I <3 GT Week 2020

The Georgia Tech Student Government Association’s I <3 GT Week is an annual event that encourages inclusivity of all students and facets of Georgia Tech life. The event is meant to inspire and remind students
of their love of this institute and give students an opportunity to be part of the celebration of the student body, by the student body. This event will impact all members of the student body by partnering with other
student organizations to host accessible activities for students to enjoy. This activity is unique because of the partnership between SGA, student organizations, and campus offices.

I <3 GT Week promoted the following:
Community: the project brings together the Georgia Tech community through a variety of activities celebrating why we love our Institute.
Arts: One of our themes was I <3 Diversity & Arts. We had a social media campaign for the Clough Art Crawl participants and also had performances from Sympathetic Vibrations and Nothin’ but Treble at the Campanile.
Cross-cultural awareness: We had a “Taste of GT”, where multicultural organizations provided food and activities to the students. Students also signed a banner for the Excel Program
Entertainment: We had a concert, alumni speaker, Taste of GT, and so much more!
Healthy Lifestyles: Mental Health Student Coalition came out on I <3 Giving Back to have students write encouraging messages to each other.
Leadership and service: Many campus leaders were present for these events, and it gave the organizations a chance to showcase themselves • Giving back: Through Taste of GT, we were able to raise
about $100 for Klemis Kitchens.
• Spirit and traditions: We got a chance to celebrate the wonderful traditions that make the Tech experience so unique!

Day 1: Spirit Day

Day 2: Creativity Day

Day 3: Traditions Day