Undergraduate Student Life

Chisom Onyia

Vice President of Student Life

Welcome to Student Life! Our board is composed of the Athletics Committee, Arts Committee, and Cultural and Diversity Affairs Committee. Throughout the year, the Student Life Board seeks to assess and better the on-campus student experience outside of the classroom. By building relationships and trust among students, faculty, staff, and administrators, we gain an understanding and appreciation for the many factors that can affect a student’s experience. While we support the collective student voice, we simultaneously recognize and support the unique and individual experiences of each student.


Athletics Committee
Committee Chair: Camille Trotman

The Athletics Committee aims to increase enthusiasm for sporting events and improve the gameday experience for all students. The committee is focused on representing student concerns to the Administration and Georgia Tech Athletic Association and fostering collaboration in the athletics sphere.

Arts Committee
Committee Chair: Trey Page

The Arts Committee will serve as a hub for all students interested or affiliated with art on campus to form connections and collaborate on group initiatives. This committee will be led by two chairs that will head conversations about how to strengthen the art community at Georgia Tech. In order to address the unique challenges that the art community faces on campus, this committee will strive to include individuals from all parts of the art community. The goal of this committee is to unify the arts under one representative body that can advocate for the needs of the students involved with the arts here at Georgia Tech.

Cultural and Diversity Affairs Committee (CDAC)
Committee Chair: Kayla Kirnon

CDAC seeks to understand and advocate for all students and foster a culture of inclusive excellence in the Georgia Tech community.  The committee plans a yearly Diversity and Inclusivity Conference.

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