Why you should run for GSGA President

Haden Boone (President): The President of the Graduate Student Government plays a vital role in Institutional advocacy for graduate students.  With seats on faculty governance committees, direct connections to administrative offices, and the ear of the Georgia Tech President, the GSGA President has a heavy responsibility to represent diligently and steadfastly the experience and well-being of a highly diverse graduate student body.  The position lends itself well to graduate students with strong organizational and leadership skills, an ability to communicate with students and administrators in a variety of fields, and most importantly, one who derives a sense of fulfillment from public service.

Kiera Tran (Vice President): (1) Connection to the Student Body: I got so many chances to talk to many fellow graduate students to learn about their experiences and backgrounds. (2) Voice of a Grad Student: Grad SGA is the first contact whenever the Institute wants opinions from grad students. As I served as the Executive Vice President, I had the opportunity to participate in Institute-wise decisions. I also went to Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. to advocate for graduate students. (3) Georgia Tech Culture: During my term, I have learned that one of the implanted cultures of Georgia Tech is collaboration. From the support from the administrators to the enthusiasm of the students, we have tried to complement each other to strike for success. Of course, there are always problems; however, witnessing the will of people to make changes was super encouraging!