Sustainability & Infrastructure

Athena Verghis

Joint Vice President of Sustainability & Infrastructure

Welcome to Sustainability & Infrastructure! The Joint Vice President of Sustainability and Infrastructure advocates for the interests of the student body by advising the President on issues related to campus infrastructure and sustainability. Serving as a liaison between students, the administration and the Representatives, the Joint Vice President of Sustainability and Infrastructure is also actively involved in both the Undergraduate House of Representatives and the Graduate Student Senate.


Committee Chair: Maitraiyee Mohan

The Sustainability Committee works to implement and supplement sustainability-focused initiatives on campus regarding resource waste reduction, recycling, and reuse. This committee aims to prioritize the desired sustainability initiatives of the student body by serving as a liaison between various campus organizations, students, and the GT administration.

Committee Chair: Kyle Robinson

The Infrastructure Committee strives to address and advocate for student needs regarding existing and upcoming campus infrastructure projects. Some infrastructure of interest includes but is not limited to parking decks, crosswalks, traffic signage, ADA accessibility, and new and existing building remodels. The goal of this committee is to bridge the gap between students and administration to help build a campus that best serves our needs.

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