Started in the Fall of 2019, Mini-Mesters are 1 credit hour, 5-week long course offerings that occur during the normal academic semester with the goal of introducing students to non-traditional classroom material. Students are able to explore different passions and interests outside of their major to gain a greater breadth of knowledge across academic disciplines. With the goal of making Tech’s curriculum more personalizable, the Fall 2020 semester will be broken up into three terms of Mini-Mesters, allowing students to sign up for the one(s) they want without overloading their schedule. More information can be found here.

Spring 2021

Mini-Mester Terms
Term 1: Jan 14, 2021 – Feb 17, 2021
Term 2: Feb 18, 2021 – Mar 26, 2021

No third term is planned for this spring.

Course TitleInstructorCRNTermCourse Numbers
Personal FinanceMarvin Tingler349681GT 4801
Open Data with RThomas Jay Forrest317051GT 4801
Molecular PhotochemistryMichael James Evans342751CHEM 4801
International Philanthropy & Sustainable DevelopmentKirk Bowman296371INTA 4811
Introduction to PodcastingCharlie Bennett33297, 313171GT 2801
Building Personal and Organizational ResilienceSonia Alvarez-Robinson32224, 322251GT 4801/8801
Python for VisualizationThomas Jay Forrest317092GT 4801
Introduction to Intellectual PropertyLisha Li & Cynthia Kutka349692GT 4801
Building Personal and Organizational ResilienceSonia Alvarez-Robinson32226, 322272GT 4801/8801