Undergraduate Operations

Shivani Virani

Vice President of Operations

Welcome to Operations! Our goal is to ensure that every member of the executive cabinet, and SGA as a whole, is supported such that SGA is a cohesive and efficient entity.

The Vice President of Operations represents the interests of the President and the Executive Vice President as an advisor and assistant. In doing so, the Vice President of Operations also oversees the affairs of the Executive Cabinet to ensure that all goals are effectively implemented. Lastly, to represent the executive branch as a whole, the Vice President of Operations frequently collaborates with the judicial and legislative branches of government.


Internal Operations Committee

Committee Chair: Sadie Zeigler

The Internal Operations committee supports SGA by working on projects that relate to the internal organizational aspect of SGA. Such projects include leadership development, SGA retreat, year-to-year transition, and collaboration within SGA branches. The Internal Operations committee also finds creative and innovative ways to bring awareness to work SGA does as well as provide the campus community with opportunities to interact with Student Government. Events like SGA week are planed by the Internal Operations committee

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