Undergraduate Mental Health Committee

This committee is a student think tank and incubator for mental health initiatives on campus. Our initiatives are aimed at expanding mental health services, raising awareness of spiritual well-being, destigmatizing mental health, infusing mental health into the curriculum, promoting financial and academic well-being, and supporting the various mental health needs of students. We work closely with mental health departments on campus including the Center for Assessment, Referral, and Education (CARE), the Counseling Center, and Stamps Psychiatry, mental health student organizations, and other groups involved in mental health advocacy on and around campus.

Contact the Mental Health Committee: sga.health.wellbeing@gmail.com

Committee Leadership

Rishi Nair (He/Him)
Mental Health Committee Chair

Rishi is a second-year Biology major and Psychology minor from Cumming, GA. He started off in SGA by joining FreShGA and working in the Health and Wellbeing Committee as the Internal Communications Lead for the Mental Health Team. He has a passion for mental health and hopes to go to medical school and become a psychiatrist. Outside of SGA, Rishi is a brother of the Sigma Beta Rho fraternity and works as an undergraduate researcher in the School of Psychology. 

Rishi loves to listen to a wide variety of music in his free time, from hip-hop to hyperpop. He covers his favorite songs on guitar and violin. Outside of music, he loves to cook unfamiliar cuisines and share food with others. He enjoys long, meditative runs and dismantling various electronics for absolutely no reason.

Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Network

Chair: Rishi Nair (He/Him)

The Mental Health Network (MHN) is composed of students from across campus who are interested in and involved in mental health advocacy. MHN is focused on bringing together students to collaborate on initiatives, and to work directly with our mental health departments and administration to address the mental health crisis on campus.

Contact MHN: mentalhealthnetwork@sga.gatech.edu