Joint Vice President of Finance - Vathsan Ramprakash

I'm typically in the SGA office (across the Subway in the SC), but if you can't find me, set up an appointment with me here:

If you are seeking SGA funding, please find out how to submit a bill HERE

If you are submitting a bill for hosting an event, please create an event page on OrgSync and include the link in the bill description.

Current version of JFC Policy

SGA's Joint Finance Committee is a financial allocation body, chaired by the Joint Vice President of Finance, that is responsible for giving recommendations to the Undergraduate House of Representatives and the Graduate Student Senate. Other major responsibilities include but are not limited to, the preparation of a budget for over 400 student organizations, reviewing of bills, proposals for JFC Policy amendments, developing close relationships with student organizations, and ensuring the fair usage of allocated funds from the Student Activity Fee.

The Joint Finance Committee is often the main point of contact between SGA and the student organizations. It is also responsible for ~$2 million of fellow students' money. This places tremendous responsibility on us. Our main goal is to foster the growth of diverse interests and communities on campus. JFC is a tightly knit team of students who are all committed to progress and service. Therefore, attendance to JFC meetings on Thursdays 6-8pm is mandatory.

JFC is typically comprised of 10 members. The Vice President of Finance, 3 Undergraduate Representatives (includes the Undergraduate Treasurer), 3 Graduate Senators (includes the Graduate Treasurer), and 3 JFC Committee Members (need not be in SGA).

Duties of the committee include:

  • Meeting with representatives from student organizations to help them with receiving financial allocations.
  • Hosting budget orientation sessions for 50-150 student organizations at a time. Investigative work with student organization finances to ensure fair usage of funds.
  • Developing strong relationships with student organizations, including attending events.
  • Drafting proposals for policy amendments, and other necessary legislation.
  • Documentation of the committee's work.
  • Working with the VP of Communications, VP of Campus Organizations, and the VP of Information Technology on joint tasks.
  • Increasing transparency with the student body.
  • Running budget analytics to see what common-sense changes can be made to JFC policy.