Undergraduate Campus Services

Bridgette Davenport
Vice President of Campus Services

Welcome to Campus Services! The Vice President of Campus Services (VPCS) is an operationally-focused position within SGA that works hands-on with campus operations and student services. The departments that fall under this position include Auxiliary Services, Parking & Transportation, Housing & Residence Life, and GTPD. The primary responsibility of the VPCS is to ensure that the student’s voice is consistently present in day-to-day operations and campus improvement decisions.


Dining Committee

This committee works exclusively with GT Dining to advocate for students and encourage continual improvement to campus dining options.

Auxiliary Services Committee

This committee works with administrators and contractors in campus retail. We advocate for students on matters including the Bookstore, Campus Recreation, retail in Tech Square and around campus, vending, and the Community Market.

Campus Safety Committee

This committee engages with the Georgia Tech Police Department and GT Counseling to improve campus safety, communicate student concerns, and improve the handling of mental health calls.

Housing Committee

This committee engages with campus administrators in the Housing & Residence Life department to communicate student concerns as well as advocating for various initiatives.

Parking and Transportation Committee

This committee strives to advance student interests in campus transportation and parking. By interfacing with Parking & Transportation Services as well as other relevant stakeholders, we work to improve and advance Georgia Tech’s transportation system.

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