SGA's Executive branch works together to create policy, plan events, send surveys, etc. to help progress campus initiatives and improve the student experience. From Campus Organizations to Academic Affairs, each board is led by a Vice President (a member of the Cabinet), and operates uniquely in a way that is conducive to achieving the goals of that branch. A cohesive team that strives towards a common goal is a powerful force for positive change, and we could not hope to make such a difference in the lives of Georgia Tech students without your support.


President - Evan Gillon

The Student Body President sets the guiding mission and vision for all 350+ SGA members. He or she must ensure that SGA works to effectively empower student organizations, embody student opinion, preserve student integrity, and enrich the undergraduate student experience. Primarily, the President serves as the formal student point of contact for news outlets, state legislature, several Georgia Tech Boards of Trustees, and other high-level advisory groups. 

Executive Vice President - Ayo Aladesanmi

The Executive Vice President leads the executive branch of SGA. He or she works to create a cohesive executive board, as well as develop them as leaders. He or she fills in for the President whenever he or she is unavailable.

Chief of Staff - Carson Silbert

The Chief of Staff represents the interests of the President and Executive Vice President both within Student Government and outside of it, through various meetings, projects, and conversations with campus partners. They also take on special projects for the organization, working in the space between other Cabinet members.

Vice President of Academic Affairs - Haigh Angell

The Vice President of Academic Affairs must have an extensive understanding of Institute policies and the organizations involved in order to lobby for student interests successfully. The Vice President of Academic Affairs should identify strategic campus-wide goals to promote in regular meetings with administrators and on Institute Wide Committees.

Joint Vice President of Campus Organizations - Andrew Cahill

The role of the Vice President of Campus Organizations will be to serve as a resource for Campus Organizations. This position serves as a representative to SAC, a liaison to the Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement, and will be responsible for further developing JacketPages and fostering opportunities for organizational collaboration.

Vice President of Campus Services - Gage Carr

This position is purposed to address all needs of campus services provided to students. This position works closely with the entirety of the campus services department as well as various other departments effecting services provided to student to determine how the needs of the student body are being met and can be improved.

Vice President of Communications - Francis Yang

The Vice President of Communications serves as the President’s chief advisor on Student opinion. As chairperson of the Campus Communications Board, the Vice President of Communications is responsible for coordinating the various committees within the Communications Board, representing the Student Government’s voice on key issues to both administrators and students, and ensuring that all stakeholders in the Undergraduate Student Government are informed of the issues most important to students.

Vice President of External Affairs - Ben Templin

The Vice President of External Affairs will focus on increasing Georgia Tech’s presence in the surrounding community through civic engagement, community service, and collaboration with students throughout Atlanta and Georgia. This person will be responsible for working with the Government Relations, Community Relations, and will coordinate numerous events with Atlanta partners throughout the year.

Joint Vice President of Finance - Vathsan Ramprakash

The role of the Vice President of Finance is to serve as the chief financial advisor to the Undergraduate and Graduate Student Government Associations. VPF shall oversee the budget process and also serve as the chair of the Joint Finance Committee, which meets weekly. This position requires unbiased decisions in regards to policy to treat all organizations equally.

Joint Vice President of Information Technology - Nikita Rajput

The Vice President of Information Technology will focus on developing the strategic plan for the future of academic and campus life resources at Georgia Tech. Considering the changes in the software industry and Institute policy, as well as the effects of these resources upon students, this person is responsible for the continuation and stability of all IT resources under the position. This position will head the think-tank for the development/implementation of new technologies, maintenance and restructuring of current IT resources, and interfacing with the Communications Board on SGA’s website/digest oversight.

Vice President of Internal Affairs - Pooja Juvekar

The Vice President of Internal Affairs is charged with fostering a more cohesive Student Government, so that each member, regardless of position, has options to become more integrally involved in the organization. Additionally, the Vice President will create leadership opportunities for members of SGA using the Leadership Endowment Fund. The Vice President also reviews the Bylaws, the Constitution, and all other policies to ensure consistency and up-to-date versions. The Vice President will be responsible for putting on the Fall SGA retreat and Spring Banquet and being the individual in charge of holding each position in the organization accountable.

Vice President of Student Life - Alex Casado

This position is purposed to assess and meet the needs to better student life on Georgia Tech's campus and be the voice to the administration as to how to fill the gaps of needs not being met on campus.