Graduate Student Senate Committees

The Graduate Student Senate forms committees to allow Senators to work on new events, solutions, and opportunities for the graduate student body more efficiently. Below, find a description of the current committees and the Senators involved in each committee.

Graduate Student Outreach Committee

The Graduate Student Outreach Committee is responsible for serving as the primary group focused on communication with the graduate student body. While it is the responsibility of all individual Senators to communicate with their constituents, this committee will also facilitate communication with the graduate student body and Senate as a whole. Some projects currently being discussed include: making Senate procedures more transparent and digestible to the entire student body, making communication with the graduate student body more effective, and issues pertaining to diversity and inclusion.

Chair: Senator Will Reichard
Members: TBD

Joint Student Activity Fee Reform Committee

The SAF reform ad-hoc committee is tasked with assessing the ability of the current Student Activity Fee policy to allocate funds in an efficient, fair, financially sustainable, and viewpoint neutral manner, as well as introducing pertinent legislation to modify the existing policy to meet the above goals.

Graduate Co-Chair: Senator Christian Duetemeyer
Undergraduate Co-Chair: Representative Cole Scott
Graduate Members: Senators Chris Jackson, Will Reichard, Henry Chionuma, and Amitej Venapally

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