RSO Policy – Resources

The resources provided here should hopefully give you and your organization a more in depth understanding of these policy changes as well as act as references when you begin to pursue some of these different processes. More resources will be added here over time so check back for updates in the next few weeks if you see a ‘coming soon’ note. We invite discussion on these documents! So if you have a suggestion for a resource that is not provided below or find a problem with any of the already provided materials, please reach out to the Joint VP of Finance, Josh Eastwood.

Please note, that due to the short duration between being made aware of these new policies and creating this website, we were not able to finalize all of the resources yet. However, we are currently working to expand this page so some items are still being added. Thank you for your patience.

If you would like to read the official RSO Policy – click here.

General and Overarching

Start here before diving too deep or if you feel lost. This will give you a good understanding of the overarching changes as well as the most impactful changes. After starting with the sections you have the most concerns about by looking through the resources and pages on this website. Of course, you can always contact us with any questions as well.

Written by Joyce and Josh, this letter emphases our sentiments around these changes as well as our declaration of support. We are here to help.

This was the general press release sent across campus. In case you haven’t received an email or haven’t read any communications about these changes this is mostly serving as a reference.

This is the presentation given during the RSO Policy training sessions. It covers an overview of all of the process changes and a general set of recommended next steps for organizations.


This can be used as a reference document when planning and submitting your Bill as it shows the prohibited allocations along with the funding formulas and item maximums. Following this can really speed up the process at the JFC meeting.

A bit longer of a document but can be helpful if you’ve never submitted a Bill through JacketPages as it goes step-by-step into what is needed to submit your Bill.

This document has all of the deadlines and overarching calendar of the FY22 Budget Process. Use this to plan out who can appear at the required meetings and when you will need to have all materials together for you Budget Submission. Please refer to the FY22 Budget Website for more information.

These are the base policies applied to all Budget funding requests including the prohibited allocations as well as item maximum limits. This document should be used as reference while planning and submitting your organization’s Budget to ensure that the allocation process goes well. Please refer to the FY22 Budget Website for more information.

A step-by-step guide on how to submit an annual budget on the Engage Platform for your reference. This was covered in the orientation and includes information about the Engage Finance Dashboard. Please refer to the FY22 Budget Website for more information.

SGA is not the only on-campus funding source available to RSOs. If there is something that SGA doesn’t fund, one of these may be able to help you – they all have different timelines and application processes so it is best to plan ahead as far as possible if you are not familiar with them.

Campus Organization

This document outlines the require parts of every student organizations constitution for it to be approved by SAC. If you have any questions about Constitutional creation for new organizations or Constitutional revision for current organizations please reach out to Noah Shirk.