Undergraduate Vice President

Harrison Baro

Executive Vice President

The role of the Executive Vice President (EVP) is to support and work alongside the 12 officers in the Executive Cabinet, accomplish concrete initiatives, manage all revisions to the Constitution and Bylaws, coordinate the application process for student appointments, and assist the Undergraduate President in any presidential duties or responsibilities. In fulfilling this role, the EVP also meets regularly with other student leaders on campus and advocates for Georgia Tech’s undergraduate student population when working with Institute faculty members and administration, as well as when representing Georgia Tech in an external capacity. The EVP also oversees the Student Needs Committee. As a member of the Executive Cabinet, the EVP serves on various Institute-Wide Committees (IWCs).


Student Needs Committee

Committee Chair: Thanmayee Kavuri

Student Needs deals with all advocacy involving student needs including but not limited to food insecurity, housing insecurity, and financial instability. Student Needs collaborates with campus and community entities including, but not limited to STAR Services and G. Wayne Clough Georgia Tech Promise Program to connect students in need to existing resources and create new resources to meet changing student needs. 

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