Vice President of Communications - Savannah Holcomb

Welcome to the Communications Board! Our Board is comprised of the SGA Photographer, the Public Relations Chair, the Graphic Design Chair, the Special Events Co-Chairs, and the Webmaster. This board works with all parts of SGA to assist with the promotion and execution of events, developing and maintaining a consistent brand image of SGA, organizing the annual SGA Week (Fall) and I <3 GT Week (Spring), and maintaining communication between SGA and the student body.



Committee Chair - Meera Rajagopalan

Our Photographer serves as the go-to person within SGA to help photograph events, or help with any other photo-related needs!


Public Relations

Committee Chairs - Emma VinColaHarsha Sridhar

Description: Our Public Relations chair works to manage our social media (Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter) to help promote events, interact with the Student Body, and make our social media a way for students to connect with SGA.


Graphic Design

Committee Chair - Madison Hoover

The Graphic Design Committee is a team of fantastic designers who do all of the logos and graphics that are needed for SGA - ranging from infographics to banners, they do it all.


Special Events

Committee Chairs - Susan LeeHannah Pryor

The Special Events Chairs assist with the planning of SGA events from booking space, organizing activities and executing logistics.



Committee Chair - Jake Williams

Our Webmaster works with the Communications Board as well as the VP of Information Technology to help maintain an SGA website that is useful for the student body by managing the website style and content.                        


Important Links

For members of SGA, use the following links for Photography Request, Graphics Request, or request assistance with an event.

SGA Photography Request

SGA Graphics Request

SGA Event Request