Chief Justice - Ashley Fleck

The Undergraduate Judiciary Cabinet (UJC) is the judicial branch of Georgia Tech’s Undergraduate Student Government Association (SGA). The cabinet currently consists of 14 active justices from a wide variety of majors, class-standings, and backgrounds.


The primary purpose of the UJC is to hear cases of non-academic misconduct that involve Institute undergraduates. When a undergraduate student or organization violates the Student Code of Conduct, that violation gets reported to the Office of Student Integrity (OSI). If there is legitimacy to the violation, OSI proceeds forward with an investigation. After the investigation is complete, the student or organization can elect to have his/hers/their case heard by either (1) a representative of OSI, also known as a Student Conduct Administrator, or (2) the Student Conduct Panel (UJC). The panel conducts a hearing, renders a decision, and makes a recommendation to the Associate Dean/Director of Student Integrity. The Director, after reviewing the case, renders a decision of (1) Not Responsible, which closes the case, or 2) Responsible for one or more violations with an appropriate Sanction(s), as warrented. 

The secondary purpose of the UJC is to interpret any and all SGA policy (Constitution, Bylaws, codes, ethics, etc.) and to determine if any actions by the Executive or Legislative branch are unconstitutional. In addition, the UJC also oversees the SGA election process and conducts hearings on potential election violations.


Our fall 2018 applications are now live! Please apply at tinyurl.com/GTUJC by September 23, 2018 at midnight to be considered! A justice on the Cabinet is an individual who demonstrates: (1) strong leadership qualities, (2) a vested interest in the Georgia Tech community, (3) strong moral character and integrity, and (4) the ability to communicate clearly and effectively. All applicants must have completed two semesters as a full-time student at an accredited university, be in “good-standing” both behaviorally and academically with Georgia Tech, and must have at least two semester remaining at Georgia Tech (including the application semester). Please contact gtujc.recruitment@gmail.com for any recruitment related questions. 

Elections Committee

Committee Chair - Josephine Graves

Vision: Continue to ensure free and fair elections by preserving student integrity through the Elections Code.
Mission: Meet with the Student Body President, the Dean of Students, and the Elections committee to enforce the Elections Code

Dates for Freshmen Elections:

  • 8/31 Applications Due 
  • 8/31 Orientation 
  • 9/4-9/10 Campaign Period 
  • 9/11-9/13 Elections 
  • 9/14 Results Revealed 
  • 9/18 Swearing in at UHR

For full details on elections, please visit the Elections Page.

Please contact Chief Justice Ashley Fleck with further questions, comments, and concerns!