Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Hunter Richardson

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Welcome to Academic Affairs! The Academic Affairs Board is composed of two committees: Curriculum and Classroom Policies and Educational Enhancement.The Academic Affairs Board aims to promote the academic growth and well-being of students at Georgia Tech by developing strategic initiatives and goals that address the current and specific needs of the student body. The board strives to create an inclusive, fair, and holistic academic environment inside and outside of the traditional classroom. Members of Academic Affairs work closely with the Georgia Tech Administration and departments across campus to implement lasting improvements to academics at Tech. As representatives of the student body, members provide a forum for students to voice their opinions, that we might better identify and address unmet needs.


Academic Affairs
Committee Chair: Avril Adams

The Academic Affairs Committee strives to enrich Georgia Tech education by developing educational opportunities for students inside and outside the classroom through innovative, whole-person curriculum and supportive classroom practices and policies, such as student rules and regulations review, faculty-student development, and department and Institute curriculum initiatives. The committee continuously measures the efficiency and efficacy of policies implemented across campus to ensure effective and fair academic systems for students. Past and current initiatives include extending ‘Freshman Forgiveness’ to all undergraduate students, creating Mini-Mesters, helping revitalize APPH course curriculum, syllabus reform, improving international programs, increasing study abroad options, increasing support for transfer students, and increasing study spaces on campus.