Campus Organizations

Joyce Karanouh-Schuler
Joint Vice President of Campus Organizations

Welcome to Campus Organizations! Our primary task is to advocate for campus organizations’ interests, both in SGA and the administration. We work closely with the Center for Student Engagement to create and maintain organization-centric policies, while also tackling larger initiatives to support our strong network of organizations. This year, we are focusing on providing more financial and educational resources for campus organizations, facilitating collaboration between organizations, and creating pathways for advocacy from organizations to SGA and the administration.


Joint Campus Organizations Committee (JCOC)
Committee Chair: Noah Shirk

The Joint Campus Organizations Committee (JCOC) maintains and updates the JCOC Policy which broadly outlines how organizations can charter and what standards they are held to. In terms of initiatives, JCOC works closely with the President’s Council Governing Board and Student Engagement to coordinate a unified approach in supporting organizations across campus, working to facilitate pertinent resources and advocate for SGA and institutional policy that is beneficial to all campus organizations.

Outreach and Collaboration Committee
Committee Chair: Sivalika Bagrodia

The Outreach and Collaboration committee will work to support and develop frameworks that connect organizations to each other as well as to SGA and the administration. They’ll focus on initiatives around sharing organizational expertise and building out robust, connected organization networks. Some examples of initiatives that have come from this year are GECH and SGA’s Collaborative Structures.

Organizational Development Committee
Committee Chair: William Doan

The Organizational Development committee will coordinate closely with the Center for Student Engagement to create and host events for organizational development. This will include Presidents Summit, Engagement Week, Up With the White and Gold, and events that support leadership and organizational growth.

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