Volunteers Requested for First-Year Student Move-in

Volunteers Requested for First-Year Student Move-in

Georgia Tech Campus Services is requesting student volunteers to assist in providing a safe and positive move-in experience for students and their families during the two-day move-in on August 8th and 9th.

From a centralized mobile check-in to a 30-minute unloading zone, the new, streamlined process is designed to help students check-in and move in while remaining safe and happy.  

General volunteer positions include greeting families as they arrive for check-in, directing traffic, and helping roll bins to students’ buildings.  

Volunteers can sign up for a shift by completing the sign-up form below where they can see a more detailed description of each position before signing up.  

Volunteers can expect to receive virtual training for their assigned role the first week of August.  

SGA Letter to President Cabrera

SGA Letter to President Cabrera on Covid-19

July 7, 2020

President Cabrera,

In light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the recent spike in cases in Georgia, we ask that you and the rest of the Georgia Tech administration set the health and safety of the Georgia Tech community as the top priority. Since we have been notified within the last day that the University System of Georgia (USG) has given Georgia Tech additional latitude to meet the unique needs of our campus, we would like to direct several concerns toward you and members of your administration. We recognize and greatly appreciate the USG’s recent move to mandate face coverings on campuses across the state and hope that this is a starting point to further protect students, faculty, and staff. We thank you for including students in the governance process thus far and wish to continue to elevate the concerns and desires of our student body. 

We, as student leaders at Georgia Tech and on behalf of our entire undergraduate and graduate student body, stand with the 800+ academic professors1, 300+ international students2, and 2000+ students, alumni, and parents3 at Georgia Tech who released statements to demand action and outline their serious concerns for the Fall 2020 semester. 

Since the pandemic began, students across our campus have demanded that Georgia Tech and the USG meaningfully address their concerns. Students continue to express that the current Fall 2020 plans are causing fear and emotional distress due to their inability to make safe choices for remote coursework or to return to campus safely. While the ability to require face coverings more widely indoors will address some concerns, we still want to express the need to support students and faculty in their personal accommodations to  increase the safety of on-campus experiences and hybrid courses. Young people remain the fastest growing demographic to be infected with Covid-19, and it also must be recognized that campuses are at high risk for the spread of infection. Georgia Tech and USG leaders must protect both the physical and mental health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff.

Similarly, a sentiment heard widely is the need to accommodate students who have faced barriers and inequities in accessing the tools and technology required to continue their education during the Covid-19 pandemic. Specifically, Georgia Tech must provide safe and viable course opportunities for our immunocompromised, out-of-state, on-campus resident, and international student populations. Students who are themselves at higher risk and/or live with and regularly interact with individuals who are at higher risk of the coronavirus have repeatedly voiced their deep concern for the lack of remote course delivery options and safety precautions being put in place on campus this Fall. These students seek assurance of remote accommodations being made available during hybrid course delivery to reduce transmission for those who fall under USG outlined underlying medical conditions. 

International students, who make up approximately 23% of our total student population, have asked for viable options to complete academic coursework given the travel concerns and immigration restrictions around the world and now within our own borders. With the new changes to the active Student and Exchange Visitor Program, our international students have been disadvantaged and left in the dark on how to proceed with their plans for the Fall in order to maintain their visa status and accommodate safety. Additionally, due to the expected change in experience on campus, many international and out-of-state students, who normally pay full out-of-state tuition, are going through new financial and economic challenges. We ask that in your advocacy efforts with USG you champion lowering tuition prices, expanding aid and scholarship opportunities, and waiving cancelation fees to support students.

On behalf of the diverse student body that we represent, we strongly urge the following: 

  1. The Board of Regents and Georgia Tech administration partner together to safeguard the health and safety needs of the Georgia Tech community, informed by scientific evidence. 
  2. Make remote course delivery available for all students during the Fall 2020 semester in order to reduce disease transmission risk and to reduce disruption of educational delivery in the event of worsening pandemic conditions. We emphasize that no student, faculty, or staff should be coerced into risking their health and the health of their families by working and/or learning on campus when there is a remote/online equivalent. 
  3. Make on-campus experiences and courses available for students who need access to campus residences and on-campus laboratories or other specialized facilities, while ensuring accommodations can be sought to access such resources for students with USG outlined underlying medical conditions.
  4. Provide large-scale Covid-19 testing and ensure timely contact tracing of new infections. 
  5. Adjust tuition prices, waive cancellation fees, and expand scholarship opportunities and aid to support students whose finances have been impacted by the pandemic.

With so much uncertainty facing our student body, now is not the time for business as usual. This moment demands that the USG and Georgia Tech demonstrate steady and compassionate leadership that acts in the best interest of students, faculty, and staff. As the Fall is quickly approaching and the landscape of the semester continues to evolve we highlight the importance of transparent, timely communication to students about all decisions being discussed and made. We are counting on you to do what is right.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

In Progress and Service,

Brielle Lonsberry
Undergraduate Student Body President 

Lea Harris
Graduate Student Body President 

Kyle Smith
Undergraduate Executive Vice President 

Jay McKinney
Graduate Executive Vice President 


  1. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdjyLGfLIncWtm8fntduj3mMhZhhGtF2khGYHNJdZIXu1xBhg/viewform?fbclid=IwAR1g9SmUIpHVwoNjILY3_2SCwcsJWic-GS4DBEs3Dc6WSx-rg8d3n5C5dOU
  2. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Dvylyu2REOBh0QFT5FK1rEEwjPes8r9hZGCBDFWUsMI/edit
  3. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdzJmBzud15maXjXwJwwXPnq98kxjSptcKIg4kaMFI8TTC7Lg/viewform

Students Return to Classes Survey

Students Return to Classes Survey

Yellow Jackets, 

I hope you are doing as well as you can be during these times. As we are in the process of returning to on-campus instruction in the Fall, it is important for us in the GT Covid-19 Recovery Task Force to gather and address concerns to better cater to students returning to campus. Our first priority is keeping our Georgia Tech community safe. 

To gauge concerns for students planning to take courses on campus this Fall, we are providing a survey titled “Undergraduate and Graduate Student Return to Campus Survey,” that will collect feedback on the upcoming Fall instruction. Please take a few minutes to fill this out, found here, as it will be very important in making sure concerns are reported and addressed for your return to campus.

SGA greatly values your input on how we can best advocate for you! I can’t wait until we are all united on campus once again. 

In Progress and Service,

Brielle Lonsberry
Undergraduate Student Body President

SGA’s Response to Student Demands

SGA’s Response to Student Demands

  1. SGA’s undergraduate and graduate Vice Presidents of Academic Affairs and Vice Presidents of Student Life are initiating conversations with the admissions office, including the Black Student Recruitment Team, to discuss further and expanded efforts to recruit more Black students to Georgia Tech and engage further with local middle and high schools as well as increase resources allocated to the Black Student Recruitment Team.
  2. Joint executive leadership has participated and will continue to engage with President Cabrera, Dean Stein, and Dr. Ervin, among others, to advocate for the hiring and retention of more black administration and faculty.
  3. Georgia Tech Campus Services has already committed to bringing additional food trucks to campus this Fall due to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines. SGA’s undergraduate and graduate Vice Presidents of Campus Services are meeting with Campus Services leadership this week to advocate for black-owned food trucks and the continuation of student involvement in the selection process. 
  4. Under USG Student Voting Privileges Policy, section 4.1.3, Georgia Tech is required to permit an excused absence if a student’s class schedule prevents them from voting in any federal, state, or local elections. SGA worked with the Registrar’s Office throughout the Spring of 2020 to set up the process for Tech students to request an excused absence. Due to COVID-19, the communications and promotion of these efforts have been postponed until this Fall. To request an excused absence to vote please visit https://registrar.gatech.edu/info/request-for-excused-absence-for-voting.
  5. SGA’s undergraduate and graduate Vice Presidents of Campus Services are meeting with Campus Services leadership and student organizations in upcoming weeks to discuss the treatment of campus services’ workers, specifically black workers in the dining halls and those who operate campus transportation, as well as potential changes to the food truck program on campus. 
  6. Joint executive leadership has participated and will continue to engage with President Cabrera, Dean Stein, and Dr. Ervin, among others, to advocate for an expanded ethics curriculum for undergraduate and graduate students. In the short term, joint leadership is working to expand bias-training workshop capacity across campus and diversity training for anyone involved in academic instruction (TAs, professors, staff).

Any questions or comments are welcome at sga@gatech.edu!

Student Engagement Events and Listening Sessions

Student Engagement Events and Listening Sessions

Sponsored by the Division of Student Life

Coffee with CARE

The Center for Assessment, Education and Referral (CARE) is available to help you navigate resources, provide support and listen during difficult times. Coffee with CARE is a drop-in opportunity for students to learn about campus and community resources and ask questions in a non-clinical setting. We are reaching out especially to Black and African American-identified students and other communities who are impacted by current events. No question or challenge is too big or small. CARE recognizes the need to support a student in every aspect of well-being. Whether it is your emotional, social, physical, academic or financial well-being, CARE wants to make sure that you can get connected with the support you need. Each week will focus on a different topic related to maximizing your mental health and well-being.  If you have been considering coming to CARE, this is a great opportunity to get to know the CARE clinical staff before initiating services.

Week 1:
Are you a student who is seeking support or experiencing fatigue due to the uncertainty of the current cultural climate protests, COVID-19, 24/7 news cycle, exposure to violence?

Join us for our discussion of self-care strategies, creating boundaries and practicing self-compassion.

Thursday, June 11: 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
BlueJeans Meeting ID: 423211297

Friday, June 12: 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
BlueJeans Meeting ID: 439868285

Week 2:
Do you want to explore strategies on how to support your friends? Join us in a discussion on how to have difficult conversations, practice empathy, and learn the difference between listening and giving advice.

Monday, June 15th: 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
BlueJeans Meeting ID: 565404910

Tuesday, June 16th: 10:00 AM – 11:00
MBlueJeans Meeting ID:  521495207

Counseling Center: Let’s Talk Special Offerings

The Counseling Center is available to offer support to students who want to be heard during these difficult times.  We extend a particular invitation to Black and African American-identified students and other communities who feel the impact of current events and want to be listened to, heard, and supported.

“Let’s Talk” is a Georgia Tech Counseling Center program that provides easy access to informal, friendly, supportive, and confidential consultations with Georgia Tech counselors. Counselors will hold virtual walk-in hours throughout the week.  Most Let’s Talk sessions last about 30 minutes. 

To sign-up for an individual time that fits your schedule please email one of our counselors for the day and time you prefer.  Days and times are listed below.  They will send you a confidential Blue Jeans link in order to protect your privacy.

To access a counselor after hours and on weekends please call the main Counseling Center number at 404-894-2575 and follow the prompts.  To initiate formal counseling services please contact GT CARE at 404-894-3498.

Community Listening Circles and Special Events

These various community listening circles center black students. Staff from each Center will be available to offer support and resources. We invite all students who may need/want this space to join us for community and virtual healing.

  • LGBTQIA Resource Center, Student Diversity Programs, Veteran’s Resource Center, Women’s Resource Center
    • Wednesday, June 10th: 2pm-3pm EST
    • BlueJeans Meeting ID 878 991 611
    • Join staff from the LGBTQIA Resource Center, Student Diversity Programs, the Veteran’s Resource Center, and the Women’s Resource Center for a community listening circle that centers Black Georgia Tech students. Staff from the Centers will be available to offer support, resources, and opportunity for healing.
  • LGBTQIA Resource Center: Black LGBTQIA Community Listening Circle
    • Friday, June 5th: 4pm-5pm EST
    • BlueJeans Meeting ID 590 510 148
    • Join staff from the LGBTQIA Resource Center for a community listening circle that centers Black LGBTQIA students. Staff from the Center will be available to offer support and resources. We invite all LGBTQIA students to join us for community and virtual healing.
  • Women’s Resource Center: Black Women’s Community Listening Circle
    • Friday, June 5th: 12pm-1pm EST
    • BlueJeans Meeting ID 805 290 111
    • Join staff from the Women’s Resource Center for a community listening circle centering on Black women. WRC staff will be available to offer support, resources, and a dedicated space for student processing and healing.
  • Veteran’s Resource Center
    • Friday, June 12th: 12pm-1pm EST
    • BlueJeans Meeting ID 772 185 774
Information for Registered Student Organizations

Student Organizations and groups looking to have conversations, listening sessions, or taking actions towards creating more equitable and inclusive communities are encouraged to connect with staff from the Collective for Inclusion, Advocacy, and Support Centers:

Grand Challenges Action through Education Workshop

Saturday, June 6 from 3:00 – 4:30 PM

Guided by the MSW @USC Diversity Toolkit, we will discuss identity, privilege, race, gender and sexuality

Office of the Arts

Belonging and Community: A Conversation on Atlanta, Art & Connections with Bill T. Jones

Thursday, June 25 (Time TBA)
Georgia Tech Arts in partnership with WABE & ATL PBA present a virtual town hall discussion with renowned choreographer Bill T. Jones that explores the importance of community when facing the sense of isolation and divisiveness present in society today. Jones will be joined by Georgia Tech President Ángel Cabrera, with the conversation moderated by Lois Reitzes, host of WABE’s “City Lights.” Together, they will examine questions probing the ways in which we all have felt isolated before and during this pandemic; how we can come together and create a sense of community, of belonging; and how art can help us to imagine a new future of connections. This event is free and open to all.Long before the pandemic, Jones was exploring this concept of community while developing a new work titled What Problem? that is inspired by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the character of Pip from Herman Melville’s Moby Dick. It is an adaptation of Deep Blue Sea made for a proscenium performance. Georgia Tech Arts will present What Problem? at the Ferst Center for the Arts in October, and it will also include opportunities for professional and novice performers from the Atlanta community to participate in the production along with the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company members. Visit https://arts.gatech.edu/content/what-problem to learn more.

Staff Development

“I’m Not Okay”- A Conversation with Black Staff in the Division of Student Life

With everything going on in the world, it’s okay to not be okay. Join us in a conversation as we check-in with each other and build community and support during these challenging times. The conversation will be facilitated by Stephanie Ray, Joi Alexander, and LaRonda Hollis

When: June 10, 2020
Time: 3-4:30 pm
Location: Blue Jeans Link: https://bluejeans.com/825187432/9230?src=calendarLink

SGA’s Joint Call for Solidarity with the GT Community

SGA’s Joint Call for Solidarity with the GT Community

A Letter from Undergraduate and Graduate SGA

Fellow Yellow Jackets,

In light of the recent protests over the tragic loss of far too many Black lives, we join in solidarity with those calling for justice. At this pivotal moment, we cannot remain silent because our silence would make us complicit in the violence and oppression aimed at Black communities. We want to assure you that the Georgia Tech Student Government Association believes that Black lives matter and that we hold the families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and Ahmaud Arbery in our thoughts and prayers. These most recent incidents have represented an all-out assault on the Black community and illustrate that our justice system is fundamentally broken. So many members of our community, particularly those in the Black community, have been traumatized, angered, and saddened by the manifestation of systemic racism seen in these events. We hear and share your pain. We urge you to continue to exercise your rights, remain civically engaged, and take care of your emotional and mental health during this time. SGA has created a guidebook (attached below)  with some of these resources. We want you to know that we stand with you and will continue to utilize our roles to ensure that Georgia Tech upholds equity as we move forward.

Over the past few days, the Student Government Association has been reaching out to Black student leaders and other stakeholders across campus to first listen, and secondly, develop a plan to move forward, address the concerns raised by the student body, and advocate for meaningful reforms. This topic is important — you are important — and because we wanted to provide substantive updates and resources for students, we recognize that our response has not been as quick as we would have preferred. To create a campus culture centered on equity and inclusion, we must dedicate the necessary time to focus on solutions not just for the short term but for the incoming generations of Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. While we continue to develop a comprehensive plan, we have identified and are pursuing steps to ensure that we protect each and every Georgia Tech student. We need your feedback to help us do so.

Our next steps:

  • Cabinet members from both the Undergraduate and Graduate SGA are meeting with senior leadership and training officers from the Georgia Tech Police Department to thoroughly review department policies and officer training protocols, address student concerns of implicit bias and use of force, and set the foundation for continued student input on this topic. 
  • Joint SGA leadership is meeting with Dr. Archie Ervin, Vice President of Institute Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Georgia Tech. As part of this meeting, we will relay student sentiment and concerns to establish additional ways Georgia Tech can foster equity and inclusion for minority groups of students. 
  • Student leaders and members of Georgia Tech’s Black Student Organizations will be invited to meet with SGA leadership to formally express their views and work with SGA on initiatives moving forward. 
  • Joint SGA cabinets will work with the Office of Minority Educational Development (OMED) to expand and communicate resources and support for minority students during this time. 

To help guide SGA in our efforts to advocate for you, we encourage you to click here to answer the following question: “What would help you feel safer as a member of the Georgia Tech community?” Your responses will help us better understand what our next steps should be to thoroughly address the concerns of the student body. Thank you in advance for your open and honest responses. 

While we continue to reach out to stakeholders across Georgia Tech’s campus, we have compiled a comprehensive list of resources available to students in Atlanta and across the nation. As we navigate these difficult times together, please view these resources and if you know of additional resources and would like to share with others, please email us and we will add them to the page.

We are here for you, now and always. As an organization, we remain committed to standing up for your voices, especially those in our historically underserved and marginalized populations, and ensuring that each and every Georgia Tech student has the opportunity to succeed. If we can ever be of assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at sga@gatech.edu. To learn more about our response and access to additional resources, click here to see our news update.

From the Undergraduate and Graduate Student Government Association Executive Cabinets,

In Progress and Service,

Brielle Lonsberry, Undergraduate Student Body President
Kyle Smith, Undergraduate Executive Vice President
Lea Harris, Graduate Student Body President
Jay McKinney, Graduate Executive Vice President

Available Resources

Comprehensive Resource Guide

The Student Government Association External Affairs team put together a comprehensive guide of all of the resources listed below. You can click below to download the guide and access all of these resources in one place.

How to Speak Out
NameContact Information
Your City’s Chief of PoliceVaries by Location
Your County’s SheriffVaries by Location
Your State Patrol HeadquartersVaries by Location
Your MayorVaries by Location
Your GovernorVaries by Location
Local Accountability/Human Rights OfficeVaries by Location
Chief Erika Shields (Atlanta Police)(404) 546-6900
Sheriff Ted Jackson (Fulton County Sheriff)(404) 612-5100
Georgia Department of Public Safety(404) 624-7477

How to Protest Safely
General Information
  • Only attend protests with transparent leadership linked to legitimate community/activism organizations
  • If you are an international student, be aware that if you get arrested, you could potentially lose your visa
  • We are still in the midst of a pandemic, so remember to wear a mask, socially distance if you are able, and try to quarantine after going to a protest
  • Under the 4th Amendment, you do not have to give your passwords to your devices to the police. Facial recognition passwords are not protected.
  • You only have to identify yourself by Name and DOB, hold your responses, and wait to speak to your attorney. Do not volunteer any information
  • Always stay with your group. Some police tactics are to separate people.
  • Plan your transportation. Usually, roads are cut off for a protest and/or march. Consider carpooling and using public transportation.
  • Let your family and/or close friends know that you are protesting so that they can support you and know where you are. 
How to Act
  • Act Boldly
  • Follow Protest Leaders
  • Participate in chants
What to Wear
  • Clothing:
    • Nondescriptive
    • Comfortable
    • Fitted clothing that is hard to grab
  • Face masks, and bring extra if possible
  • Thick sneakers or boots
  • Goggles (including heat resistant goggles)
  • Emergency contacts on your arms
    • Atlanta Jail Support: (404) 689-1519
    • Your Local Jail Support: Varies by Location
  • Pull your hair back
What to Bring
  • Water
  • Cash
  • ID
  • Snacks
  • First aid
  • Protest signs
  • A cell-phone (fully-charged) in airplane mode with a passcode lock
  • A backpack or fanny pack to carry your items
What to Do if You Get Hit With Tear Gas
  • Remain calm and take the following steps:
  • Avoid using oils/lotions because they can trap chemicals and prolong exposure
  • Breathe slowly, blow your nose, rinse your mouth, cough, and spit
  • If possible, shut your eyes
  • Quickly move away from the tear gas canister
  • Remove your contacts, or have someone with clean hands remove your contacts and through them away, or wash your glasses
  • Wash your hands and rinse your eyes
    • If possible, use a solution of half antacid/half water, or use milk
  • Get home, air out your clothes, wash your clothes, and shower
Georgia NAACP (or local NAACP chapter)Click Here
George Floyd Memorial FundClick Here
Reclaim the BlockClick Here
Black Lives MatterClick Here
Campaign ZeroClick Here
Black Visions CollectiveClick Here
ATL Solidarity FundClick Here
Black Youth Project 100Click Here
Color of ChangeClick Here
National NAACP OrganizationClick Here
Southern Center for Human RightsClick Here
The King CenterClick Here
National Center for Civil and Human RightsClick Here
Georgia Tech Resources
Office of Minority EducationClick Here
Center for Student Diversity and InclusionClick Here
Center for Engineering Education and DiversityClick Here
Health InitiativesClick Here
Women’s Resource CenterClick Here
LGBTQIA Resource CenterClick Here
GT Counseling CenterClick Here
SGA Legal AdvisingClick Here
Mental Health Resources
The Steve FundClick Here
(or text STEVE to 741741)
Therapy for Black GirlsClick Here
Therapy for Black MenClick Here
Black Emotional and Mental HealthClick Here
Silence the ShameClick Here
The Boris Lawrence Henson FoundationClick Here
BetterHelpClick Here
The Trevor ProjectClick Here
National Suicide Prevention Line1-800-273-TALK (8255)
Black Student Organizations (BSO)
African American Student UnionClick Here
African Student AssociationClick Here
Black Graduate Student AssociationClick Here
Black Student Recruitment TeamClick Here
Caribbean Student AssociationClick Here
GT National Pan-Hellenic CouncilClick Here
GT Society of Black EngineersClick Here

Education Tools


I Know Why the Caged Bird SingsMaya Angelou
Just MercyBryan Stevenson
The Fire Next TimeJames Baldwin
The New Jim CrowMichelle Alexander
The Warmth of Other SunsIsabel Wilkerson
Their Eyes Were Watching GodZora Neale Hurston


American SonNetflix
Dear White PeopleNetflix
See You YesterdayNetflix
When They See UsNetflix
If Beale Street Could TalkHulu
The Hate U GiveHulu
The Black Power Mixtape: 1967-1975For Rent
ClemencyFor Rent
Fruitvale StationFor Rent
I Am Not Your NegroFor Rent


To help guide SGA in our efforts to advocate for you, we encourage you to click below to answer the following question: “What would help you feel safer as a member of the Georgia Tech community?” Your responses will help us better understand what our next steps should be to thoroughly address the concerns of the student body.

Steps Moving Forward

Georgia Tech Police Department

Cabinet members from both the Undergraduate and Graduate SGA are meeting with senior leadership and training officers from the Georgia Tech Police Department to thoroughly review department policies and officer training protocols, address student concerns of implicit bias and use of force, and set the foundation for continued student input on this topic. 

Office Institute Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Joint SGA leadership is meeting with Dr. Archie Ervin, Vice President of Institute Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Georgia Tech. As part of this meeting, we will relay student sentiment and concerns to establish additional ways Georgia Tech can foster equity and inclusion for minority groups of students. 

Black Student Organizations

Student leaders and members of Georgia Tech’s Black Student Organizations will be invited to meet with SGA leadership to formally express their views and work with SGA on initiatives moving forward.

Office of Minority Educational Development

Joint SGA cabinets will work with the Office of Minority Educational Development (OMED) to expand and communicate resources and support for minority students during this time. 

Georgia Tech Summer Health Initiatives

Georgia Tech Summer Health Initiatives

With campus life disrupted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Georgia Tech Student Government Association is committed to continuing to provide resources for students. As part of this commitment, SGA has worked with Georgia Tech Health Initiatives to obtain a list of resources available to students during the summer months.

A Message from Georgia Tech Health Initiatives

Georgia Tech Health Initiatives is continuing to follow guidance from the CDC and the Georgia Department of Public Health to limit personal contact to reduce the risk of exposure of COVID-19. Yet, we have not forgotten about the health and well-being of Georgia Tech students, faculty, and staff and are ready and willing to meet your needs virtually!

Check out our virtual offerings for the summer below!

Well Being Weekly

Join us for Well-Being Weekly all summer long!

  • Mindful Mondays – 4:00 p.m. Mindfulness meditation practices to start your week
  • TEDx Talk Tuesdays – 12:00 p.m. A Ted Talk and discussion over lunch
  • Well-Being Wednesdays – 2:00 p.m. Wellness trivia on a variety of health and wellbeing topics
  • VOICE Message Thursdays – 1:00 p.m. Information on supporting survivors, 10 signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships, and virtual harassment topics
  • Flavorful Fridays- 12:00 p.m. Join our Dietitians on Instagram Live (@gthealthinitiatives) for recipe ideas and/or spicy nutrition conversation

Register here to get access to the Blue Jeans links! Open to faculty, staff and students

Fit to Thrive

Join us for a 6-week lunch and learn style series designed to teach faculty, staff, and students how to incorporate the dimensions of well-being into their daily lives. Wednesdays 12-1pm

To Register click here
May 13 – June 17

For Questions Contact:
Amber Johnson

Jackets Journal Journey

What do Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Frida Kahlo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Frederick Douglass all have in common? Each of these famous figures kept a journal to record their experiences, thoughts, or feelings. Journaling promotes self-care, enhances our immune system functioning and has been proven to reduce stress. Join Health Initiatives’ Jacket Journal Journey for a weekly journal prompt every Monday on Facebook and Instagram (@GTHealthInitiatives) to help you get started.  

Mindfulness Book Club

Join the Georgia Tech community in reading and discussing the book “Mindfulness Meditation: Your Guide to Achieving a Life of Peace by Reducing Stress and Anxiety through Mindfulness Meditation” by Daniel K. Barton, while also learning simple mindfulness exercises that you can incorporate into your daily routine.

The sessions are open to faculty, staff and students and will be held over the course of 4 weeks throughout the month of June using BlueJeans conferencing.

There are two days/times to choose from: 
Wednesdays: 10am – 11am
Thursdays: 3pm – 4pm 

To Register Click Here

Virtual Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching is now VIRTUAL! Wellness coaches will help you achieve your goals by guiding you through discussion and reflection. You can explore fitness, sleep, stress, relationships, future plans, and more.

For More Information: 

To register click here

Open to undergraduate and graduate students only!

Nutrition Consults Go Virtual

All students can meet with our dietitians to receive individual counseling via BlueJeans. Each initial visit includes a one-hour appointment, an analysis of your current eating plan, and an action plan addressing your individual goals. Our dietitians see students who want to address disordered eating habits, change their eating habits, manage a medical diagnosis or concern, or learn how to stay nourished while following specific food restrictions or allergies. Our dietitians are also members of Georgia Tech’s multidisciplinary Eating Disorder Treatment Team.

  To make an appointment, email nutrition@gatech.edu 

Open to undergraduate and graduate students only!

The Body Positive

Through the generous allotment from JAC, Health Initiatives is bringing The Body Positive to campus.  The mission of The Body Positive program is, “To teach people how to develop balanced, joyful self-care and a relationship with their whole selves that is guided by love, forgiveness, and humor so they can focus on the things in life that really matter.” Research completed in 2014 at Stanford University demonstrated that the Be Body Positive model is strongly associated with self-compassion, healthy eating and exercise, more satisfying relationships, emotional wellbeing, and lower levels of anxiety.  We hope to bring this mindset to Georgia Tech to create a culture where positive body image, healthful eating, and self-care are the expected norms.

Health Initiatives is able to offer the following opportunities through this program:

  1. You can be trained to be a Body Positive Facilitator at Tech
  2. You can access an online course to transform your own relationship with your body
    • Be Body Positive FundamentalsA deeper dive into the 5 Competencies for personal exploration. You’ll have access to videos, guided meditations, and worksheets where you can do your own self-exploration with the course material.
    • Body Positive Health – This course is an abridged version of the full fundamentals course. Not sure if you’re ready for the full course? This is a great place to start! You can decide to complete the fundamentals course after learning more.
    • Interested in the online courses or becoming a Body Positive facilitator? Email us at nutrition@gatech.edu These opportunities are open to students, faculty, and staff.
Georgia Tech Collegiate Recovery Program

Weekly All Recovery Meeting

Begins May 6, 2020
Wednesdays at 3 pm
BlueJeans Link: TBD

Hosted by the Georgia Tech Collegiate Recovery Program, the All Recovery Meeting, is for any student who is struggling with substance use, has questions about their substance use, or is concerned about themselves or a friend. All students are welcome to attend! This is a safe and supportive environment to openly discuss issues with alcohol and other drug use and the challenges that come in a time of social isolation. It’s important to stay healthy both mentally and physically during these stressful and uncertain times and this meeting is here to provide support to anyone who needs it.

For more information and to receive the Blue Jeans Link, contact
Christina Owens at christina.owens@studentlife.gatech.edu

VOICE at Georgia Tech

As Georgia Tech takes measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19, VOICE wants to remind you that we are here for you 24/7. Whether you are on or off campus, VOICE is continuing to provide confidential services to those impacted by sexual harassment, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and/or stalking.  Here is how to access VOICE: 

If you need immediate support call GTPD at 404-894-2500 and ask for the on-call VOICE Advocate. You do not need to make a police report and you only need to provide a phone number in order to reach an Advocate.

For non-urgent support, VOICE Advocates are available to speak with students by phone, to meet either via video conferencing or face-to-face, and to accompany them to seek other needed services. To schedule an appointment, call Amanda Planchard at 404-385-4451 or Jennifer Gagen 404-385-4464. Leave a message and the Advocate will call you back promptly during business hours.Be aware that isolation can create safety risks and trigger trauma for survivors. During social distancing or quarantines, it’s normal to feel uncertain, trapped, socially isolated or like you don’t have control. For people who have survived traumatic experiences, these feelings and experiences can trigger trauma symptoms to resurface or increase. They also may exacerbate underlying mental health issues such as depression or anxiety. We know that as students are advised to move away from campus, many are moving to off-campus living quarters with their significant others, family, or returning to their childhood homes. Students who live in environments where abuse has occurred face additional barriers to accessing support and an increase in abusive tactics like verbal and physical abuse and interference with academic work. VOICE Advocates are here to support you and explore options and strategies to increase your safety. VOICE will work with you to find a safe and confidential means to have a discussion. Remember, being a proactive bystander means checking in on friends, finding ways to connect virtually, and recognizing when someone may be in an abusive or unhealthy relationship. 

Contact a VOICE Advocate to access support or to learn more about how you can help.

Undergraduate SGA Response to the Death of Ahmaud Arbery

Undergraduate SGA Response to the Death of Ahmaud Arbery