Fall 2019 Mini-mesters

Mini-Mesters are 1 credit hour, 5-week long course offerings that will occur during the normal academic semester with the goal of introducing students to non-traditional classroom material. Students will be able to explore different passions and interests outside of their major to gain a greater breadth of knowledge across academic disciplines. With the goal of making Tech’s curriculum more personalizable, the semester will be broken up into three terms of Mini-Mesters, allowing students to sign up for the one(s) they want without overloading their schedule. More information can be found here.

Registration open during Phase I and Phase II

Mini-Mester Terms
Term 1: August 19th – September 20th
Term 2: September 23rd – October 25th
Term 3: October 28th – December 3rd
Courses for the Fall 2019 Pilot Program:
Applications in Fluid Dynamics – AE 4801
Social Justice – BME 3801
The Deep Ocean – EAS 4801
Engineering Our Climate Future – EAS 4801
Healthcare Management Overview – GT 3801
Personal Finance – GT 4801
Overview of Healthcare Policy Issues – GT 3811
Introduction to Quantitative Decision-Making in Health Systems – GT 3821
International Philanthropy and Sustainable Development – INTA 4811
Rapid Prototyping for Product Design – ME 1801
Introduction to Additive Manufacturing – ME 3801
Research Methods – GT 2801
Open Data with R – GT 4801
Scare me, Teach me, or Make Me Laugh: Introduction to Video Editing – GT 2801/3801/4801 B