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President - Evan Gillon

Welcome to the Undergraduate SGA President page! The President oversees and assists the Executive Cabinet in their campus projects and initiatives, and represents Georgia Tech both on campus and off. Additionally, the President ensures student representation on committees of the faculty and other institute boards, oversees the SGA Joint Sexual Violence Advisory Committee (JSVAC), and manages the SGA Elections Committee alongside the Undergraduate Chief Justice.




This Fall, the Executive Branch's broad initiatives are bridging the communication gap between SGA and campus organizations through newsletters and standing meetings, mandating QPR and Safe Space training amongst SGA members, distributing a list of best practices for inclusivity and sensitivity to professors in the classroom, working to ensure contested SGA elections in the Fall and Spring, and providing free legal consultation to students for certain areas of law. For a full list of SGA initiatives for the 2018-2019 school year, see Evan and Ayo's platform here.

Joint Sexual Violence Advisory Committee

Committee Chair - Victoria Okudoh

Vision: Create a campus where all students, faculty, and staff are protected and supported on all matters related to sexual and domestic violence.
Mission: To ensure that both students and faculty are actively working to create a campus that is safe for all Tech students in matters relating to sexual and domestic violence.