Chief of Staff

Chief of Staff - Evie Owens

Welcome to the page for the Chief of Staff! The role of the Chief of Staff is largely defined by the needs of the organization for the given year. Most importantly, my role is to represent the interests of the President and Executive Vice President both within Student Government and outside of it. This happens through various meetings, projects, and conversations I take part in with people all across campus. In addition, I help create and take on special projects that may not necessarily fall in the mission of other positions. I work in the space between other Cabinet members, often connecting people and projects with the resources they need to be successful. This semester, I have served on a number of different Institute Wide Committees (IWCs) dealing with everything from mental health to policy review and creation. I’ve championed ideas that span across committees and even across organizations such as Senior Week and Home for the Holidays. This semester started and ended strong, and I look forward to what we can do in the Spring!


Fall 2016 Projects

  • Events Planned

    • ACC Presidents Summit

      • 9 out of 15 SGA ACC Presidents travelled to Georgia Tech for a conference addressing issues we all face on campus


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    • Home for the Holidays

      • Event pairing international students with local members of the Georgia Tech community for Thanksgiving

      • Paired 117 students with 79 hosts

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  • Projects in Motion/Completed

    • Senior Week Branding

      • Bringing a more visible presence to events focused on graduating seniors

      • Graphic and website creation

      • Working on event ideas with other organizations

    • T-Square Survey Question

      • Pitched idea to OIT to put a one question survey on the homepage of T-Square to more quickly gauge student opinion on a variety of issues

      • Currently identifying a project lead

    • Sexual Misconduct White Paper

      • Helped create and begin a paper summarizing our viewpoint of the University System of Georgia Sexual Misconduct Policy in collaboration with our Sexual Violence Advisory Board Chair, Anna Harrison

      • Paper currently in review by other USG schools in preparation to present to Board of Regents

    • Student Government MailChimp Newsletter

      • Changed structure of weekly internal all SGA email to track metrics and communicate more relevant information

    • SGA Directory

      • Created and maintained the current directory of name, position, email, and phone number for every one of our 250+ members

  • Institute Wide Committees/Other Meetings

    • Greek Life Task Force

      • Member of task force commissioned by Dean Stein to ensure the continued prosperity and well-being of the Greek system

      • Provide recommendations directly to Dean Stein

    • Tech Ends Suicide Together Implementation Team

      • Attended focus groups with students and administrators to help drive the creation of the initiative

      • Helped create the “zero suicide” social media campaign

      • SGA is continuing to support and develop the initiative

    • Well-being Ambassador Focus Group

      • Attended a focus group to help create ambassadors for wellness on campus

    • Mental Health Student Coalition Summit

      • Attended day long summit focused on building campus wide awareness and programs focused on Mental Health and specifically suicide prevention

    • Student Regulations Committee

      • Discuss and vote on policies governing all aspects of student life

    • Summer SAC (Student Advisory Council) Retreat

      • Attended Summer retreat of all University System of Georgia SGA Presidents for President Nukuna


Spring 2017 Goals

  • “Never Dine Alone”

    • Exploring the idea of a program designed for students, faculty, and staff to meet up with members of the Georgia Tech community outside of their normal circle

  • Senior Week

    • Finalizing graphics, website, and event plan

  • T-Square Survey Question

    • Pilot and implement survey question

  • Revamp of Resources and Mailchimp

    • Continue to develop internal communications platform to increase member efficiency

  • Planning of Travelling Office Hours

    • Planning days where President Nukuna, Executive Vice President Mudrinich, and I go to organizational meetings to discuss progress of SGA and allow for more direct student feedback

  • Get Out & Move Day

    • Planning day on Tech Green promoting being active with various student organizations