RSO Policy

As of August 27th, 2020, policy and procedure changes for all Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) are in effect that heavily impact the funding allocations through SGA as well as the chartering and annual registration process for all student organizations. These shifts in the policy include:

  • Updated policies and deadlines for maintaining a student organization.
  • Updated processes to receive funding through SGA.
  • Updated policies, deadlines, and submission requirements for requesting funding through SGA.
  • Updated process and policies to charter new student organizations.

These adjustments are being enacted due to new requirements from the University System of Georgia. This site will serve as a central location for updates, resources, and an overview of all the changes impacting student organizations. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out. We are here to help!

Due to the immediacy of these changes, the resources page will be updated as new items become available. If you would like to view the new policy – click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the current Annual Registration Process impacted?

No, in fact, it is still ongoing if your organization has not completed it yet. Please review the Center of Student Engagement’s website for more information.

Are all of these changes in effect now?

Yes, as of August 27th, 2020, all of the changes listed on this site and the RSO Policy itself is in effect.

What do all of these abbreviations (RSO, CSE, JFC) mean?
  • RSO = Registered Student Organization. These are all student organizations/campus organizations registered with Georgia Tech.
  • CSE = Center of Student Engagement
  • JFC = Joint Finance Committee. The student-run committee that allocates the Student Activity Fee.
  • JVPF = Joint Vice President of Finance for SGA
  • JVPCO = Joint Vice President of Campus Organizations for SGA
  • SAF = Student Activity Fee
  • SGA = Student Government Association
Are FY21 allocated budgets impacted by these changes?

No, all FY21 allocations are remaining as they were allocated. However, moving forward all additional allocations will follow the new policy and the annual budget allocations will be taken into account if applicable.

Are all RSO on-campus accounts impacted by these changes?

No, the finance and funding changes are only impacting the SGA allocated funds, not separate RSO funds and accounts like gift, agency, or custodial accounts.

I have more questions or concerns about these changes, how do I get those answered/heard?

Reach out to us! Please visit our contact page to set up meetings, talk, and the various ways you can contact us.