President - Sujay Peramanu

Welcome to the Undergraduate SGA President page! As President, I work alongside all the different boards, from Academic Affairs to Student Life. Additionally, the boards that comprise this role are the Sexual Violence Advisory Board, the Institute-Wide Committees Coordinator, and the Elections Board.  Together we have reorganized SGA internally to make the Executive branch more efficient, created a Sexual Misconduct White Paper and held townhalls with OSI, and increased voter participation in our elections process.

This Fall, we plan to connect more directly with the campus community through our newly developed Traveling Office Hours, and with the second installment of the SGA Newsletter. Furthermore, we will be lobbying for students access to numerical data from Course Critique.


Sexual Violence Advisory Board

Committee Chair - Kelsey Silbert

Vision: Create a campus where all students, faculty, and staff are protected and supported on all matters related to sexual and domestic violence.
Mission: To ensure that both students and faculty are actively working to create a campus that is safe for all Tech students in matters relating to sexual and domestic violence.



Elections Committee

Committee Chair - Reagan Johnson

Vision: Continue to make elections fair and even by preserving the student's integrity with the new Elections code.
Mission: Meet with the Student Body President, the Dean of Students, and the Elections committee to enforce the Elections Code

For full details on elections, please visit the Elections Page.

Application Link
Campaigning Dates

Campaigning starts: Midnight, February 27
Likely Debate: March 7, March 9
Voting: March 13, 9 AM - March 16, 6 PM
Announcement of Results: March 16, 7 PM


Institute Wide Committee (IWC) Chair

This position will be re-opened in Fall 2017, and will need one chair. This position does not oversee a board.

Vision: To actively represent student opinion directly to faculty and administrators, and enact policy changes to improve student life.
Mission: To engage students to be able to affect developments in specific campus issue as representatives in IWC's.