where students and faculty place importance on academia, it is surprising to see that academic support only accounts for 4% of the budget in the 2019 fiscal year. Furthermore, Georgia Tech prides itself on commitment to student experience while only delegating 2% of the FY19 budget on student services. This lack of funding has been evident in the long lines outside of the dining hall and underwhelming response to Covid-19. The values of this institution should be reflected in how it chooses to spend its money. More effort needs to be in place when it comes to organizing students while they are waiting in line and comforting those who are quarantining in their time of isolation and healing. I have years of experience working on the local, state and national level of student council, where I have had the opportunity to lobby for the issues that matter to students most and educate a diverse group of students about their ability to advocate on their own behalf or get in touch with those who will accurately represent them. Student opinion is the most essential pillar of Student Government, especially during these uncertain times. It is crucial to be flexible, available, and receptive when it comes to projecting student opinion and feedback. My action plan is to utilize social media to advertise my personal office hours as well as hold question and answer live streams at least twice a month. Additionally, I plan on collecting a master list of emails and utilizing an email marketing system to release newsletters and track engagement with the student body. As a representative, I will be fully committed and open to any topic that concerns any student of whom I represent.

Alexa Hurston

As a freshman representative I hope to be able to be a voice for not only my fellow freshman on campus, but for the ones protecting themselves, family, and community at home. I understand how in these trying times, we are all feeling a little bit disconnected from our newly acquired GT community, but I believe that this time can actually strengthen our connection through taking the time to internalize our single impact on a whole community. I stand for equal representation and acceptance of everyone, and I want to encourage freshmen to be vocal about their experiences and how we as a freshman class can better our GT community. I believe that as freshman, we are already displaying our strength and determination: from our senior year of high school going sideways to us now being holed up in our dorm rooms, we have a unique perspective that deserves to be heard. Vote for me if you want someone who wants better for us and our community.

Megan Kemp

I stand for passion, commitment, and integrity. Serving as a student council representative for four years in high school, I love allowing students who don’t feel like they have a voice to be heard, committing myself to representing the needs and wants of my class, and ultimately trying to better my community. After all, without these values, where would we be? COVID-19 has already split apart many jackets by forcing us to look at our screens all day and fostering an ever-lingering fear in the air that we will wake up and all have to go home, leaving behind newly made friendships and the campus we love. We need strong leadership now more than ever, and I believe that I can make that happen. I know Georgia Tech is a large institution–how, you may ask, can I possibly represent so many students? Why am I special? One reason I chose to attend Tech was because I already knew so many people going in–from summer programs to my high school to the general Atlanta area. I love communicating with friends and strangers to help them with their own needs, and the Student Government Association is just that: communication on a large scale. I think that there is no greater power for change than a strong community advocating for its beliefs, and I would be honored to represent the class of 2024! Go Jackets!

Daniel Kim

Aspirations motivate one to elevate themselves and the people around them from the standing that they currently are at; I live off of these aspirations. In the environment we live in, I understand that everyone has extremely different opinions and diverse views. Additionally, I understand that in the climate that we have today is unlike any other in the past, I will work as hard as I can to fulfill the goals of my peers. I want to continue to represent peers as I have in the past with my 4 years of experience in student council at my high school. The ability to connect and support my fellow student excites me; the ability to make a difference in someone’s life as others have done to me.

Aisha Mohammed

I stand for students discovering their best selves while excelling in an environment as challenging as Georgia Tech. Personally, this means promoting the overall well-being of each individual and providing a setting where everyone is able to reach their desired academic performance. Students should vote for me because I will be devoted to ensuring all ideas are accepted and favorable ones are implemented throughout our school.

Kay Perkins

In high school, I served as an SGA representative for the Junior & Senior Class. My focus was not on the title, but to help improve our school and represent the student body’s opinion. My optimistic, extroverted personality allowed me to connect with my peers and understand their perspectives on major school events like our school pep rally format and homecoming. I would appreciate the opportunity to represent the Freshman Class as an SGA Representative to keep our class updated on our campus’ events and information consistently. Not only do I want to reflect on the ideas and suggestions of first years, but I also want to help connect them with the resources to guide each of us to success. My goal is to empower each first year with confidence that as their representative, I can keep our class informed while serving each constituent to the best of my ability. Even though COVID-19 has greatly impacted our first year, we made it through our senior year. I am ready to represent our class in UHR and serve the interest of first-year students to the best of my ability.

Sanju Prakash

As a student deeply concerned about the issues of diversity, representation, and inclusivity, I stand for the value that every voice truly matters. I also understand that in the world we live today, it can be hard to vocalize opinions and feel heard, without feeling hesitation. As a representative, I hope to stand as the bridge between students and SGA, to allow for better connection among the student community and to allow for student voices to be heard. I also stand for the value that every student matters. It is imperative that SGA and resources are accessible to every student to get the most out of their experiences at Georgia Tech. I hope to be able to better facilitate this, whether this means more mental health resources, or just to be available to talk to students about their concerns. I plan to be involved in whatever way I can to improve the college experience for my community, and I hope you can consider voting for me.

Siddharth Shah

I want to make testing mandatory and reopen places for those who test negative.

Anush Singhal

What’s up Jackets, how are you? Personally, my year has been crazy; from moving to a new place during a global pandemic to attending classes through a laptop screen. With so many changes flooding our day to day lives, I’d love to see some stability. As a community, it is our obligation to move forward, but we must not forget traditions and our past. I will try my best to keep campus traditions alive in a safe manner in these trying times. Jackets, let’s make this year a memorable one!

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