Undergraduate External Affairs

Julia Haley

Vice President of External Affairs

Welcome to External Affairs! Our Board is comprised of the Community
Relations and Government Relations committees. As a Board, External Affairs is tasked with increasing Georgia Tech’s presence locally, regionally, and nationally through civic engagement, community service, and collaboration with other organizations. Each year, we plan a variety of events that help us achieve these goals; from promoting voter registration and engagement, to hosting campus-wide events and community service opportunities in the Atlanta area, to bringing Tech students to the Capitol to advocate for their interests, we work to spread the good word outside of our campus.


Community Relations Committee

Committee Chair: Navan Kothari

The Community Relations Committee works to connect Tech students with events, service opportunities, and programs in the Atlanta area. We strive to involve students with the lively diversity and culture of our city and show students how to meaningfully engage with the Atlanta community. Past events and projects include GT Hawks Night, the GT Community Arts Fair, and the Midtown Free Fridge.

Government Relations Committee

Committee Chair: Raksha Govind

The Government Relations Committee is focused on increasing student engagement with local, state, and national governments and expanding ways for students to engage with their representatives. We do this by promoting voter registration and engagement, keeping students informed on governmental affairs, connecting students with their local representatives, and exposing students to the various opportunities available to work with their government officials. Past initiatives include partnering with Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. for #WreckTheVote, hosting political figures and speakers on campus, bringing students to the Capitol, and keeping students up to date on current affairs.


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