RSO Pledge

Registered Student Organization Safety Pledge

SGA has asked Registered Student Organizations (RSO) to pledge to commit to their member’s safety during the return to campus this Fall. If you are a leader for a RSO and would like to sign the pledge, please fill out this form here.

Below is the pledge that leaders of RSOs have been asked to sign:

Georgia Tech Registered Student Organizations,

As the fall semester approaches, and you begin to hold meetings and host events, we want to help keep your members safe. COVID-19 has created the need for an update to the way that RSOs function on campus, and we hope to address those updates in the pledge below. The Student Organization Pledge aims to prevent the spread of coronavirus and ensure that campus is allowed to continue operating, with measures such as moving virtual and encouraging masks at events. To ensure that our RSOs are treating each member of their organization, and each member of our greater GT community, with respect and equity we ask that you not only sign this pledge, but also share this with your members and revisit it as the year progresses. For international and at-risk students unable to return to campus, for faculty and staff on campus, for all students on campus, and for the families of all those mentioned, we implore you: make this pledge with us to keep our community safe and our campus open.

I pledge to…

  1. Adhere to CDC guidelines and to lead by example for GT’s community
  2. Strive to host every meeting and event virtually
  3. Utilize a service such as Engage or a similar service to contact trace at events and strive to have all attendees practicing social distancing, as well as masked, at events 
  4. Commit to equitable opportunities for member’s involvement, including international and at risk students
  5. Limit travel and when it is necessary, wear a mask during travel and follow the CDC’s best practices

Pledge sponsors:

Registered Student Organization (RSO)Leader Signature
Student Government AssociationBrielle Lonsberry
NPHC PresidentDavy Waku Kouomou
IFC PresidentGarrett Witt
CPC PresidentHannah Sherrill
Swim Club PresidentStephen Ralph
SCPC PresidentNic Fite
Catholic Org PresidentDonovan Kelley
RHA PresidentSara Bowles

Pledge signers:

ABLE Alliance – Robert Quinn, President/Senior Executive Officer
AIESEC – Sonakshi Mishra, President
Aarohi – Sandhya Ramachandran, President
Academic Quizbowl Team – Tejas Santanam, President
African Graduate Students Connect@GT – Seleipiri Charles, President
African Student Association – Diana Omomehin, President
Alpha Chi Sigma – Natalie GaNun, President
Alpha Xi Delta – McKensie Griffis, President
American Medical Student Association (AMSA) – Pratima Bajaj, President
American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) – Rusit Patel, President
American Society of Mechanical Engineers – Blake Bright, Vice President of Finance
Army Cadet Association – Zach McGee, President
Art Matters – Mykala Sinclair, President
Association of Environmental Engineers and Scientists (AEES) – Atticus Lemahieu, President
BRASA – Bernardo Chalita, President
Barbecue Club – Aaron Densmore, GrillMaster
BiPS – Jeonghwan Son, President
Boxing Club – Sarthak Navjivan, President
Bridge Club – Santhosh Karnik, President
Chabad Jewish Student Group – Jaimee Francis, President
Citizens Climate Lobby – Grace Fletcher, President
Club Tennis – Mark Barrow, President
College Republicans – Dominik Korunda, Chairman
Electrical and Computer Engineering Ambassadors – Harsh Chakhaiyar, President
Electrochemical Society – Mohammadreza Nazemi, President
Engineers in Action – Aubrey Awe, President
Epic Intentions – Maya Menon, Director of External Affairs
Erato – Sabrina Wilson, Editor in Chief
Esports Club – Eugene Ahn, President
Eta Kappa Nu – Mohamad-Baasim Rehan, President
Figure Skating Club – Yujin Choi, President
For the Kids – Emma O’Toole, Executive Director
Full-time MBA Marketing Club – Ashley Bomm, Co-President
GT Chamber Choir – Claire Smith, President
GT Cycling – John Graves, President
GT Off-Road – Steven Shipley, President
GT Salsa – Nicole Diaz, President
GT Waterski/Wakeboard Club – Cole Page, President
GTSF Investments Committee – Jake DiBenedetto, Senior Managing Director
Georgia Tech Disc Golf Club – William Bentley, President
Georgia Tech Mock Trial – Emilie Mulkey, President
Georgia Tech Society of Black Engineers – Enyinda Boms, President
Georgia Tech Student Foundation – Ozioma Okeke, Chief Executive Officer
Georgia Tech Women’s Rugby – Daphne Willingham, President
Global Medical Missions Alliance – Juhee Shim, President
Gymnastics Club – Caroline Miller, President
HackGT – Claudia Chu, Co-director
Hellenic Society at Georgia Tech – Thaleia Dimitra Doudali, Senior Executive Officer
Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Student Chapter – Zoe Becerra, President
HyTech Racing – David Knight, President
Invention Studio @ Georgia Tech – Tim Felbinger, President
Kazoo Club – Chesson Sipling, Vice President
Kazoo Club – Gabe Manry, Head Honcho
Korean Undergraduate Student Association – Chan Yang An, President
Lambda Delta Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. – Matthew Jinks, President
MOVE – Amelia Szabo, Executive Director
Material Advantage – Lilly Schroer, Treasurer
Medical Robotics Club – Jacob Peloquin, Director of Finance
Meditation Club – Jason Tsukahara, President
Mental Health Student Coalition – Sophia Martin, Director
Men’s Club Volleyball – Thomas Marchese, President
Net Impact Scheller MBA – Madison Bodiford, President
Nothin’ but Treble – Allison Nakazawa, Business Manager
Omicron Delta Kappa – Arianna Mastali, President
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. – Jadon Pauling, President
Qurbani – Anirudh Thatavarty, President
RHA – Ian Kohli, Director of Administration
RHA – Sara Bowles, President
Ramblin’ Raas – Rohan Varshney, Captain
Ramblin’ Rocket Club – Steven Zhao, President
RoboJackets – Alex Field, President
Robojackets – Christopher Bellflowers, Treasurer
SCPC – Nic Fite, President
SKY – AYUSH KUMAR, Finance Officer
Scheller marketing association – Melissa Gurvitz, President
Scouting at Georgia Tech – Kaushal Gokare, President (Senior Executive Officer)
Sigma Gamma Tau – Paul Carter, President
Singapore Society at Georgia Tech – Zhe Min Chia, Vice President/Junior Executive Officer
Ski and Snowboard Club – Luke Marino, President
Society of American Military Engineers – Jacob Kreider, President
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers – Alejandro Da Silva, President
Society of Physics Students – Matthew Barroso, Treasurer
Society of Plastics Engineers – Mitchell Ketcham, President
Society of Women Engineers – Hannah Lin, President
Spanish Speaking Organization – Sara Ferez Pinzon, Senior Executive Officer
Sports Business Club – Matt Pacifico, President
Student Alumni Association – Grace Fletcher, President
Student Hospital Connections – Ritika Chanda, President
Students Organizing for Sustainability – Thiago Esslinger, President
Students for Life – Haley Theis, President
Tau Beta Sigma – Sam West, President
The Hive – Matthew Lim, Director of Strategy
The Society of Women in Space Exploration – Devianni Connor, President
Tri-Beta Biology Honor Society – Yassin Reginald Watson, President
Undergraduate Public Health Association – Ashley Thomas, President
Witches and Wizards at Georgia Tech (WWGT) – Prerana Kumar, Founder
Women in Materials Science and Engineering – Alicia Chen, President
Women’s Transportation Seminar – Katelyn Iles, Senior Executive Officer
Yellow Jacket Archery Club – Stacey Kim, President/Captain
Zeta Beta Tau – Jack DeSalvo, President
Zeta Tau Alpha (CPC) – Morgan Keller, President

Expansion on the pledge:

  1. Why? Following CDC guidelines will slow or prevent the spread of COVID-19, helping to ensure our community will not get sick or face health complications. How? Ensure that you are aware of and following the most recent CDC guidelines for communities.
    1. Gatherings: CDC guidelines (1), CDC guidelines (2)
  2. Why? Holding meetings and events virtually is one of the few ways to ensure that COVID-19 will not be spread during a gathering, as well as ensuring the inclusion of all members of your organization that are unable to or uncomfortable with meeting in person. How? Using resources such as BlueJeans or Microsoft Teams can help in the process of moving virtual, and more information can be found here.
  3. Why? Contact tracing is used by health departments to prevent the spread of infectious disease by identifying people who have an infectious disease and people who they came in contact with and working with them to interrupt disease spread. This includes asking people with COVID-19 to isolate and their contacts to quarantine at home voluntarily. If social distancing, in the form of each person 6+ feet apart and wearing masks when at a distance less than 6 feet, cannot be put in place, the event will be reformatted or moved to a virtual format. How? Using Engage to register all events and check in all attendees ensures that you will be able to contact trace any attendee. Apps like Corq can also be utilized, please visit to learn how to download CORQ.
  4. Why? Students who are unable to return to campus are likely already feeling isolated from GT’s community and their student organizations. By allowing for virtual engagement opportunities, members are more likely to stay connected and feel more at peace. How? Not only providing virtual meetings and events, but also providings recordings of these gatherings can be integral in allowing for inclusion of online students.
  5. Why? Traveling exposes one to many different people, surfaces, and germs. Ensuring that protective and preventive measures are taken when travel is necessary will help slow the spread of COVID-19 to our community. How? Following CDC guidelines and making sure each member that is traveling is educated and prepared is the best way to prevent this spread.