Student Life

Vice President of Student Life - Sara Beagle

Throughout the year, the Student Life Board seeks to assess and better the on-campus student experience outside of the classroom.  By building relationships and trust among students, faculty, staff, and administrators, we gain an understanding and appreciation for the many factors that can affects a student’s experience.  While we support the collective student voice, we recognize and support the unique and individual experiences of each student.  Our Board is comprised of Athletics, Cultural and Diversity Affairs, and Health and Wellness committees.

Together we have accomplished...

  • Collecting encouraging notes for students embracing their gender and sexual identities during Coming Out Week
  • Creating a block seating website to explain the block seating formula and rankings
  • Popping balloons and writing notes as a ways to showcase that five spheres of Health and Well-being to students
  • Exploring new ticketing practices for student entry to football games
  • Showcasing major events through a world map display on Tech Walkway.
  • Chalking for Unity as students wrote encouraging messages ands support for students during Finals week


Athletics Committee

Committee Chair - Ben Zusmann

The athletics committee seeks to increase enthusiasm among students for sporting events and improve the gameday experience for all students.  The favorite event of the year for this committee is the International Football clinic where international students are invited to Bobby Dodd Stadium to run through drills with the football team and learn about this favorite American past-time.


Cultural and Diversity Affairs Committee (CDAC)

Committee Chairs - Barry Johnson-SmithCalvin Runnels

CDAC seeks to understand and advocate for all students and foster a culture of inclusive excellence in the Georgia Tech community.  The committee plans a yearly Diversity and Inclusivity Conference.


Health and Wellness Committee

Committee Chairs - Alex CasadoZoe Sieling

The health and wellness committee wants to empower students to take control of their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being.