Information Technology

Joint Vice President of Information Technology - Nathan Dass

The VP of Information Technology will focus on developing the strategic plan for the future of academic and campus life resources at Georgia Tech. Considering the changes in the software industry and Institute policy, as well as the effects of these resources upon students, this person is responsible for the continuation and stability of all IT resources under the position. This position will head the think-tank for the development/implementation of new technologies, maintenance and restructuring of current IT resources, and interfacing with the Communications Board on SGA’s website/digest oversight.


Information Technology Board

Mission: To empower the students and promote student life through the development and support of Information Technology Infrastructure at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Vision: To have a robust Information Technology Infrastructure at the Georgia Institute of Technology that will provide web tools and policies that will help students achieve their full potential, ease the effort of their daily tasks and provide an effective medium of communication between students, faculty, staff and governance bodies.


Current Projects

1. Course Critique

2. Elections Website Revamp

3. Graduate Website Revamp

4. Installing More Outdoor Access Points for Tech Green