Information Technology

Tyler Katchen
Joint Vice President of Information Technology

The IT Board is a dedicated group of software engineers, product managers, UI designers, and representatives responsible for building and maintaining the technology infrastructure for students at Georgia Tech. Teams within the IT Board also collaborate with campus partners such as OIT, Enterprise Data Management, and several student organizations to advocate for improvements to the technology services for the broader Georgia Tech community.


Course Critique

Team Owner: David Zhang

Since 1976, the SGA’s Course Critique has served tens of thousands of students as a vital asset in planning their semesters. This fall, the Course Critique team will be finishing a tech migration, integrating CIOS data, implementing security features, and building analytics for the application.

Programming languages and tools:


Technical Lead: Alex Fonzi

JacketConnect is a new project to help connect underclassmen and transfer students to older students as a way to get help with many of the most common problems they’ll face like choosing classes, selecting threads/concentrations, or finding organizations on campus. It will facilitate this through advising style appointments that students will be able to register for.

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In 2011, JacketPages was deployed as a platform for Georgia Tech students to track funding requests and provide feedback for resolutions made by the SGA. Members of the JacketPages development team are completing a tech migration of the platform while building feature requests from the SGA’s Joint Finance Committee and legislative branches.

Programming languages and tools:

Internal Tools

Team Owner: Cy Heffley

The Internal Tools team builds applications to automate processes and support internal SGA operations. In addition, the Internal Tools team is responsible for maintaining and updating SGA webpages.

Programming languages and tools:


Team Owner: Anusha Nandam

The communications team implements technology-related policy advocated for by the SGA executive cabinet and strengthens the relationship between the IT Board and the Georgia Tech community. Members of the communication team identify problems that they see across campus and are able to pitch new projects that would solve the problems. A goal for this team is to work on several mini projects and undergo the development life cycle. In addition to this, members of our team also organize monthly Tech Talks where we bring in influential members from the tech world. On the comms team, we strive to strengthen development skills and enrich the SGA experience. We are looking for people interested in design, product management, as well as coding!

Infrastructure & Security

Team Owner: Antonia Nunley

Infrasec focuses on e2e testing of the IT Board’s products, while also maintaining the security of those out for production. We work to ensure that what is on the front end corresponds to the backend through programs such as cypress. Any experience level is welcome, though experience in python, java, javascript, or mysql are appreciated. Any experience with basic cross site scripting or sql injections are great, as to help with our ongoing pentesting projects.


Many Georgia Tech researchers conduct studies with human participants, but traditional methods of recruiting participants present well-known challenges and limitations. ResearchHub seeks to address those challenges and limitations by serving as a central, campus-wide participant recruitment platform for Georgia Tech. If a researcher needs participants for a study, they may post their call for participants to ResearchHub. A member of the Georgia Tech community may then browse any available studies seeking participants and express interest in participating. Once expressed, ResearchHub will connect the interested person with the researcher(s) conducting the study. As a dedicated platform for study participant recruiting available to any Georgia Tech researcher, ResearchHub will give our researchers a unique, powerful tool to strengthen their research findings and ease participant recruiting efforts.

Career Fair Queue App

As an effort to eliminate having to wait in lines at career fairs, we are building a mulit-platform mobile application that allows students to sign up to be added to a specific company’s queue. Once they sign up for the queue, they will receive a notification approximately 5 minutes prior to make their way to the company’s booth.

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