Campus Services

Green Tips

Vice President of Campus Services - Gage Carr

Welcome to Campus Services! Our Board is comprised of Health and Wellbeing, Campus Enterprises, Infrastructure and TransportationStudent Safety and Housing and Student Center committees. Our goal is to enhance the student experience by working with different faculty and staff on a wide variety of projects. Some of the projects that we are currently working on are installing a hammock garden on Skiles Walkway, building stronger relations and promoting student interests with Parking and Transportation, and representing student interest for the new Student Center.

Campus Enterprises Chair

Committee Chairs - Kelly O'Neal

Campus Enterprises encompasses Georgia Tech retail, Digital Media and all the dining options that Georgia Tech has to offer. This team mainly works with existing contracts with Georgia Tech services and strives to find new dining and retail options to add to Georgia Tech.

Infrastructure and Transportation

Committee Co-Chairs - Karan Lakhwani and Asher Berman

The Infrastructure and Transportation team strives to provide the student input in discussions regarding public transportation, parking, and infrastructure projects on campus. Some of the projects that we are working on is an application to reduce bus bunching, a partnership with a rideshare company, and optimizing the bus routes.

Health and Wellbeing

Committee Chair - Caitlyn Britt

The health and wellness committee wants to empower students to take control of their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

Student Safety

Committee Chair - Diya Sharma

The Student Safety committee looks to voice student opinion and concerns to GTPD while working alongside them to create the safest campus possible.

Housing and Student Center Chair

Committee Chair - David Zink

The Housing and Student Center committee strives to implement student input into the new student center and improve housing to create a happier and more cohesive Georgia Tech community.