Maxwell Oglesby (he/him)

Joint Vice-President of Finance

You can contact the Joint Vice-President of Finance through the following routes –

1. Email at or

2. Use the attached Calendly link to make Bluejeans appointments.

3. Message on GECH Slack.

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Budget Orientation Sessions

– Tuesday, September 20th @ 5 pm
– Saturday, September 24th @ 4 pm
– Friday, October 7th @ 3 pm

Location of the Orientation Sessions:
– At least one member of your RSO must attend
– Will be conducted Online on the Teams Link Below:
Teams link
– The Orientation should take at most an hour
– Please remain the duration of the Orientation
– Attendance will be taken at the end of the Orientation
– Failure to attend will result in the RSO not being able to request a
budget for FY24

Joint Finance Committee | Mode of Meetings for FY22

The Joint Finance Committee (JFC) will be holding all Summer 2021 meetings online. Student Organizations will be sent an email outlining their allocated time slot for the JFC meeting, and are expected to attend 5 minutes in advance to prevent any delays. Attending RSO Representatives are advised to be informed on the items being requested so as to save time and allow for a smooth and efficient procedure.

Spectators are allowed in the meeting but must keep their microphones and cameras switched off. All spectators are required to inform the sitting JFC members of their identity and organizational affiliation to ensure correct meeting minutes are recorded.

Summer JFC shall be organized on 8th and 22nd July at 6:00 pm EST, and 31st July 2021 at 9:00 am EST. If additional sessions are to be added, the same shall be reflected on this page in this section.

For the upcoming Fall and Spring Semesters, JFC is planning on being organized in person. More information about this is to be released soon.


Joint Finance Committee

Committee Chair: Maxwell Oglesby

SGA’s Joint Finance Committee is a financial allocation body, chaired by the Joint Vice President of Finance, that is responsible for determining allocations of the Student Activity Fee. Other major responsibilities include but are not limited to, the preparation of a budget for over 400 student organizations, reviewing of bills, developing close relationships with student organizations, and ensuring the fair usage of allocated funds from the Student Activity Fee.

The Joint Finance Committee is often the main point of contact between SGA and student organizations. It is also responsible for ~$2 million of fellow students’ money. This places tremendous responsibility on the committee. The main goal is to foster the growth of diverse interests and communities on campus. JFC is a tightly knit team of students who are all committed to progress and service. Therefore, committee member attendance at JFC meetings on Thursdays 6-8 pm is mandatory.

Duties of the committee include meeting with representatives from student organizations to help them with receiving financial allocations, hosting budget sessions, drafting policy proposals, contributing to joint efforts between Communications, Information Technology, and any other branch in SGA.