Executive Committees

Executive Committees

The Undergraduate Executive Branch is home to numerous committees, each with its own unique role in the cabinet. Each committee is associated with a member of the executive cabinet which allows for effective communication across the organization. Committee chairs serve as the link between members of the committee and the cabinet. To learn more about how to become a part of the committee process, click here to get involved.


Joint Sexual Violence Advisory Committee (JSVAC)
Committee Chair: Jodi Camino

The JSVAC is an inclusive and diverse SGA-led student committee, originally formed as a branch of the Sexual Violence Prevention Alliance (SVPA) as a result of the Presidential Task Force on Sexual Violence recommendations. JSVAC’s vision is to create a campus where all students, faculty, and staff are protected and supported on all matters related to sexual and domestic violence.This committee serves as the eyes and ears on the ground about what is happening on campus with regard to sexual violence and related policies, and regularly connects with senior administration, faculty, and staff to ensure that the student needs are being met. The Committee also tracks and recommends changes in policy from the Federal and State to System and Institute levels.

Executive Vice President

Internal Restructuring Committee
Committee Chair: Sean Alexander

The Internal Restructuring Board ​shall work toward identifying organizational inefficiencies and suggesting improvements to further enhance the mission, vision, and goals of the Undergraduate Student Government.

Chief of Staff

No Committees

Joint Vice President of Campus Organizations

Joint Campus Organizations Committee (JCOC)
Committee Chair: Noah Shirk

The Joint Campus Organizations Committee (JCOC) maintains and updates the JCOC Policy which broadly outlines how organizations can charter and what standards they are held to. In terms of initiatives, JCOC works closely with the President’s Council Governing Board and Student Engagement to coordinate a unified approach in supporting organizations across campus, working to facilitate pertinent resources and advocate for SGA and institutional policy that is beneficial to all campus organizations.

Outreach and Collaboration Committee
Committee Chair: Sivalika Bagrodia

The Outreach and Collaboration committee will work to support and develop frameworks that connect organizations to each other as well as to SGA and the administration. They’ll focus on initiatives around sharing organizational expertise and building out robust, connected organization networks. Some examples of initiatives that have come from this year are GECH and SGA’s Collaborative Structures.

Organizational Development Committee
Committee Chair: William Doan

The Organizational Development committee will coordinate closely with the Center for Student Engagement to create and host events for organizational development. This will include Presidents Summit, Engagement Week, Up With the White and Gold, and events that support leadership and organizational growth.

Joint Vice President of Finance

Joint Finance Committee
Committee Chair: Josh Eastwood

SGA’s Joint Finance Committee is a financial allocation body, chaired by the Joint Vice President of Finance, that is responsible for determining allocations of the Student Activity Fee. Other major responsibilities include but are not limited to, the preparation of a budget for over 400 student organizations, reviewing of bills, developing close relationships with student organizations, and ensuring the fair usage of allocated funds from the Student Activity Fee.

Joint Vice President of Information Technology

IT Board is responsible for working on developing and maintaining the technology infrastructure and tools for SGA use and collaborating with campus partners such as OIT to improve technology services offered for the broader Georgia Tech community.

Course Critique
Team Owner: Taylor Dingler

Since 1976, the SGA’s Course Critique has served tens of thousands of students as a vital asset in planning their semesters. This fall, the Course Critique team will be finishing a tech migration, integrating CIOS data, implementing security features, and building analytics for the application.

Internal Tools
Team Owner: Kory Brantley

The Internal Tools team builds applications to automate processes and support internal SGA operations. In addition, the Internal Tools team is responsible for maintaining and updating SGA webpages.

Product Manager: Roya Register
Technical Lead: Zarif Rahman

JacketConnect is a project team designed to help new students and transfer students learn about programs and activities on campus. The application will allow students to provide their fields of interest in order to connect them with representatives from relevant programs and student organizations to hear about their experiences.

Jacket Pages
Team Owner: Andrew von Hillebrandt

In 2011, JacketPages was deployed as a platform for Georgia Tech students to track funding requests and provide feedback for resolutions made by the SGA. Members of the JacketPages development team are completing a tech migration of the platform while building feature requests from the SGA’s Joint Finance Committee and legislative branches.

IT Community
Team Owner: Grayson Whiteley

The communications team implements technology-related policy advocated for by the SGA executive cabinet and strengthens the relationship between the IT Board and the Georgia Tech community. Members of the communications team also organize social events and prepare workshops for the IT Board to strengthen development skills and enrich the SGA experience.

Course Registration Platform
Team Owner: Ed Chen

BuzzBook is a new project team developing a one-stop course planning platform to aggregate various resources into an accessible form. This encompasses a course catalog, a requirements planner, visualized grading distributions, enrollment histories, a schedule optimizer, a ratings system, a course recommender, and an exam/syllabi database. Downstream goals include developing a mobile app and exploring expandability to other universities.

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Curriculum & Classroom Practices Committee
Committee Chair: Kevin Li

The Curriculum and Classroom Policies Committee strives to enrich Georgia Tech education by developing educational opportunities for students within the classroom through innovative, whole-person curriculum and supportive classroom practices and policies, such as student rules and regulations review, faculty-student development, and department and Institute curriculum initiatives. The committee continuously measures the efficiency and efficacy of policies implemented across campus to ensure effective and fair academic systems for students. Past and current initiatives include extending ‘Freshman Forgiveness’ to all undergraduate students, creating Mini-Mesters, and helping revitalize APPH course curriculum.

Educational Enhancement Committee
Committee Chair: Meredith Stewart

The Educational Enhancement (EE) Committee strives to enrich the Georgia Tech education by developing educational opportunities for students beyond the classroom, such as undergraduate research, leadership development, professional experience, service-learning, and international programs. Such educational opportunities help foster a more holistic educational experience that encourages exploration, collaboration, and personalization in vibrant and diverse learning environments. Past and current initiatives include gathering student input on study abroad options, increased support for transfer students, and increased study space on campus.

Vice President of Campus Services

Campus Enterprises Committee
Committee Chair:

This committee works with administrators and contractors in campus retail. By seeking student opinion, we advocate for students on matters like vending, Tech Square operations, and the Community Market.

Housing Committee
Committee Chair: Yuntao Liu

This committee engages with campus administrators in the Housing & Residence Life department to communicate student concerns as well as advocating for various initiatives.

Dining Committee
Committee Chair: Arnab Dey

This committee works exclusively with GT Dining to advocate for students and encourage continual improvement to campus dining options.

Infrastructure and Transportation Committee
Committee Chair: Kathryn Otte

This committee strives to advance student interests with regards to public transportation, parking, and infrastructure. By interfacing with Parking & Transportation Services (PTS) as well as other relevant stakeholders, we work to improve and advance Georgia Tech’s transportation system.

Joint Director of Sustainability
Committee Chair: Robin Cornel

Sustainability Committee
Committee Chair: Mica Landwermeyer

Vice President of Communications

Public Relations and Graphic Design Committee
Committee Chair: Sabirah Haque

The Public Relations Committee works to manage the SGA social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit) to help promote events, interact with the Student Body, and make our social media a way for students to connect with SGA. Additionally, the Public Relations Committee finds new and creative ways to engage with the campus community and disseminate information about SGA.

Special Events Committee
Committee Chair: Carter Haidusek

The Special Events Committee assists in promoting SGA through various events throughout the school year. From “SGA Week” in the fall to “I <3 GT Week” in the Spring, the Special Events Committee collaborates with groups inside SGA as well as other Offices across campus, including Student Engagement, to find creative and innovative ways to bring awareness to the work SGA does, as well as provide the campus community with opportunities to interact with Student Government.

Vice President of External Affairs

Community Relations Committee
Committee Chair: Laura Zhang

The Community Relations Committee works to connect Tech students with events and programs in and around the Atlanta area. The Committee strives to engage students with the lively diversity of our city and educate students on the unique challenges Atlanta faces in order to increase exposure to the different ways students can engage with Atlanta. Past events include GT Hawks Night and Discount Day at Krog Street Market. We plan to continue the momentum, and give Tech students more reasons to love and give back to Atlanta!

Government Relations Committee
Committee Chair: Kate Cullen

The Government Relations Committee is focused on increasing student engagement with local, state, and national governments this year. We do this by organizing a voter registration drive in partnership with Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., keeping students informed on governmental affairs on all levels, connecting students with their local representatives, and exposing students to the various opportunities available to work with their government officials. Past initiatives include hosting a debate among our four campus political organizations and leading a Diversity and Electability speaker series featuring Georgia House representatives. 

Ramblin’ Reps Subcommittee
Committee Chair: Grace Wyner

The newest subcommittee under the External Affairs Board, Ramblin’ Reps, is the external advocacy wing of SGA. This small group of carefully selected applicants will go down to the State Capitol to meet with our legislators in support of the Institute’s legislative priorities as well as resolutions passed by the Undergraduate House of Representatives and referred to the committee. Ramblin’ Reps is currently advocating for repairs to 10th street.

Vice President of Internal Affairs

Leadership Development Committee
Committee Chair: Bridgette Davenport

The Leadership Development Committee is responsible for systematically providing each SGA member with personal and team-based opportunities that enhance leadership potential. To achieve this, the committee has previously created a variety of leadership initiatives from establishing a mentorship program where younger and newer SGA members could be paired with experienced mentors to hosting opt-in SGA-wide leadership programs. The Committee has also worked diligently on the creation of various leadership mini-courses. These programs have granted members access to training in various leadership skills. One example of this has been the committee’s partnership with SGA’s graduate counterparts to offer financial literacy workshops for its participants.

Alumni Relations Committee
Committee Chair: Sreya Atmuri

The Alumni Relations Committee is responsible for connecting with and informing alumni about the current actions of the Student Government Association. A secondary focus of the committee is also to survey alumni on their willingness to donate to the growth and expansion of Student Government. In previous years, the committee focused on developing sustained alumni relationships, rather than simple short-term, objective-based ones. This has led to the growth of the alumni contact database and the establishing of more opportunities for SGA alumni to connect with undergraduate organizations. Additionally, in November of 2019, the committee produced its first SGA Alumni Newsletters, updating the alumni on the holistic impact of SGA as well as major developments pertaining to the community. This year, the committee hopes to plan multiple events for alumni and solicit feedback on how SGA can continue to partner with them. The committee also plans to continue its efforts on the newsletter, seeking to establish the consistency and trust necessary to sustain a long-term relationship.

FreShGA Committee
Committee Chair: Ian McClish

FreShGA is one of SGAs main outreach and pipeline programs for finding, training, and developing first-year students. In the fall of 2019, the organization was restructured to become an official part of SGA. This restructuring strategically aligned the first-year students with broader SGA initiatives by having all FreShGA members join SGA Executive committees, engage in SGA mentoring, and attend select UHR meetings.In addition to serving as an important proponent of SGA, FreShGA also hastheir own initiatives. Among other things, FreShGA plans The Final Stand, an all-campus event where students go to hang out, have fun, and participate in competitive sporting tournaments at the Campus RecreationCenter. Leading up to the event, members of FreShGA reach out to local vendors and businesses to fundraise and acquire merchandise and other items to reward students who attend the event. Using these funds, FreShGA provides t-shirts and free food as well as concert tickets, iPads, and other great prizes to the event’s attendees.Going forward, FreShGA will continue to examine campus-wide issues and present much-needed perspectives and ideas to the Undergraduate House and Executive Cabinet.

Vice President of Student Life

Athletics Committee
Committee Chair: Adam Lederer

The Athletics Committee aims to increase enthusiasm for sporting events and improve the gameday experience for all students. The committee is focused on representing student concerns to the Administration and Georgia Tech Athletic Association and fostering collaboration in the athletics sphere.

Cultural and Diversity Affairs Committee (CDAC)
Committee Chair: Nidhi Menon

CDAC seeks to understand and advocate for all students and foster a culture of inclusive excellence in the Georgia Tech community. We aim to make our community be more inclusive and equitable for all. One of our past, and current, projects include a yearly Diversity and Inclusivity Conference.

Arts Committee
Committee Chair: Tanya Iyer

The Arts Committee will serve as a hub to support all students interested or affiliated with art on campus to promote and make easier students’ growth and exploration in the arts.  This committee will research the means of funding and resources for art-related projects and initiatives. Additionally, the committee will head conversations about how to strengthen the art community at Georgia Tech. In order to address the unique challenges that the art community faces on campus, this committee will strive to include individuals from all parts of the art community. The goal of this committee is to unify the arts under one representative body that can advocate for the needs of the students involved with the arts here at Georgia Tech.

Health and Wellbeing Committee
Committee Chair: Mihir Kandarpa

This committee is a student think tank and incubator for health initiatives on campus. Our initiatives are aimed at expanding campus services, raising awareness, infusing mental health into the curriculum, and promoting academic well-being. While we focus on mental health we also advocate for increased resources to support and enhance all other aspects of health including emotional/social, physical, and spiritual health. This committee also works with all members of the GT Community to foster collaboration on various health-related projects on campus.